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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Yanni Hufnagel: Top Jewish-American Assistant Coach

Yanni Hufnagel, a Scarsdale, New York native, is quickly becoming the NBA’s most renowned Jewish-American coach. Growing up in Scarsdale, Yanni loved playing basketball. Unfortunately, he was cut from his high school varsity basketball team. Since he couldn’t play on the team anymore, he began commentating the games on a local access TV channel.

He went on to attend Pennsylvania State University. He was only there for a year and played on the school’s lacrosse team. Eventually, he transferred to Cornell University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. His love of sports still burning passionately inside him, he completed an internship with the New Jersey Nets.

After his internship, Yanni got the opportunity to attend the University of Oklahoma. There, he served as a graduate assistant coach for the school’s men’s basketball team. His assistant coach skills earned him some credit for helping develop Blake Griffin. While at Oklahoma, he continued to further his education. He earned a Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education.

Now, a 30-year-old man, Yanni is getting some attention because of Jewish background. There aren’t many Jewish-American athletes, but there are lots of Jewish-American team leaders. Yanni’s current job, assistant basketball coach at Harvard, has been earning a lot of special attention. Thanks to Yanni’s skill, the Crimson team has just won its first Ivy League championship. The team also produced Jeremy Lin, a phenomenal basketball player.

The Jewish Coaches Association lists about 30 Division-1 coaches. Not many are widely known, but Yanni Hufnagel and Josh Pastner, a coach at the University of Memphis, are at the top of the list. Their talents have led them to one of the biggest Jewish showdowns ever.

A Dedicated Woman In Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a leading plastic surgeon who has appeared in several medical magazines and who has been on numerous medical television programs to discuss her career. She has worked across the world but calls New York City her home. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the first woman to serve on the Americans Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is on the board of directors and gives suggestions to other plastic surgeons who she works closely with as well as those who are looking for advice on new ways to complete procedures.


Dr. Walden’s first steps to becoming a surgeon were completed in Texas. She attended the University of Texas to get her first degrees before attending medical school. When Dr. Walden graduated, she was at the top of her class and knew that she wanted to be a leading plastic surgeon. Her feelings behind wanting to be a plastic surgeon were simple and still are today. She wants to help others feel good in their own bodies. She wants to be able to give people the ideal shape that they want whether it’s with the nose, breasts or stomach. Dr. Walden wants to boost the self-confidence of men and women by changing various aspects of the body in a surgical manner.


When Dr. Walden moved to New York, she founded Westlake Medical Center, an office where she performs most of her procedures. Most of the work that she does is cosmetic, but she also performs procedures that are of a health benefit to the patient. Some of the procedures that Dr. Walden preforms include breast lifts, vaginal rejuvenation and liposuction.


Read more about Jennifer Walden:

Banding Together

Wengie offers several hacks that you can use with rubber bands. It might not seem like the rubber band would have much use in life, but it’s ideal for keeping papers together or any other simple task that you do at home.


When you’re using chopsticks, slip a rubber band around one end so that they stay together while you’re eating. This is an idea to try if you’ve never used them before or if you simply aren’t sure how to use them to begin with. Another way to use rubber bands is with glasses that tend to fall off the face. Add rubber bands to the end of the glasses so that they stay in place behind the ears.


If you’re painting, then attach a rubber band across the can to wipe off the paint from the brush. This will keep the paint from getting everywhere instead of using a roller or the side of the can. When you watch a sad movie, you might find that you cry with the events that take place. Attach and empty tissue holder beside one that is full so that you have a trash can for the tissues that you have used instead of tossing them on the ouch. While you’re drinking, you can wrap a rubber band around the neck of the bottle and a straw. This helps to keep the straw in one place instead of losing it in the bottle like you might do if you’re distracted or don’t want to drink something all the time.



Ladies, Waking Up With Good Hair Is Possible

Are you ready for a unique hair care experience? Let’s throw away the shampoo, and do a favor for our hair and scalp. Introducing WEN by Chaz Dean, a completely different line of hair care ranging from a cleansing conditioner to a nourishing mousse, a styling cream, and even an intensive hair treatment.

This full line of specially formulated hair care is made with all natural ingredients and botanicals that are healthy for your hair and don’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Beginning with the cleansing conditioner (notice they do not make shampoo) this 5-in-1 takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. What is truly amazing about WEN product is that it is designed for everyone, no matter what kind of hair texture you have. The secret is that it washes your hair without lather and harsh sulfates, leaving your hair luxuriously moisturized and shiny.

WEN was developed by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, who has worked with countless celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Lisa Edelstein, Ming-Na, Ben Foster, and Nicollette Sheridan over the years. Chaz Dean has developed a product we can all use at home, giving us all a taste of the celebrity treatment.

Start with the cleansing conditioner and work your way to the WEN Nourishing Mousse which features 2 simple ingredients: moisturizing botanical extracts and sweet almond oil. Next is the WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, use it on your hair and it even gets stronger against heat and styling stress! If you’re looking for the ultimate treatment, use the WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment designed to moisturize, smooth, and soften your hair. Another unique quality to this line is the ingredients are few and include words that you can read with just a high school diploma. Get the celebrity treatment without being a celebrity and use WEN hair by Chaz Dean.

Securus to GTL: Do you feel lucky?

Recently Securus Technologies, the nation’s number one provider of inmate communications services, was caught off guard by its competitor, GTL, making a litany of spurious claims regarding Securus’ technology. Securus responded with an offer to conduct a technological shoot out, whereby GTL’s technology would be put up against that of Securus in a head-to-head match. Unsurprisingly, the disadvantaged GTL declined.



Customers prefer Securus, four to one


Securus’ CEO, Rick Smith, has stated that for every contractual dollar Securus loses to GTL, they gain four. This is unsurprising. For the better part of a decade, Securus’ massive research and development expenditures, totaling almost $1 billion, have led to industry-leading technology across their product lineup. Not only does Securus offer higher technology and more feature-rich solutions, they offer them at a much lower cost than the competition. All this adds up to inmates and prison staff enthusiastically asking for Securus technologies to be installed in their institutions.


One product which has positively affected the lives of customers more than any other is Securus’ Primonics video visitation suite. This product has revolutionized the way that inmates communicate with loved ones, allowing for many prisoners who would have been all but denied access to family the opportunity to stay in daily contact with those on the outside who infuse their lives with meaning. This has had a cascade of positive benefits, one of the primary ones being a sharp decrease in disciplinary events where the system is installed. As many guards will be quick to attest, happy inmates are orderly inmates.


But Securus’ product line is deep. Offering everything from automated prescription management, which severely reduces potentially fatal medical errors, to a STINGRAY system that detects and jams illicit cell phones, Securus is truly a prison services company for the 21st century.



How To Stay On Top Of One’s Own Reputation

There is a lot that a business owner has to do in order to run a business. For one thing, he has to stay on top of what is selling so that he can continue to bring in the products that are profitable. Another thing that the business owner has to do is make sure that he is dealing with the concerns that customers have. This is so that he can keep all of the misunderstandings to a minimum. However, there is one aspect of business that is very important beyond what people realize. This is the management of online reputation.

One of the reasons that online reputation management is important is that it is what people go by when they decide whether or not they want to do business with a company. The only issue is that people are going to have to track every mention of the company in order to be on top of online reputation. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible with successful businesses. They have tons of customers and there will be tons of mentions. However, there are tools that people could use in order to track every mention of the brand. Then people will be able to know every mention and respond accordingly.

One of the most important things for people to do is to influence the customer on whether or not they are going to buy the product. This is especially important for businesses that have a lot of negative reviews. There is going to be some hesitation on the part of the customer. This is why it is important to make sure that all of the negative reviews are addressed and taken care of in an appropriate manner. It is also important to have some good reviews from customers as well so that others will feel comfortable with using the service.


Evolution of Smooth vs The Competition

The Oral Care Industry is one of the most popular industries in the world. It consists of hundreds of brands to thousands of products worldwide. Unfortunately many of these products are full of hype and never produce the desired results that are being sought after. The industry is very profitable as well as Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, and Blistex have dominated the field for over a century. Fortunately it’s a new day and these high profile brands are no longer in control. The current leader of the field is “Evolution of Smooth” and it’s setting all new marks and trends of success.

Evolution of Smooth sells around 1 Million units on a weekly basis, which makes it the number one selling lip balm of today. Millennial people are the biggest consumers of these eclectic products and the EOS lip balm brand is strategically marketed toward that specific demographic. These lip balms are 95% organic and are loaded with many beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, shea butter, vitamins, and jojoba oil. This combination of healers just can’t be outdone by any of the brand’s competitors since they are mostly full of chemical fillers. Check out the benefits below:

Flavors, flavors, and more flavors! Evolution of Smooth has the absolute best when it comes to flavored lip balms. This brand stands out with it’s blended tastes that comes in Medicated Tangerine, Blackberry Nectar, Vanilla Mint, Sweet Mint, Blueberry Acai, Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, and numerous others. If you haven’t joined this revolution then you’re certainly missing out.

  • Comes From An Organic Source
  • No Side Effects
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-Free
  • And many more

These are just a few of the most popular EOS lip balm flavors. There a variety of other flavors available. They can be found online on Lucky as well as in many different retail locations like Target. Each flavor comes in their own unique color and packaging.