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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Dick DeVos Has History of Charitable Giving

Betsy DeVos, the notable philanthropist and wife of Dick DeVos, recently sat down for an interview with Philanthropy. In the talk, she answered questions about the shift in U.S. education. She commented that she was optimistic about the future. She pointed out that over 250,000 students have now been placed in private schools in over a quarter of states in the nation, including D.C. The reason, she gives, is that vouchers, educational savings accounts, and tax credits are making educational choice more possible for parents.


Betsy and Dick DeVos are certainly well versed in the world of educational improvement. The two recently donated a huge $90 million in just one year (2013). This helped education mostly, with other portions of the donation going to healthcare, community services, and faith-based clubs.


One of the shining accomplishments of their giving was when they helped initiate more leadership within the education system. The problem before was that minority and low income students weren’t attending enough classes. By helping teachers with sound strategies, they boosted attendance 30%.


Dick DeVos and his wife have co-chaired a group called the Education Freedom Fund for more than 25 years. This group provides scholarships in Michigan to low-income students. But just chairing it wasn’t enough for DeVos. He matched a whopping $7.5 million donation made by the Children’s Scholarship Fund.


Their legacy of philanthropic efforts in education extend to helping parents access great education for their kids. Kids First was chaired by the DeVos family and it focuses on helping students get the money they need to complete their college education, as well as contributing to charter schools. Former recipients of the aid of the DeVos couple often express immense gratitude in public. Students who would have suffered in poor public education systems have been given an opportunity to rise above their current status to something of their true ambitions.


While Dick DeVos and his wife have certainly cemented their name in the history books of charitable giving to education, they also help in other ways as well. For instance, they pushed forward something called Grand Action. This brings together leaders in Detroit to build the downtown into a better place, combining public and private resources. They have also directly helped people access social programs, get food, healthcare, and even jobs. One of their success stories was able to go from living broke and homeless on the streets without anywhere to stay, to having an apartment in a month.


Wen By Chaz Heads Hair Care Product Development

The growth of the international marketplace for the beauty industry has led to retailers and manufacturers looking to develop individual products suited directly to the hair of each and every woman. One of the areas of interest for beauty industry insiders is the sensory development of beauty products for women who want to make sure their hair has the best possible feeling, and makes each individual feel happier with the well being of their hair.
One of the product lines that has tapped into this sense of customization for the hair of an individual is the impressive Wen hair By Chaz line that has shipped more than 10 million orders to women around the world. Knowing that women are looking more3 than ever before for a feeling of ease and high quality results from their hair care products the Wen By Chaz brand has developed a range of products from the five in one cleansing conditioner, to a nourishing mousse that helps provide volume, shine and a soft feeling for the individual. WEN hair products are available on both Sephora and eBay online.

The development of Wen By Chaz came after years of experience and research from celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean who somehow manages to fit in the development of new products into his busy life as an award-winning hair specialist; working at the Chaz Dean Studio gives the former photographer the chance to develop new products in a secluded and private location.

The beauty industry is now looking at the best way of marketing products to women using their demographics and economic situation, including8 the return of the middle classes that were struggling for survival during the 2008 economic slowdown. Beauty products have always been inspirational in nature, and the latest brands are creating new markets as they target individual women hoping to enjoy their hair care regime. Follow Wen hair:

The Lovaganza Announcement has People around the World ready to Celebrate

Lovaganza recently announced is is planning for the ultimate celebration starting in May of 2020 and running through September of 2020. The Lovaganza celebrations will take place in 8 different locations around the world including America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania all sharing the theme of “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.”

While this extravagant party was originally slated to take place in 2015, the organizers of the event felt it was better to wait in order to take advantage of new technology that was on the horizon. It is believed the party will end with a cutting edge ceremony of Lovaganza called “Hands around the world“.

Lovaganza will start in 2017 with a road show called Traveling Show. This show will include an opportunity for people to experience the glasses free 3D technology that Lovaganza has developed to help showcase cultures around the world. In addition,the roadshow will end with the release of the Lovaganza trilogy. These pictures will be available for viewing in the traveling movie pavilions on Immerscope screens which give viewers an experience like no other they have seen before. The Lovaganza movie has begun filming in the United States and Europe and will begin production again in Africa and India shortly. In addition as part of the roadshow, people will be able to experience a “Walk Around the World” where the audiences will be able to walk around different countries and continents using the world’s most cutting edge entertainment technology.

Lovaganzas mission is to use technology to bring different cultures together to help realize our similarities as will as what makes our cultures differ. The main show is called the “Extravaganza of Love” which includes acrobats, dancers and musicians who have come together to showcase the many cultures around the world. This show on Instagram also feature a wrap around screen which the audience will view some of the world most beautiful scenery. Technology is not the only aspect of the Lovaganza experience, but rather they want you to open your eyes to a way of life. To remind people the importance of learning about new cultures and reminding ourselves we are part of a large world and must work to understand and respect different cultures and ways of life.

The Lovaganza organization operates under two different structures. The first entity is the for profit entity, Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, which uses entertainment technology to help bring different cultures around the world together. The second entity is the not for profit entity called the Lovaganza Foundation and its mission is to use the entertainment franchise to help promote positive impact programs around the world.

2020 will surely be an exciting year for people all over the world who are ready to try new experiences and celebrate differences in cultures.

Slyce Saves Time And Hassles


Image recognition, in case you were unaware of this surprising new technology, is able to help consumers find products that they are looking to purchase in a hurry by using their smart phone cameras instead of visiting long lines at department stores. Who in their right mind likes to stand in line? When everyone under the sun has a little handy device in their pocket that is able to tap into the mainframe of our global shopping network, there is no use of going through all the hassle of visiting stores. Think of all the time we save when we do not have to circle the parking lots endlessly trying to find park. This is especially true during the Christmas shopping season because every person on Earth seems to be at the shopping centers.

Take Advantage Of Image Recognition

Since you likely have a smart phone, and you likely know how to download applications, why not take advantage of the opportunity to save a bunch of time by downloading the leading product recognition software on the market. You can take a few moments to download Slyce visual search, and by the end of your day you will have saved enough time to write that novel you have been putting off for the last few months.

Slyce is easy to use, and it is free to download. It works like a charm on your smart phone, so every level of skilled user will be able to follow the step by step instructions to set up a free account. You will be shopping on Slyce before you know it by using the keyword search, or you can use the image recognition software to find your product because it is much more convenient. Image recognition software from Slyce is the most high tech and sophisticated way to shop for all types of items.

You can use Slyce to find shoes, clothing, accessories, home improvement products and virtually anything you can imagine. You simply aim your camera at what you want to buy, take a picture on Slyce’s application, and you will be looking at the results before you know it. This way is so much easier than going through the hassles of going to the store. It is even easier than going through the hassles of traditional ways of shopping online. Finding things online with keywords is no longer a problem with Slyce.