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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Securus Technologies the Prison’s Communication Provider

Communication is essential to everyone. It allows passing of relevant information as well as communicate grievances, seeking help or services among other functions. I appreciate that The Securus Technologies understands the needs for this and has hence provided a solution to the many inmates, incarcerated in different prisons to communicate securely with loved ones as well as have access to attorneys. They also go ahead to provide video visits, and this boosts the morale and esteem and morale of inmates. Inmates have rights as well, and the communications network works tirelessly to ensure the rights are observed.

The communication’s firm covers millions of prisoners all over the country. It has recently improved their services by enhancing the services offered by the prison staff and authority. It gives prison staff ample time to cater for the security of the incarcerated and provide other services adequately. Through the contact us forms, secures has enabled inmates to take control of services offered to them, make appeals and to review the progress of requests they make. The services are safe and allow access only to those authorized such as the attorneys, prosecutors, and prison authority. They have worked tirelessly to enhance security and privacy of information. From my observation, a lot of rights are limited for the prisoners. However, their privacy need not be undermined at all levels, more so when communicating with attorneys and loved ones.

During the time the inmates are incarcerated, the communications company has worked hard to ensure that they communicate with loved ones and have quality services. The fee may be a little high compared to other communication outside the prison, but they have sure enhanced the worth of the price by providing the best to everyone. Prisons are not quite good places, and one is put there to improve their behavior and enable adequate correction, the wall separates them from the outside world, but the phone calls connect them all.

How White Shark Avoids Becoming The Black Sheep

White Shark Media has gone above the call of duty when it comes to utilizing constructive criticism. While their clients have had their fair share of complaints, White Shark listened to each of them and now several changes have been made to ensure customer satifsction across the board for existing and new clients alike.

On one front, clients became upset that communication between White Shark Media Complainst and themselves had been lacking. In response, additional monthly status calls were implemented to keep clients up to date with the progress of their AdWords campaign. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

A new phone sytem was put into place to allow clients to call their contract person directly via a personal extension. To compensate for their lack of a SEO option, White Shark Media is offering clients the choice to have White Shark Media review all prospective SEO vendors in order for te client to find a reliable vendor to suit their needs.

After signing up, a Senior SEM Consultant now follows a client through every step and milestone of their membership to offer a familiar and trusted contact point to the client. In the beginning, all AdWords campaigns were run on White Shark Media’s own account, however as clients became more successful they were unable to branch out on their own.


Now, successful clients have been given the option to work independently from the beginning. A call tracking system has also been implemented to allow clients to keep a better track of customers acquired through telecommunications.

Call tracking is mandatory for all local clients, and is sow completely free for all AdWords management plans. The key to success is listening to feedback from your own customers, negative or positive, to allow your business to grow and thrive. White Shark Media has done an exemplary job of adjusting faults in their business to accommodate their clients.

Adam Goldenberg: Doing Things on His Terms

I don’t know about you, but I hear from a lot of people that are stuck in dead-end 9-5 desk jobs. While I don’t fault them for that, as you always have to make a living and provide for both you and your family, there is something about that just saps the energy out of people. It makes them feel less excited, less happy, and it puts a lot of stress on them. They know they have something special inside of them and they have unrealized talent on However, the hard part is getting others to realize it, believe in, and see it through. They have to live on other people’s terms and follow other people’s lives. They aren’t their true self when it is all said and done.

Adam Goldenberg is the type of self-made man that likes to do things his way. It isn’t because he is stubborn, hard-headed, or difficult to get along with or anything like that. In fact, he works incredibly well alongside his business partner, Don Ressler. They are a great team and he can work well with others and get a result, which is currently JustFab. It is just the fact that he doesn’t want to work for the “man.” Adam Goldenberg wants to be his own man.

There is a certain freedom that comes with that. That freedom can’t be bought and it can’t be sold. They say that money can’t buy happiness and I truly believe that, but it can buy piece of mind. That is priceless and that is something that you can’t put a price tag on, as when you go to bed at night and your head hits the pillow along with when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are happy with what you are looking at and you are happy with what is looking back at you.

Goldenberg is very happy with JustFab, a monthly subscription service that caters to women and their fashion needs. Don Ressler and Adam have Goldenberg gone above and beyond the call of duty to put this together and make it work. They have had a very specific formula in terms of matching women up with items and products that they truly love and that bring out the best in them, each and every single day they are up and about and when they leave the house. They are also doing things on their own terms. See:

The Growing Field of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation services is a term which the hospitality industry has been frequently using in this age of online reviews. According to this article from Online Reputation, online reputation management is basically a way for businesses to maximize the potential for guests through the use of managing online reviews. It is a growing trend in the hospitality industry which has become increasingly important in an age where digital marketing has become huge.
The concept of online reputation was one which was met with skepticism when it was first introduced. In an industry which had been operating long before the internet was invented, it seemed like such a new medium would not bring any significant change to the business that they were operating. But as usage of the internet slowly became more of a necessity than a luxury, it was apparent that the way in which online reviews were managed could affect hotels’ revenues.

It looks like it is in the best interest of anybody operating in the hospitality industry to have some knowledge on how to manage your identity. In this digital age, people rely heavily on the internet in order to make financial decisions such as booking a hotel or a flight. With this in mind, online reputation management has the potential to grow into a significant industry. In order to keep ahead of the competition, it would be wise for hotels to have specialists in this field of marketing. The fact that there is a growing demand for people in this specialization reinforces the idea that reputation is everything.