Naruto was born in Konohagakure, a village hidden in leaves. At the time of his birth, a nine-tailed demon fox attacked his village. The fox had the ability to cause a tsunami and flatten hills by merely waving its tail. The fourth Hokage, in charge of the village, had to find a way of fighting this menace. He wrapped the fox with Naruto’s body in a bid to salvage the community from the demon. The war with the Fox cost the Hokage his life.


In his will, the leader asked the villagers to recognize Naruto for his heroism. However, the villagers went contrary to his wishes and abhorred Naruto, believing that he was the devil’s kind. Naruto was cold-shouldered by the community without apparent reason. The villagers were completely irrational. From adults to children, everyone detested Naruto.


After a long period of denial, Naruto came to peace with the fact that he was seen as an outsider. This also sparked some of his most interesting Naruto quotes.  He decided to perform innocuous gimmicks on the villagers. While conducting the mischiefs, a desire to be accepted by others befell him. He was selected as a Genin ninja to “team seven,” where he displayed his abilities.


His unparalleled impetus to be accepted and dream to become Hokage eventually earned him the acceptance by the village folk. He uses the powers he gained by interacting with the devil, to perform supernatural powers, protecting his village from external forces.


About as fun as anything on a One Piece movie list, Naruto’s consummate zeal to be accepted is one character you can’t help but admire. He kept on going even though there were obstacles, and eventually earned respect. Truly, determination knows no barrier.