Communication is essential to everyone. It allows passing of relevant information as well as communicate grievances, seeking help or services among other functions. I appreciate that The Securus Technologies understands the needs for this and has hence provided a solution to the many inmates, incarcerated in different prisons to communicate securely with loved ones as well as have access to attorneys. They also go ahead to provide video visits, and this boosts the morale and esteem and morale of inmates. Inmates have rights as well, and the communications network works tirelessly to ensure the rights are observed.

The communication’s firm covers millions of prisoners all over the country. It has recently improved their services by enhancing the services offered by the prison staff and authority. It gives prison staff ample time to cater for the security of the incarcerated and provide other services adequately. Through the contact us forms, secures has enabled inmates to take control of services offered to them, make appeals and to review the progress of requests they make. The services are safe and allow access only to those authorized such as the attorneys, prosecutors, and prison authority. They have worked tirelessly to enhance security and privacy of information. From my observation, a lot of rights are limited for the prisoners. However, their privacy need not be undermined at all levels, more so when communicating with attorneys and loved ones.

During the time the inmates are incarcerated, the communications company has worked hard to ensure that they communicate with loved ones and have quality services. The fee may be a little high compared to other communication outside the prison, but they have sure enhanced the worth of the price by providing the best to everyone. Prisons are not quite good places, and one is put there to improve their behavior and enable adequate correction, the wall separates them from the outside world, but the phone calls connect them all.