Online Reputation services is a term which the hospitality industry has been frequently using in this age of online reviews. According to this article from Online Reputation, online reputation management is basically a way for businesses to maximize the potential for guests through the use of managing online reviews. It is a growing trend in the hospitality industry which has become increasingly important in an age where digital marketing has become huge.
The concept of online reputation was one which was met with skepticism when it was first introduced. In an industry which had been operating long before the internet was invented, it seemed like such a new medium would not bring any significant change to the business that they were operating. But as usage of the internet slowly became more of a necessity than a luxury, it was apparent that the way in which online reviews were managed could affect hotels’ revenues.

It looks like it is in the best interest of anybody operating in the hospitality industry to have some knowledge on how to manage your identity. In this digital age, people rely heavily on the internet in order to make financial decisions such as booking a hotel or a flight. With this in mind, online reputation management has the potential to grow into a significant industry. In order to keep ahead of the competition, it would be wise for hotels to have specialists in this field of marketing. The fact that there is a growing demand for people in this specialization reinforces the idea that reputation is everything.