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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Darius Fisher and His Tips for Keeping Employees Happy

Employee turnover can be a large problem with businesses because it is expensive. The turnover rate will never be able to be completely avoidable but Darius Fisher has come up with some ways to keep it from happening by keeping employees satisfied. Incentivized goals is one way to keep a team happy. Businesses can figure out their budget to create great incentives for their employees. Another way to keep employees satisfied with their jobs is by continuously acknowledging their accomplishments. Employees enjoy having their work recognized, and by giving them praise they will be more likely to keep working. Another way to keep the turnover rate from being high in a business, is to always let employees know what is going on. Employees don’t like to feel left out or not know what’s going on. The last tip that Fisher has is to give raises when they are due. Employees who have stayed with a company for a long period of time and have done excellent work, deserve to get a raise. Raises can keep the team happy and wanting to stay.

Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert at Status Labs. His career has him giving second chances to executives, public figures, and politicians. He helps to repair his clients’ presence on anything digital such as social media platforms and articles. Fisher helps his clients by changing Google search results for them, as well as fixing their websites and social media profiles. Fisher believes that the first Google page results has now become a first impression. Status Labs helps over 1,500 clients in more than 35 countries.

Fisher uses his skills to help a variety of people that includes the general public. If one of Fisher’s clients goes through something negative that is showed in media, it is his job to make it look better. He does this by putting focus on the clients accomplishments and professional achievements. He showcases the positives through the client’s personal websites and social media profiles. By doing all this work, he is able to give his clients good Google searches. It’s obvious that Darius Fisher has accomplished a lot and has helped many people. There’s no doubt that he will continue to present great work.

The Defection Of Yeonmi Park Continues To Make Waves

The defection of Yeonmi Park from North Korea to the democratic country of South Korea has continued to make headlines around the world a number of years after her harrowing journey was completed. A article recently discussed the story of Yeonmi Park’s journey from North Korea to freedom, and the fallout that continues to follow her as she fights for the rights of those still trapped in North Korea. The journey to freedom was a long and hard one for Yeonmi Park and her mother, who faced the issues of starvation and abuse at the hands of human traffickers they placed their lives in the hands of.

Yeonmi Park has an amazing story to tell that begins with her family living in the relative comfort of the elite class of North Korea; despite this position the problem of starvation remained a threat, and prompted a life changing decision by her father to sell goods on the black market. A loss of position saw the family thrown to the lowest class of North Korean society, which led to the decision to seek the freedom of defection to South Korea. One of the amazing details of the journey made by Park and her mother is the supposed death of her sister, who would appear in South Korea years later after completing her own harrowing journey to freedom.

In writing her memoir Yeonmi Park was a young woman faced with the issue of revealing some of the most difficult experiences anybody could undergo in their life; the guilt Park felt at the death of her father from cancer is clear to see in her writings about the difficult journey. Despite attempts to discredit her life changing journey to freedom Yeonmi Park has vowed on The Reason to continue her fight to free as many from North Korean oppression as possible. The secrecy that takes place in North Korea on a daily basis has continued to make life difficult for Yeonmi Park and others who were born in North Korea to get real news into or out of the nation.


Recruiting The Reputation Doctor- Mike Paul

Stratus Labs is one of the fastest growing online reputation management and public relations firms in the world. Mike Paul is a world-renowned reputation, litigation support, and crisis management expert who has worked with such moguls as United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and even The People’s Republic of China. President and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher says that new partners are added to its board based on their industry experience and their understanding of how technology is rapidly changing that industry. Being a young entrepreneur with a growing firm, Fisher feels quite fortunate to have the opportunity to work with ‘The Reputation Doctor.’ Mike Paul recognizes the potential that Stratus Labs has already demonstrated and is happy to be lending his expertise to one of the foremost online crisis management firms, especially one known for honesty and ethics.

Status Labs is a premier reputation management firm that focuses on a company’s internet presence. They look at what a person sees when he or she googles a company or looks at their website. Fisher feels that one of the biggest mistakes companies make is not investing enough in their internet presence. Status Labs helps to change that by giving companies the power to control what people see when they hit the return key on a search engine. So, instead of getting a phone number, or a random assortment of yelp reviews that might be based as much on a person’s mood as the quality of service, Status Labs puts the companies website front and center. This helps them control what is said rather than leaving it to chance.

Status Labs and its founder have been likened to a real life Olivia Pope from the hit television show Scandal. The big difference is that this company prides itself on ethics and teamwork and has actually turned away clients when they feel that the clients have committed serious wrongdoing. Although their main business is ‘fixing’, they don’t believe in aiding and abetting. Stratus Labs is about prevention and proactivity. They help companies weather the inevitable storms of image management. This can be especially helpful if a client’s online presence has been compromised in some way.

A growing movement towards health in the dog food industry

Purina is one of the leading innovators in the growing pet food industry. They have been making gourmet style pet foods which combine only the best ingredients such as quality meats and nutrient dense vegetables to give your pet the best possible dietary foundation. This growing segment of the pet food industry has a staggering annual turnover of $23.7 billion dollars which is by no means small. Simple single ingredient foods are really a fad of the past as companies like Freshpet Inc are making foods for any possible scenario. From dental care to weight loss and anything in between. Organic grain free foods are now replacing the old. They use only the best possible ingredients and processing methods to make some of the latest pet foods.

The Beneful line by Purinastore who is one of the top producers in the pet food industry is currently making some of these gourmet foods for your pet. They utilize fresh foods like meat and vegetables to combine in their foods. This gives high vitamin content foods which will allow your pet to thrive. Users often say their pets coat and energy improve greatly when using Beneful pet foods. Beneful provides the market with wet, dry and treat foods which all come in a great number of varieties. These pet foods have different shapes, sizes and flavors to allow the customer to choose the exact food their dog likes.

There are flavors like beef, salmon or chicken which the customer can further combine with a choice of vegetables and rice. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach, barely peas, peas, tomatoes and carrots. All packed with quality vitamins and phytonutrients to give your dog a stable foundation when it comes to dietary needs. There are a total 20 wet varieties, 8 dry varieties and 11 dog treat varieties. Which give the customer an abundance of choice. Dog treats have been a favorite for dog lovers for decades and Beneful do not disappoint with the many different tastes, shapes and sizes they offer.



Flavio Maluf Says Sick Home Syndrome Can Be Avoided

Today, more consumers are thinking about environmental factors on human health and how construction and housing products influence disease, also known as “sick home syndrome”. There are no reliable figures on how many people actually fall ill due to negative environmental influences, but Eucatex company CEO, Flavio Maluf says sick home syndrome hasn’t gone unnoticed by consumers. Thus one of the reasons green home products like flooring and paint have become first choice.

“The number of respiratory diseases has increased dramatically since the 20th century,” warns Flavio Maluf. “Everything from air pollution to the thousands of chemicals used to manufacture certain housing products cause health problems and it’s a by-product of today’s production, but it doesn’t have to be.” Indoor pollutants by far cause the greatest number of complaints in the field of environmental medicine. Foremost among these injuries are due to toxic paints, varnishes, wood preservatives and household chemicals. Possible signs of sick home syndrome include headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration or irritated eyes, respiratory system disease like asthma, and skin sensitivities. It has also been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome.

According to Maluf, interiors have increasingly become sealed up, and as a result, the air exchange suffers. Rooms are more burdened by dust, particles and volatile compounds from paints, wallpaper, fiberboard, and carpets. Since taking over the family business as CEO in 2005, environmental engineer, Flavio Maluf has been singing the sweet praises of healthier home living, and his bio is great evidence of that.

Since 1987, Flavio Maluf has worked for the brazilian-based Eucatex Group, continuously making room for improvement. Becoming a leading expert on environmental and sustainable development, Flavio was appointed CEO of one of the world’s oldest eco-friendly companies in 2005. For two decades, he has been involved in a range of initiatives aimed at understanding and then utilizing the company to create products that were greener for the environment. “Considering the needs of the environment and people, as well as commercial questions is a powerful driver for innovation,” says Maluf, and he has used this message to help the Eucatex Group make a strong environmental impact, as well as successfully increase profits.

The Eucatex Group has been a significant force in sustainable eco-friendly products for more than five decades. With a mechanical engineering degree in hand, complimented by courses in Business Administration at the prestigious New York University, Flavio broadened the company’s reach into a global powerhouse which LinkedIn indicates. Besides a stronger reach, Flavio has made Eucatex one of the most influential companies to promote environmental sustainability. “Consumers can minimize the adverse environmental effects by purchasing environmentally friendly products, but it also takes the entire industry to change their mindset,” says Flavio and he’s backed up by the SlideShare numbers.  Flavio is also counted on for helping the entrepreneurs coming up in the industry.  As well as commenting on corporate mergers like the huge one happening with Pfizer in Brazil.

My Dog Only Eats Beneful Premium Dog Food

Until I found this article from the Daily Herald, I never knew the difference between the cheap foods at the pet store and the real foods that are made by premium brands. I thought it was some kind of marketing ploy, but the article really put it in perspective for me. I found a lot of reliable information in that article that pointed to the fact that premium brands of dog food are made in a way that is safer and healthier for dogs, so if you care about the health of your dog, then you should buy the better kinds of food that are out there on the shelves. I feel like I’m doing my dog a service by providing her with the best food I can find on Facebook.
Find A Premium Brand Of Dog Food
That You Trust Part of the job of being a loving and caring pet owner is to provide the best foods for your pet, so I recommend doing your research on what you dog needs in its diet. My dog loves the Beneful Chopped Blends that we decided to buy. We buy them because they are made with high quality ingredients that we trust. Chopped Blends is a hearty recipe of real ingredients, like real pieces of chicken and real vegetables. There are other ones that have real pieces of salmon or beef. It looks great, and it smells like something that you should be feeding your dog. My dog won’t even get near the cheap dog food anymore. I tried to feed it to her again when we ran out of Chopped Blends. She wouldn’t even try that stuff. I had to run out to the store to get her some of Beneful Chopped Blends. It’s what she deserves to eat. Every dog deserves a food that is tasty and made with real ingredients, like the premium food that comes from Purina Beneful. I suggest that you share this information with any other pet owner that you know. Here’s the url for that article that I found from the Daily Herald.