It is difficult to talk about cosmetic surgery in the Austin area without hearing the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the most well known cosmetic surgeons in the area. She has a thriving practice and even more people are scheduling appointments with her.
At an early age Dr. Jennifer Walden realized that she wanted to be a surgeon. Both of her parents were in the health field so it was easy for her to know exactly what she wanted to do. When she graduated she was salutatorian of her class. So she is definitely a woman on a mission. Not only does she currently have a thriving business but she is a mother to two twin boys.
Many people are learning about Dr. Jennifer due to her media appearances. She has been featured on Fox News, Dr. 90210 and more. She is still steadily getting media requests. Many people also learn about her due to the results her clients receive.
Dr. Jennifer believes in helping people to get their desired results. She always have state of the art technology. She even has equipment that will help people to see what they would look like after the surgery. This helps people to make the best decision.
Dr. Jennifer also has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar. This was a huge success for her and the success just keeps going. When people are looking for an amazing cosmetic surgeon they think of Dr. Jennifer’s practice. Her clientele is steadily rising.


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