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Monthly Archives: January 2017

What clients say about the services offered by Sunny Plumbers Tucson

The comfort you experience when living in the home depends on among other things, the quality and efficiency of the plumbing done to it. When properly done, the plumbing will offer a constant supply of water and an efficient disposal of wastes. To achieve this, homeowners need to invest in competent and reliable plumbers. One of the Tucson plumbing companies that have set themselves apart when it comes to the provision of excellent plumbing is Sunny plumbers. Here are some of the reviews that their customers have given about the services they offer.
One customer says that they got a plumbing emergency at 7 pm and were stranded because they didn’t think a plumber would agree to come out and meet them. However, sunny plumbers really impressed them with the 24 hour service because within two hours, they had arrived and by 10pm, the problem was all fixed. This is the approach that homeowners like because with the rapid response, it is less likely for plumbing issues to lead to water damage.
Another customer praises the company for their level of understanding of the common plumbing problems and their solutions. He states that in addition to the fact that they are good at what they do, they have excellent customer service. Within a few hours of calling, they arrive, are knowledgeable, look for any further indicators of trouble and when they are finished, they charge a decent sum for the work done.
Efficiency, attention to detail and excellent customer service are some of the values that this company holds very close. These are the reasons the company has been growing from a small outfit to the successful service provider they are. Everyone likes dealing with professional yet personable repairmen when they have issues with home systems. Sunny plumbers are what all homeowners need.

Capital Group’s New Armour

Capital Group is one of the leading investment management firms in the world. And rightly so since the approximation of the amount that Capital Group has helped its clients invest rounds about a generous $1.25 trillion USD. They offer services in financial management and investment solutions to a wide range of clientele ranging from individual investors to multinational corporations.

Recently, Capital Group has seen a significant growth increase after the appointment of new chairman Timothy Armour. Timothy was appointed in 2015 to fill the shoes of the previous Chairman James Rothenberg whose sudden demise forced the management to appoint a new chairman at the earliest. And who better to appoint than someone who has been with the company since the start of his career.

Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in economics and soon after, joined The Associates Program, an internship program for fresh graduates by Capital Group. It was at this point that Timothy advanced in the company and gradually made it up the ranks to the position he is at today.

Timothy Armour currently also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Executive Officer of the company. Along with other members of the board, Timothy has been making a constant effort to propel the company forward in a favorable direction. Armour is all about effectiveness and expects the same from his employees as well. He believes that only through effectiveness regarding work and strategies implemented, will the company retain its position as one of the top investment management firms in the world.

Timothy Armour’s ventures for the company have also gained a considerable amount of attention. Soon after he was appointed, Capital Group entered into an agreement with Samsung Asset Management for the development of asset management products and to plan further endeavors for Samsung in the Korean Market. Under the partnership, both Capital and Samsung were aiming for the introduction of new products in the Korean market, specially catered to the older generations and senior citizens.

Timothy Armour has been following a business plan which was set up by the previous chairman just weeks before his demise. Following Capital Group’s ideas of unity and proper utilization of every single employee’s talents, Timothy pushes his employees to work hard for the company so that it can stand tall, and maintain its eighty-four-year long legacy towards the corporations and clients they serve.



The Best Way To Condition Your Hair For Better Hair Health

Let’s face it, unless you were born with superior genetics then you’re going to have to do more for good hair health on EBay. Yes, even people the who posses great genetics still have to take good care of their lustrous locks or they’ll surely damage them. Case In Point: Conditioners are some of the best products for good hair health. Most are easy to use while leaving your scalp with a fresh clean scent. Don’t let the scent fool though because many of today’s top brands such as L’Oréal, Herbal Essences, Aveda, and Pantene are loaded with chemical additives. These additives on will cause problems sooner or later, but why take the risk when there are much better alternatives? Being so powerful, these products can strip the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture and when that happens, trouble is sure to follow. Source:

Products that are produced in nature is the way to go. Mother Nature has given us all of the right tools for the trade and there is one haircare product line that’s delivering the goods on a regular basis. WEN Hair by Chaz is the product line and it’s conditioners reign supreme as they:

Give You More Shine
Produce More Moisture
Heal Damaged or Dry Scalp Conditions

The great thing about (WEN) Conditioners is that they never lather up. Lathering may look cool, but it’s actually a chemical reaction of the sulfates and parabens in which WEN Conditioners lack. Fine ingredients on Twitter such as lavender, sweet almond oil, cucumber, rosemary extract, fig, wild cherry bark, and pomegranate extract does just what the doctor ordered. These conditioners are 21st Century in their course of action as you can leave them in while taking a shower, then easily rinse them out for a fresh clean scalp. WEN Hair’s 5-in-1 Conditioner is a fan favorite unlike the other competitors. This conditioner can replace your current deep conditioner and shampoo. The 5-in-1 Conditioner gives you more manageable hair because it moisturizes, deep cleans, and strengthens the hair from the follicles up. How about this, reports show that 100% of users experienced more moisture after use while 97% experienced added shine. WEN Hair Conditioners can be used by all hair types and textures which makes it one of the best universal conditioners on the market today. For overall better hair health, try using one of WEN by Chaz’s Conditioners which have been designed and developed by one of the leading hairstylists (Chaz Dean) in the world.

The Incredible Brazilian Business Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a famous business lawyer from Brazil. He was born on March 11, 1963. He studied law at Mackenzie University, and then attended a business administration course from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. Leite, Tosto e Barros is a famous law firm of Brazil where Ricardo Tosto is a partner. The firm specializes in business law. Many companies across the country hire this firm for legal issues. The firm is one of ten full-service law firms according to the Brazilian Trade Publication.


When it comes to Brazilian law, Ricardo Tosto is considered a successful entrepreneur. Though he started from a single-room office, today he has an office in the most expensive building of Brazil. He defended numerous people and a wide range of companies in several cases. His clients include multinational groups, local companies, NGOs, politicians, and different governments of Brazil.


Ricardo Tosto is a person who knows where the boundary of his profession ends. Many times during his career, he faced the extremely stressful situation. However, he never let down his clients. As a result, Brazilian legal system had to go through changes and new business laws were created. It was all due to his efforts. Tosto pioneered several legal mechanisms which are directly affecting common people. Many associates join his firm to train under his supervision. He is credited with introducing many business lawyers. His firm also takes cases like administration & judicial litigation, conflict resolution, and arbitration. In all major cities of Brazil, his firm has regional offices.


Ricardo Tosto’s career spans over a period of twenty-two years. During this time, he has mastered legal issues of banking, corporate restructuring, international law, civil & commercial litigation, electoral law, and credit recovery. He is a member of Brazilian Bar Association as well as International Bar Association. He is associated with many law firms and CESA. He is one of the founders of Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research. At relatively young age, he became the President of Sao Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary. During conferences and events, he is invited to speak on law topics. Many of his articles and reviews were published in well-reputed law journals.

Danny Ferry Contract Issues Head To Court For Bruce Levenson

The contract of former Atlanta Hawks General manager Danny Ferry may have been mutually terminated in June 2015, but by September 2016 an insurance claim made with AIG over the termination was still being fought over. Attorney’s acting for Bruce Levenson have now filed papers in a Fulton County Court in a bid to bring the insurance case to a close and are arguing the insurance company have acted in bad faith and have breached their contract with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC.

The current Hawks ownership have stated they have no involvement in the court case as the insurance policy was held by Levenson’s former ownership group, and any financial payout will be made to the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC group headed by Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson’s attorneys are seeking a financial settlement from the court in Fulton County and a penalty levied against AIG that could reach 50 percent of any financial award from the court; Levenson and his fellow consortium members have stated the insurance giant has so far refused to acknowledge the claim as being made despite agreeing clauses had been triggered during negotiations taking place in April 2015.

Upon entering the NBA as the controlling partner in the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson oversaw one of the biggest turnarounds in the history of basketball; Levenson took the franchise from the bottom of the NBA standings to the number one seed position in little more than a decade. During his time at the Hawks Levenson made it his mission to make sure the team not only performed well on the court, but that they also played a major role in the local community; UCG founder Bruce Levenson himself served as an NBA Governor, and was a patron for both the Hoop Dreams and Make A Wish foundations.



Bob Reina: He Makes An Impact

In life, everyone hopes to make an impact of some kind on the people they interact with and the people they encounter. They hope to make a positive one and they hope to make one that is everlasting. That is what Bob Reina has done with Talk Fusion. He has created a unique product that has impacted people and will keep on impacting people for as long as they use it. Between its video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, it allows the new-age businessman and businesswoman to have everything they have ever wanted out of life and more. That is making the biggest impact possible. Listen to about Bob Reina.


There is no need to go through life dreading the alarm clock and dreading the thought of waking up and going to a job that someone hates. Life is far too short for that and people never know what could happen. That is why they need to strike right now and do something right now. This is the time, especially with the Internet age. It was mentioned all of the tools that Talk Fusion offers and those are all tools that can help someone start up a business, a business that means something to them.


When something means something to someone, it shows in the final product and it shows in the work. It is a labor of love and people latch on to that. They love it and they can’t get enough of it. People also love the chance to be themselves without restrictions being put on them. They can experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. This is the kind of thing that Bob Reina has put out there to the public, and they can’t get enough of it. He has an infectious and positive personality.


Right now, the company is offering thirty day free trials for new customers of Talk Fusion that want to try it out and see what it is all about and why so many people love it and swear by it. Bob Reina also recently made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which shows people his true character.



Fabletics succeeds in e-commerce with an ingenious business model

When people talk of Amazon, the always talk of the things online and how they can purchase them. Fabletics works on a similar business model. However, Fabletics focuses on both online and offline stores. It started as an online business retailer. Their website focused on a different approach to customer relationship. A subscription model was used to get clients and keep them.


Customers have to sign up to Fabletics and pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy its offers. During the sign-up steps, the company takes a survey to identify a customer’s fashion requirements. The firm then personalizes products that the customer sees on their first page. While one can purchase other items, the fashion items advertised on the first page are usually ideal. Customers have a great ease of shopping as they do not have to look for items in hundreds of pages.


Fabletics has adopted a business model that has seen compete with giants in the fashion industry. The firm has been able to compete with Amazon in the activewear fashion space. The subscription business model has been the most advantageous step by the company. The model works well as customers can pause a subscription if they do not want to purchase. One can skip the subscription for a month of two. It is flexible because someone may be away and not want items delivered when they are not at home.


While many industry experts thought that the membership model was highly-priced, it has turned out a success. The firm has earned enough profits to open several offline stores. Members have the option to purchase online and pick clothes the same day in offline stores. Members can fit the clothes in offline stores and select the best item in the online platform.


The showroom business has been disadvantageous for companies that operate either offline or online. A customer can look at a personalized outfit in a nearby store then purchase it from a cheaper store elsewhere. However, Fabletics business operation focuses on reverse showrooming. Members get discounts on clothing items. The firm has managed to retain customers that purchase from the company every month. Such discounts and offers are something members can never get from Amazon or any other online shop. The idea that members can window shop in offline stores and purchase online is brilliant. Even if they do not buy online, the company still benefits regarding sales.


Kate Hudson is the mastermind of Fabletics. She has taken on Amazon through the activewear niche. The firm sells clothing items such as sports bras, yoga pants, and tank tops. All these items are sold at discounted prices on a subscription basis. Kate Hudson has managed to infuse the brand with aspiration and inspiration. She has sold her idea to the community, and customers have loved it. Kate Hudson has grown her business to become a $250 million business in a short span of three years. Even though Amazon controls close to thirty percent of the online fashion market, Fabletics has proved itself as a worthy competitor.

Thor Halvorssen Takes His Passion to Create a Better World for All Humans

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights activist that lives in New York City where his company, the Human Rights Foundation, scores an office at the Empire State Building. As well as the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen created the Oslo Freedom Forum and Moving Pictures Institute, all of which focus on human rights activism.

His activism is not surprising as his family has a history of fighting for the freedom of humans. While Halvorssen was in college at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was imprisoned for seventy-four days for accusations of being a terrorist, when in actuality he was investigating the Merdellin Cartel on possible money laundering. His mother, as well, was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest on the recall referendum. Halvorssen was so upset that he wrote an article which was published in the Wall Street Journal.

His company, Human Rights Foundation was created with a two-fold goal, wanting to give humans the freedom of self-determination and freedom from tyranny. They are able to do this by educating people on what is considered a free society and the education expands from general public to leaders and experts in the industry.

The Moving Picture Institute helps give movie makers focusing on human rights the ability to network and get financial support to see their videos come to fruition. The company also makes their own movies in house. They are able to do this through the generous support of others, sine the company is a 501 (c) (3). Since 2005, they have created movies such as 2081 and the upcoming Halo of the Stars, which Halvorssen is the producer.

Another project is the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has been called a “spectacular human rights festival” by the Economist. This event brings people of all different walks of life together to focus on the needs of human rights. Putting his passion into multiple projects, our world is bound to be a place of comfort for people from all walks of life, thanks to Thor Halvorssen.