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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Great Mission to Change People’s Lives


Since 2007 when Talk Fusion was established, it has been committed to assisting people. We are happy to give back to communities by leading the way to help people build their futures as well as realize their dreams all over the world. Bob Reina who is the founder of this great mission is so much dedicated to change lives of most people as well as get the best out of them. Bob believes that success comes out from great responsibility and it is through his motivation and guidance that this company has managed to make impressive difference within a short period of time. This company is dedicated to find better solutions for individuals for them to lead a more positive life that is worth.

About Bob Reina
Bob Reina has been a great influence to most people around the world. Despite the many bumps in his career life, Bob has managed to remain farsighted and this has been made possible through self-discipline. He went to University of South Florida where he graduated as the first student in his class of the police academy. While doing his course work, Mr. Reina involved himself in several jobs and this made him have an insight to help people. He had an entrepreneurial itch and this made him begin using his sweat, desire and old fashion in direct selling. He was able to make steady paychecks in marketing and passion was his main driving force. Bob knew the real definition of success and it reached a point in his life that his friends and family thought he had gone crazy because of his big expectations.
His impact has been amazing and impressive to the people he has assisted. Bob has had awesome achievements such as donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as well as offering monetary support to the Indonesia Orphanage with an aim to save the lives of animals. Through his actions it is clear that he is dedicated to spearhead his vision.


It is clear that Bob Reina’s goal is to help non-profits organizations and charities in order for him to reach more people and educate them. This is quite encouraging.



Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues To Impress

It is difficult to talk about cosmetic surgery in the Austin area without hearing the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the most well known cosmetic surgeons in the area. She has a thriving practice and even more people are scheduling appointments with her.
At an early age Dr. Jennifer Walden realized that she wanted to be a surgeon. Both of her parents were in the health field so it was easy for her to know exactly what she wanted to do. When she graduated she was salutatorian of her class. So she is definitely a woman on a mission. Not only does she currently have a thriving business but she is a mother to two twin boys.
Many people are learning about Dr. Jennifer due to her media appearances. She has been featured on Fox News, Dr. 90210 and more. She is still steadily getting media requests. Many people also learn about her due to the results her clients receive.
Dr. Jennifer believes in helping people to get their desired results. She always have state of the art technology. She even has equipment that will help people to see what they would look like after the surgery. This helps people to make the best decision.
Dr. Jennifer also has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar. This was a huge success for her and the success just keeps going. When people are looking for an amazing cosmetic surgeon they think of Dr. Jennifer’s practice. Her clientele is steadily rising.


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Olympic Valley incorporation challenged by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

The majority of local businesses in the Lake Tahoe area rely heavily upon the cooperation of Mother Nature to enhance their success.

The north shores of the lake have not been so lucky in the past few years, as reported in a recent article by the Reno Gazette-Journal. Winters in the area have been suffering immense drought, negatively impacting the economy of the local businesses who depend on heavy snowfall to bring in winter enthusiasts.

The Lake Tahoe area is home to Squaw Valley Resort, found in the picturesque Olympica valley, where many of these winter enthusiasts travel to fine ideal winter sports terrain.

Unfortunately these local areas were not only struggling with the lack of snow; there was also a political struggle around an incorporation battle over the resort. However, there is good news on the horizon for president and CEO Andy Wirth.

The most recent season brought along with it winter precipitation early in the season resulting in the local resorts opening weeks before they have in a decade.
Those in favor of the incorporation effect provided political relief by formally withdrawing their effort to incorporate Olympic Valley. This was positive for Wirth, who considered the incorporation a threat to local businesses and the civic climate. Get the full details here: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

He felt that it would result in higher taxes for residents and businesses. On top of that, it would isolate Olympic Valley from other north shore communities. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their effort to stop the incorporation effect. T

he company intends to improve its real estate with more residential and commercial development. There are also plans to connect Squaw Valley to another local ski resort via gondola.

Once the incorporation effect was officially defeated, Wirth decided to turn his attention to getting the community put more effort into becoming a stable and cohesive unit when it comes to addressing things like improving transportation and issues that extend beyond just the Olympic Valley.

His selling point being that the community should be able to come together on a mutual love for the area.

Andy Wirth has been working tirelessly to make Squaw Valley one of the top tourist destinations in the world. He contributes to environmental as well as community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area, with an emphasis on improving the area for people of all ages. This information can be found at

Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food To Coconut’s Rescue

I own a little white dog who’s name is Coconut. Coconut enjoys to lounge around the house and nap most of the time but she also loves to eat frequently. About once a week I take Coconut to the dog park. Due to Coconut’s love for eating, I decided that she has to be on a dog food that is good for her not only in flavor but ingredients too. Recently Coconut has been switched to eating only Beneful dog food by Purinastore due to the fact that she loves to eat and has gained a little bit of weight due to the other dog food brand she was eating. Coconut is currently on Beneful healthy weight dog food which consists of real chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. Beneful healthy weight dog food is flavorful and delicious but has fewer calories than other Beneful dog foods on Wal-Mart supermarket which will help Coconut to maintain her weight at a healthy one. Not only does this dog food help Coconut maintain her weight but it also makes her coat nice and shiny. Once I can teach Coconut to eat less food daily I was thinking about switching her to Beneful incredibites dog food so that she can get a little more flavor each meal and a higher amount of calories. I will probably only give Beneful incredibites to Coconut every other day or so to change things up for Coconut. Beneful not only has great dog food that Coconut loves but they also have amazing dog treats [] too. Currently, I give Coconut dog treats made by Beneful that are called dental twists and they even have mini ones for her which are perfect because she is a small dog. Beneful dental twists keep Coconut’s teeth as squeaky clean and white as her coat of fur is. I recently also bought Coconut Beneful hearts dog treats that I plan on giving to her when she behaves and listens to what I say to her as her owner. I’m hoping that rewarding Coconuts good behavior will stop her from doing things like chewing on everyone in the houses shoes.


Collaborative Communication between Teachers and Parents: Class Dojo

In the latest round of fundraising, Class Dojo has raised close to 21 million to help growth this small start up company. Class Dojo is a communication platform widely used in public, private, and charter schools across the country. The founders of the company are hoping to expand the already popular free app to include more services and features.

The founders of Class Dojo hope to expand their at home features for parents. The app has a multitude of features for teachers and parents to use during the school day, but they want to make more features and capabilities to make the app attractive to use at home. This new round of fundraising will help to grow the team and their app.

This free app has not earned revenue yet for the company, since it is currently free. The company vows never to make money off selling user’s data rather they will have features parents will want to pay for to earn money. The original purpose is to help build a positive and collaborative environment in the classroom between students, teachers, and parents.

The investors see the growth of Class Dojo similar to those of other social networking sites. This app allows parents and teachers to communicate and keep up to date information on their child’s progress in school. The future growth of Class Dojo is looking up, even some seeing paying features, which allow parents to pay fees through their phones.

Class Dojo is a communication platform that is convenient for teachers to use. The teacher is able to easily create classes, distribute pre-made sign up letters, and download presentations to inform the classes and parents of the process. This app can be used from a phone, tablet, or computer, making it easy to access while being mobile. The behaviors are customizable, allowing teachers to modify them to their class’s needs. The reports give the parents a daily and weekly report, showing them how their child is doing each day and overall.

This collaborative app allows teachers to track and show progress for students, fostering a positive classroom environment. It lessens the load of teacher’s paperwork and gives parents the peace of mind, knowing their children are doing well or need improvement.


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