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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. Is The President, CEO Of Seattle Genetics, Inc.

Clay B. Siegall is quite confident of the future being very bright for ADCs and Seattle Genetics, Inc. This is because Seattle Genetics’ ADCETRIS® happens to be the first in a completely new class of ADCs. Hence the next step for Seattle Genetics in this field of ADCs will be a decision from the FDA with regard to the supplemental Biologics License Application. This will be for ADCETRIS in the AETHERA setting. It will be for the post-transplant consolidation treatment that can be done for Hodgkin lymphoma patients who are at high risk of relapse or even progression. There are nearly 50 percent of HL patients who may be at this risk of undergoing an autologous stem cell transplant and risk a relapse. There have been very few therapeutic advances which can help to improve patient outcomes.

Clay B. Siegall also mentioned about three other phase 3 clinical trials which are ongoing. These are namely ALCANZA, ECHELON-1 as well as ECHELON-2. Here ALCANZA is basically a randomized trial of ADCETRIS. Complete enrollment to ALCANZA is expected this year. The ECHELON trials help in the goal of redefining the way in which frontline HL as well as mature T-cell lymphoma patients will get treated as this will be done by adding ADCETRIS into the standard regimen but by dropping its most toxic agents. The complete enrollment to ECHELON-1 is expected to complete later this year. The data readouts will get completed for the trial in the timeframe of 2017 to 2018.

After ADCETRIS, next will be seven clinical-stage programs. The lead ADC programs will include SGN-CD33A in acute myeloid leukemia along with SGN-CD19A in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. All these have already generated encouraging data as per Clay B. Siegall.

Next, there will be collaborations with a dozen leading biotechnology as well as pharmaceutical companies. Their technology is able to empower over 20 of the ADCs that are in clinical development through proprietary as well as collaborator programs.

There have to be critical considerations with regard to ADC development that would include an internalizing antibody which would be targeted to a highly specific tumor antigen.


Jeffry Schneider: Humanitarian and Health Enthusiast

We live in an age that values global compassion and healthy habits. As an Austin philanthropist, father of 3, and business executive, Jeffry Schneider can motivate and encourage any individual looking to improve themselves or the world. An all-around tenacious human who takes physical fitness and overall wellness seriously while leading a company in Austin, TX. Because of his vast responsibilities, he has a strict and busy schedule, characterized by serial meetings, appointments, and traveling but he doesn’t let this de-motivate him from finding time for physical fitness and personal wellness or from accomplishing his next goal.

Jeffry Schneider’s daily routine begins every morning with him waking up before sunrise (often even before his alarm), so he can hit the gym, exercise, and maintain his healthy lifestyle. If he’s in a place where he is unable to hit up a gym, he takes a jog at a nearby park. In addition to working out every day, Jeff Schneider loves running marathons, eating healthy food at almost every meal, and practicing meditation. It’s amazing and motivating to see how much time he sets aside for his health especially compared to others in his industry. His commitment embodies the idea that no one is too busy to change their life. Instead of wasting time finding an excuse why he can’t do something, Jeff simply goes for it. Since he wants to increase his productivity at work, as well as personal happiness, and longevity, Jeff refuses to make excuses that support why he can’t accomplish a goal, one of his many admirable qualities.

In addition to prioritizing his health, Jeffry Schneider prioritizes leading his employees towards success. The fundamental principle of leadership is to help others reach a desired aspiration, and at the core of any effective leader is the capacity to evoke the best in others while focusing them on their desired result. Leaders are the most influential part of organizations because they are responsible for guiding their team to reach the company’s main initiative. Regardless of the vision, an effective leader always keeps the team’s focus on the business objective, and Jeff is mindful to do the same. Jeff seeks to create a positive work environment that empowers employees to focus on the task at hand while working at peak efficiency. Jeff does this by implementing company wide wellness programs and maintaining a friendly, open office culture.

Business holds a special place in Jeff’s heart, but his ultimate passion is positively influencing kid’s lives. Since he understands that kids hold the key to the world’s future wellbeing, Jeffry devotes himself to enriching kid’s lives everywhere. Whether he’s at local schools reading to kids, participating in wellness events, or volunteering his time at facilities for abused and neglected children, Jeffry is always finding ways to help today’s youth. Jeff stands out as a philanthropist as he believes first and foremost in helping those who help others. Specifically, Jeff sponsors individuals who have a solid commitment to helping the less fortunate in their community and around the world. Even though Jeffry Schneider has been actively giving for years, he shows no sign of tiring. He demonstrates daily what it takes to be an outstanding leader to the individuals around him. Jeff, continuing to focus on selfless giving, is always ready to expand his philanthropy. Visit his website;

The Several Sides of Litigation and Karl Heideck

The Several Sides of Litigation and Karl HeideckA litigator is an extremely popular career in the field of law. Litigation refers to the filing of a lawsuit in the court system. A litigator is a lawyer who represents plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, and who handle the management of the phase of the litigation process, including: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal.

The term litigation refers to a case which may proceed through the typical court process. Litigators, however, actually spend very little time in the courtroom. Most of their time is spent at the library or in their office conducting research for the case they are working on. Litigators do have contact with their clients and opposing counsel. With strong research, negotiation and interrogation skills required, litigators are required to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with no specific major needed, as well as complete 3 years of law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Students must then pass the bar exam.

Karl Heideck is a litigator based in Philadelphia, PAKarl Heideck is a litigator based in Philadelphia, PA. Experienced in litigation, compliance and risk management review, his primary role is that of a contract attorney at Hire Counsel. Karl Heideck also has extensive experience in legal writing, product liability and corporate law.

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Karl Heideck received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from Swarthmore College, then went on to attend Temple University Beasley School of Law, earning a Juris Doctor Degree in 2009, where he graduated with honors. Karl Heideck’s skills range from Teaching and Litigation to Trials and Intellectual Property. Karl Heideck has been a practicing attorney for over ten years. Visit This Page for more.


A Hair Care Expert Puts WEN Cleansing Conditioner To The Test

If you’re the type of person who watches television late at night, you’ve most likely seen commercials for WEN Cleansing Conditioner. The product’s creator, celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, came up with the formula when he discovered that most commercial hair care brands fill their products with ingredients like sulfates that damage hair over time. What he created was a cleansing and conditioning product that uses only natural, plant-based ingredients.

When Emily McClure first saw the commercial,, she was intrigued. For years, she had tried numerous hair care products in order to bring her dull, limp hair back to life. Needless to say, none of these products had lived up to their claims. However, after reading about the enormous hair-healing abilities of WEN Cleansing Conditioner from beauty blogs, she decided to give the product a shot.

Her story, which has been featured on, documents a week of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Surprisingly, Emily noticed a dramatic change in her hair’s texture and appearance within one day of using the product. As soon as her hair was dry, she noticed that it was fuller, shinier and softer than it had ever been before.

The reason that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is capable of transforming hair so quickly is because of its extraordinarily unique formula. Most commercial shampoos contain sulfates which strip the hair of the natural oils it needs to maintain its health and sheen. WEN Cleansing Conditioner contains no sulfates, however. Instead, the product relies on botanical extracts like chamomile and rosemary. This extracts gently clean hair and restores its natural oils.

After one full week of using Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Emily was absolutely dazzled by the state of her hair. Her fine and dull hair was suddenly full of volume and shine. As it turns out, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the real deal.

Need Wen? Order online from the website or via Amazon.

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Financial Adviser David Giertz Puts Social Security Myths to Rest

In an interview with Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser, David Giertz recently talked about the results of a Nationwide Financial survey, which suggests that financial advisers are not doing a good job of advising their clients on social security. According to David Giertz, from a retention standpoint, this is disastrous, since the same survey indicated that 4/5 of clients would consider switching advisers if the social security aspect of their planning process inadequate.

David Giertz added that the reasons for this problem are complex. Firstly, acquiring a deep knowledge of social security is no small feat as the Social Security Handbook contains a whopping 2700 regulations for an adviser to study and understand. Unfortunately, social security is an essential part of the retirement planning puzzle nonetheless. Social security benefits on Bloomberg will make up to 40% of the average client’s retirement, and an adviser’s ignorance on the subject could be costly. Failure to properly time filing for benefits could cost retirees up to 300,000 over the course of 25 years.

David Giertz is a financial adviser with Nationwide Financial. Based in Dublin, Ohio, Giertz is highly sought after as an expert in the media. He was recently interviewed on CNBC about how most people do not pay enough attention to social security when it comes to retirement planning on Facebook. According to Giertz, the fact that private retirement pensions are becoming less and less common means that maximizing social security benefits is essential.

Giertz also pointed out in his interview on that there are many misconceptions about taxation and social security. It is a myth that social security benefits are tax-free. On the contrary, they are subject to taxation and there is no upper limit, although only the first 85% of your benefits are taxable.


George Soros Thoughts and Actions on the Current State of Politics

As one of the most powerful political figures, George Soros has as many fans as he does critics. George Soros is a vicious left-leaning political advocate who uses his vast wealth to help achieve the movement’s ideals. Expectedly, this has been pitting him directly against right-leaning politicians, political advocates, and their masses in the U.S. and Europe.

This, however, has not stopped George Soros from airing his views and supporting his political organizations. Here is what the billionaire investor had to say about Donald Trump’s presidency, and what he is doing to fight for liberalism.

Lack of Confidence
George Soros was so confident in President Donald J. Trump losing the presidential election that he bet billions of dollars on it. The bet did not bear fruit, but the investor is still adamant that the president will not last long.

Georg Soros’ lack of confidence in Donald Trump’s presidency is based on the President’s perceived lack of focus. He has been a fierce critic of the President for his ‘ill-informed’ orders that Soros says will have a negative impact on the economy and stability of the U.S. For instance, he has been a fierce critic of the President’s orders to ban migrants from some predominantly Muslim nations as well as the mass deportation of illegal immigrants. Soros argues that this will be detrimental to the national and international economy.

George Soros is confident that, should President Donald J. Trump carry on with his radical moves, then he may not win a second term on Investopedia. In the meanwhile, the billionaire investor is donating some of his money to organizations advocating for a more liberal approach to governance.

History and Political Activism
George Soros’ heritage as a Jew is tied to his tragic history. Having been born to a family of non-practicing Jews in Hungary, Soros almost fell in the clutches of the Nazi forces during World War II. He escaped by pretending to be a government official’s grandson, and the harrowing experience motivated him to earn and become rich.

Consequently, it is easy to empathize with George Soros in his advocacy of liberalism and free migration according to In fact, he writes in one of his books that he fancies himself as a political messiah.

Turning the Political Wheels
It is estimated that George Soros has donated over $5 billion to date to political organizations that are in line with his political views on Some of the organizations that he donates toward include the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education fund and the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law. Soros has also donated millions of dollars to media organizations as he is a strong advocate for press freedom. His beneficiaries include Free Press and ABC.

Naruto Uzumaki: Determined To Succeed


Naruto was born in Konohagakure, a village hidden in leaves. At the time of his birth, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked his village. The fox had the ability to cause a tsunami and flatten hills by merely waving its tail. The fourth Hokage, in charge of the village, had to find a way of fighting this menace. He wrapped the fox with Naruto’s body in a bid to salvage the community from the demon. The war with the Fox cost the Hokage his life.


In his will, the leader asked the villagers to recognize Naruto for his heroism. However, the villagers went contrary to his wishes and abhorred Naruto, believing that he was the devil’s kind. Naruto was cold-shouldered by the community without apparent reason. The villagers were completely irrational. From adults to children, everyone detested Naruto.


After a long period of denial, Naruto came to peace with the fact that he was seen as an outsider. This also sparked some of his most interesting Naruto quotes.  He decided to perform innocuous gimmicks on the villagers. While conducting the mischiefs, a desire to be accepted by others befell him. He was selected as a Genin ninja to “team seven,” where he displayed his abilities.


His unparalleled impetus to be accepted and dream to become Hokage eventually earned him the acceptance by the village folk. He uses the powers he gained by interacting with the devil, to perform supernatural powers, protecting his village from external forces.


About as fun as anything on a One Piece movie list, Naruto’s consummate zeal to be accepted is one character you can’t help but admire. He kept on going even though there were obstacles, and eventually earned respect. Truly, determination knows no barrier.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta: Leading Neurologist

Evidence has emerged through clinical trials regarding the use of stem cells in multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment. This evidence shows that transplanting the patients’ stem cells can help create a sustained remission for these MS patients, an autoimmune disease that forces the immune system to attack the body’s central nervous system.

Patients received high-dose immunosuppressive therapy to boost their immune systems and transplanted the stem cells after that therapy. The result five years after this stem cell transplant and immunosuppressive therapy were favorable. Almost 70 percent of the trial’s participants had gone through the experience without any progressions of symptoms, new brain lesions, or relapse.

The most amazing part? These participants also did not take any normal MS medications throughout the five-year process. There are other clinical studies that suggest that these normal MS medications have lower success rates than the lack of medication and stem cell transplant.

This study was conducted by the NIAID-funded Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy. The final results of the five-year study were published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology. The study is shining the light on the potential to give neurologists the ability to help MS patients better than ever before.

One such neurologist is Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta, from New Jersey, with more than 40 years under his belt. He graduated from Government Medical College in 1979 and has been a staple in the neurology network ever since. Dr. Gopal Vasishta completed his residency at Boston City Hospital and has built a specialization in Psychiatry.

Dr. Gopal Vasishta has an affiliation with the Kennedy Health System and practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. Between new scientific technologies and neurologists like Dr. Gopal Vasishta, a better future can make possible for MS patients.

Eric Lefkofsky, the Successful Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is a talented and successful entrepreneur. His success can be seen from the many companies that he has founded and co-founded. He has co-founded companies such as Groupon, Tempus, Uptake, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, InnerWorkings, and Mediaocean. He started from a humble background where he worked as a salesman and decided to advance his career where he went to law school. With a friend, Eric began a clothing business and that marked the beginning of his journey in business endeavors.

He had gone through a series of business successes when he co-founded Tempus.

This important link offers articles about Lekofsky.

He is the current CEO of the company. It is a technology company that enables doctors to provide personalized care to their patients. With the increased need for care of cancer patients, Eric Lefkofsky has made an impact on the world because of the establishment of the technology company. The company helps doctors and other professionals to offer personalized care to their patients using real-time approach.  Check to read more related postings.

The doctors can treat their patients after obtaining their data and analyzing their body physiology. The patient’s tumor can further be examined by use of proprietary genomics sequencing and analytics. Tempus is currently successful and is working with patients who are suffering from pancreatic, lung and breast cancer. With the technology, doctors are now able to offer efficient and personalized care and treatment of the patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is not just a successful businessman, but he also takes part in philanthropic endeavors. He and his wife began a charitable foundation that is known as Lefkofsky Foundation. The organization offers support to other charitable organizations, scientific and educational organizations in the whole world. It focuses on children, and so far it has helped more than fifty organizations throughout the world. Eric Lefkofsky is a successful businessman who started from a humble background. He uses his skills to help others to make sure his impact is felt in the community.

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