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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Securus Delivers Analytical Tool

Securus technologies has recently announced on PR Newswire the release of THREADS 3.1. This tool is one of the most advanced “Big Data” products with full integration for the corrections market in the United States. The user interface has been updated to the most recent Internet based products. THREADS has been redesigned so that it is simpler to use and the system performance is improved. Among the things that were done was the elimination of certain aspects of the product so that it can be more efficient. Therefore, the user will have an easier time figuring out the technology, and using it will be easier. Also, people require less training in order to be able to use the technology.
Securus technologies is very innovative when it comes to corrections and law enforcement. It has developed technologies that make it easier for inmates to keep in touch with their families. Among the new advancements that Securus has made was the inclusion of video visitation. This allows families to get in touch with their inmates from their device at home. Family members of inmates can download the apps so that they can get in touch with their inmates and see how he is doing. Watch this youtube video to learn more.

Securus has also developed technologies to help with the correction process. For one thing, most people incarcerated are going to eventually be let out of prison. They need to learn some kind of skill so that they can adjust to the outside world and land employment to keep them out of prison. Securus has been serving more than 3,450 agencies involved with law enforcement, corrections, and public safety. Securus makes sure that they improve the efficiency of justice. Their apps can be downloaded through Google Play for Android and the App store for iOS devices. Instead of having long wait times to see inmates, people can now access them from anywhere with their devices.
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Finding Color – A Brief History of Doe Deere and Her Makeup Line, Lime Crime

Finding bright colors, or even intense colors, can be difficult when it comes to makeup. The founder of Lime Crime was facing that same issue which lead her to create the makeup line that features bright, intense colors as well as metallics and makeup that will react with black light. Not only is the makeup brilliant, it is also PETA certified as vegan and cruelty free. All of the ingredients are provided for each product and the company goes through extensive processes to ensure that no animal testing is ever done during their entire makeup production process.

The company was started back in 2008 by entrepreneur Doe Deere who chose the name based upon her favorite color, a bright intense green. Not only has Deere created a specific line of makeup for the bold and intense, she also donates extensively to various charities that are mainly geared towards children, women and animals. She has donated to the oldest no-kill shelter in the United States, Bideawee and also to Sanctuary for Families which is a center for battered women. Her passion for encouraging women, both young and old, to accomplish their dreams and goals knows no bounds.

Deere works hard to provide the best colors and customer service possible for the community that uses her fantastic makeup choices. She prefers to call her customers ‘Unicorns’ on her blog as they are bold people who can work with the intense colors available and are proud of their unique color choices. To keep up to date with color and the life of the amazing businesswoman as well as her company, Lime Crime, look for her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How Dogs Benefit from Beneful

The Beneful Dog Food brand has been a leader in the pet food industry for many years. They have established a name for themselves through the many products they make. The Beneful Dog Food brand specializes in three different categories of dog food. They make a classic dry dog food but have also developed many wet dog food alternatives depending on a dog’s preference as well as any special needs. Finally, Beneful makes a lot of different treats for dogs to enjoy and owners too!
One of Beneful’s most popular products is the Dry Dog Food Original, which features different variations with real beef, real chicken, and even real salmon. All variations come with nutrients that are rich in antioxidants for a dog’s overall health and nutrition. The product is sold on in bags ranging from 3.5 lb to 44 lb bags to cater to any size need. These Beneful Dry Food Originals get an average user rating of over 90% with around 4.5 starts.

Another type of dry dog food that Beneful manufactures focuses more on the weight of the dog by helping maintain an ideal body weight by keeping an eye on the calories. This Beneful product is called Healthy Weight and is available with real chicken. Like all Beneful Dry Food Products, this comes in a varying size to meet all needs.

In addition to their classic dry dog food products, Beneful also has wet dog food ( alternatives. These products come in two choices: incredibites and chopped blends. Just the same as the dry dog food, the incredibites contain either bits of real beef, chicken or salmon. There are supplemental flavors as well with tomatoes carrots and more. The incredibites options also contain wild rice.

More than just dog food, Beneful is also known for their tasty dog treats. One of their popular dog treats ( is called Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. This treat comes in packages of small, medium and large. These dental ridge treats are designed to penetrate in between a dog’s teeth when being chewed. They are specialized in dental health as another way to increase a dog’s health and longevity.

White Shark Media, Providing Effective Communication is Critically Important

White Shark Media is a search-marketing agency that features offices in Denmark, Central America, and United state. The company specializes in offering Bing Ads and Ad Words management and optimization for small and mid-sized business.

Throughout the years, the company has set a reputation for reliability. According to customer reviews, Weather it is a small business of jewels or T-shirt White Shark Media Complaints will give your business a boost it needs and worth every penny. Working with an experienced team from the company, they will help you revise and update your online marketing campaigns.

In an effort to improve customer services, the company management team appreciates the fact that it takes some time to build up a company from scratch. According to an article, the company has undertaken different processes to deal with some common customers’ complaints.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees
White Shark Media Reviews

There have been complaints that the clients have lost touch with their ad word campaigns, this was mainly due to reporting procedures that were not adequate to let customers White Media Shark Review reports and know what is going on. To resolve the issue, the company has made sure that all clients are aware of their campaigns before it starts by thoroughly explaining the ins and outs of the campaigns. Moreover, clients are shown where to go if they want to see the performance of a particular ad or keyword.

In White Shark Media Review, providing meaningful results and effective communication are the most important tasks. However, in early days, some client felt that the company communication was not good enough because as getting hold of their contact person was difficult and they needed to go through the receptionist. To resolve the problem, the company schedule monthly status call where the client and SEM strategist review results of the campaigns from the last 30 days and review other reports that are sent out in advance of the meeting.

The meeting takes place on GoToMeeting, which is an online conference tool. It allows client and SEM strategist to share the screen as they go through the report. This solution has been proven highly effective and has been praised by many customers who use the platform. In addition, the company has implemented phone system with direct extension. Thus, clients can call contact person directly. Upon signing up, clients get an email with contact information that includes contact person’s supervisor. This has been a significant relief to many clients who know enjoys seamless communication even while their contact person is out of office.

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Have An Adventure With Skout


Skout is an app that’s been around for a few years now and has seen it’s fair share of success. People love it because it’s so different from the other online dating apps. Skout is an app where people can connect to one another in a community like atmosphere. Users can share their deepest secrets and thoughts by posting a status. That other status is visible for others to see. That’s how friendships are formed on this app. It’s a platform where people are really allowed to get to know each other before making any rash decisions as far as dating or meeting up goes. Skout is different from the other apps because it not only wants all it’s users to have a safe and fun experience but it also has way more features.

PR Newswire had a recent article that spoke of one of Skouts unique features that isn’t seen anywhere else. Users are allowed to give each other virtual gifts. There’s a wide variety of them too! If you see that someone is having a sad day then you can send them a virtual rose or a teddy bear! It’s also a great way to show that you’re listening to someone. Send them a virtual gift that has to do with their favorite food, sport, or animal. This cool feature doesn’t only benefit the users but it also benefits charity. skout donates to several different charities every time one of these unique gifts is sent. That’s because Skout just wants to make people happy and the app wants to make a difference.

Skout is also making a difference in another way. Skout is making it so people are experiencing new cultures and new ways of life without ever leaving their homes. There is an option on Skout to travel and it’s all done right from a person’s fingertips. This is great for those who are too busy to actually get out and meet people! There is an option to choose which region they want to communicate with people from. They can go as far away as London or they can talk to someone in the United States! Users can also shake their phone and speak to someone new. It’s a great way for Skout users to branch out and try things that they would not have done otherwise. Overall, Skout is a step above the rest because it’s an app that has adventure packed in.


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Raising Minimum Wage in Venezuela

There could be a bit of good news as reported by for the people like Norka Luque who live in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is attempting to raise the minimum wage. This could be after people marched on the streets in regards to International Workers Day on May 2. They want to see more money from the jobs that they perform. Maduro is often seen as a working President. He knows that people need more money, but there is little to spread around as Venezuela is in the midst of an economic crisis. Some think that the crisis is because of businesses who are trying to take money from those who not only struggle in various industries but from families who don’t make enough to support their ways of life. Maduro is trying to raise wages and pensions by as much as 30%. He has called some of the lawmakers traitors as they have been seen to go against the efforts of Maduro.




Image Recognition Is Changing the Business Landscape

Insightful entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in the business world. And many of them are starting to form a consensus that the next big thing is image recognition. Upon reflecting on the idea, it’s easy to see why there’s so much promise to be found within this field.

Part of it is simply due to the fact that leaders in any new technology are bound to have a financial advantage in the long term. But it’s also related to the nature of this particular technology. Image recognition is a vital part of how people shop. People tend to operate in large part on the aesthetics of a particular item –

Functionality is important, but people often make purchasing decisions based on small visual differences between various brands. A company who can identify elements which appeal to a particular person will have a much higher chance of making a sale – Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition.

The main issue is simply that it takes a great deal of brainpower to find usable details within an image. This is a mostly unconscious process in humans. As such, it seems like a natural function which is even easier then breathing. People don’t think about the amount of mental work constantly going into processing the data output from their eyes. But the human brain dedicates quite a bit of itself to working with visual input.

Recreating that in digital form is something that poses an interesting challenge for developers. And it’s why the field is so closely tied with artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, it’s often the reason why subsets of machine learning such as deep learning receive so much attention.

But to see where the field is going one need only look at one of the leaders within it. A company called Slyce has managed to leap ahead of the competition. While much of the field sits within a hobbyist context, Slyce has been able to actually bring it to market. Their path to it has been an interesting one as well.

They knew from the start that popular consumer devices wouldn’t have the resources needed to handle true image recognition. So they instead focused on building a powerful collection of computers which could not only handle image recognition, but add in high speed communication on top of it.

They then created an API which would allow other programs to link into the tremendous processing power of their image recognition system. The end result is that Slyce can enable image recognition on even the most modest of systems. If it has a camera, it’s easy to create programs for a device that can use Slyce’s image recognition. This has already allowed quite a few companies to enable consumers to shop by image.

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Talk Fusion – The Reason You Can Embed Video in Emails Today

Many of us have shared a video via email but not many of us have ever thought about who made this possible. In 2007, Bob Reina wanted to insert a video into an email that he was sending to friends. He was unfortunately told by the infamous America Online that it was impossible with the current technology. Bob worked with an IT Savvy friend and perfected the technique and technology behind embedding videos into emails. It was then that Bob founded the company known as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion knows that videos within email marketing campaigns can provide more significant positive effects than plain text emails. Based on this information Talk Fusion has developed into a video marketing solution that is helping many businesses succeed every day. You can read more here about how Talk Fusion came to be as well as the study that was conducted by the Relevancy Group that provided us with the statistics surrounding video marketing stated above. Talk Fusion is much more than just the company and people behind the ability to embed videos in emails today. Talk Fusion is an all-in-one solution for video marketing needs. They currently offer video email Services, video newsletter services, sign up forms, live meeting platforms as well as video chat services. Their database includes over 1,000 ready-to-use templates for businesses and organizations in a multitude of industries and for a number of different occasions. Talk Fusion also allows their clients to customize their own templates once they are comfortable working on the platform. They are also a proud member of the Direct Selling Association and strictly adheres to the DSA code of ethics. Talk Fusion believes that it is their business to help you grow your business. If you are looking for video marketing solutions for your business or organization, look no further than Talk Fusion.

Can Brushing Hair Increase Growth Rate?

There has been some articles recently about a blogger who claims brushing her hair more often actually made it grow faster. However, there is no proven scientific evidence that this is factual. She may have experienced actual growth or imagined it. There’s no science based data, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. A gentle hair brush can stimulate and massage the scalp encouraging blood flow. Increased blood flow to the scalp can help produce healthier hair.

There is research, however, that using a boar bristle brush is very good for the hair and scalp. Boar hair is gentle on scalp and hair and causes less damage than other types of hairbrush material. They will add shine and redistribute natural oils from the scalp to the hair body making it shinier. The boar hair brush can add a nice luster to hair that is dull. Avoid damaging wire and metal brushes, as they will damage and break hair.

Everyone longs for plush and attractive mane but there are other factors involved in maintaining hair health. Using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are helpful. Use as little shampoo as possible or incorporate one of the newer cleansing conditioners. Vigorous shampooing can damage hair, so be gentle. Sulfates in shampoos can strip oils from hair, so you want to avoid them.

Like the rest of the body, your hair is a reflection of what you eat to some extent. Eating foods that are good for the skin like lean protein and omega fatty acids are good for the hair and scalp. That salmon dinner is healthy in so many ways.

Asian Australian beauty blogger Wengie tries out many new products and theories and posts them on her social networks and blogs. She has not yet tried this theory but she may. Check out her pages and see if she’s tried it yet.

Wengie is basically obsessed with beauty products, cosmetics and clothing. She tries many new trends tests theories based on what’s trending. She has the most subscribed beauty channel in Australia.