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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Beverly Hills Auto Group Has Got Your Back

Don’t buy your BMW new-it will waste your money-big time. You’ll end up having to pay for dealers fees, unnecessary extras, new car sales tax, and of course, depreciation. When you buy used, you have a lot more variety to choose form and you know exactly what you are getting. you can even get a nice used BMW with customized extras like heated seats and tinted windows without having to pay for all the extras. It just makes more sense.


Beverly Hills Auto Group ( has a large selection of used BMWs to choose from and offers good deals on their vehicles. they will get you financed easily since Beverly Hills Auto Group has a finance department on-site. Beverly Hills Auto Group only sells vehicles that will pass inspection and they will take your trade-in. Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about the customer and strives to do their very best.

From Banking To Startups. Mike Baur’s Amazing Career Path

After a career spanning two decades in the Swiss Banking Industry Mike Baur made a career change. He, along with partners Max Meister and Oliver Waltzer began Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Overseeing duties as Co-Founder and Executive Chairman in charge of fundraising and financing rounds, Mr. Baur and his Partners have rapidly grown Swiss Start-up Factory into becoming the number one early stage, privately-financed, independent ICT Start up Accelerator in Switzerlland.


As many before him, Mr. Baur began his career early at the age of 16, working as a commercial apprentice at UBS. The Fribourg native followed a successful career path in the tradition of apprentices of the time seeking a successful career in banking. During his tenure at UBS and Clariden Lieu, Mr. Baur gave investment advice to some of the world’s wealthiest clients, and served on the board of one of Switzerland’s largest private banks. During that time, Baur earned an Executive MBA from the University of Berne and an MBA from the University of Rochester.


In 2008, with the financial crisis taking its toll on the banking industry, Mike Baur took it in stride. In a time of turmoil, Mr. Baur took the initiative and risk by changing paths and working on startups. In spite of sacrificing a large steady income Mr. Baur had become accustomed to over the years, Swiss Startup Factory thrived from the beginning.


Swiss Startup Factory and CTI Invest entered into partnership during the first quarter of 2016. and Mr. Baur was appointed Deputy Managing Director of CTI. During this time Baur led the imitative to begin Swiss Startup Factory’s partnership with Fintech Fusion, as well as its Accelerator Program with the Goldback Group.


Additionally, Mr. Baur was a Startup Pitching Competition Judge at the START Summiteer at the University of St. Gallen. He’s also been a speaker on the Investor Panel at the WorldWebForum Next Generation, and in late 2016 was featured in the Wall Street Journal.


Developing entrepreneurs is still Mike Baur’s passion as he mentors and invests in young Swiss talent, giving them the opportunity to follow their goals and dreams.


Saving For Your Pet – The Beneful Way

In this day and age, everyone is looking to save a little bit of money, weather it be by cutting out the unnecessary expenses, shopping at discount stores, or clipping coupons. When it comes to your furry friends food, you should not cut corners on getting them the best food to fit their lifestyle. Purina Beneful, has many different dry dog food and wet dog food that cater to your dogs needs, and luckily for you, there are typically coupons to help you save.

Where might these coupons be found? On Beneful’s website,, you can sign up for their coupon club and coupons will be sent to your email. Walmart and Target have a coupon for $3 off a bag of Beneful food. These stores allow their coupon to be combined with other coupons that you have. There are additional websites that offer coupons for Beneful including:,, and All of these coupons are valid through June, 2017. The trick to getting the best value out of your coupons is to print multiple coupons and combine them with other coupons. Also, purchase smaller bags of wet dog food to use your coupons more frequently.

Another good place to find Beneful coupons, is in pet store’s circulars. Right now, Petco has Beneful on sale up to 10% off and free shipping on Fridays. Pair this deal with a coupon from the websites listed above, and you can save a decent chunk of change.

So next time you are running low on dog food, keep these tips in mind so you do not over spend on your dogs Beneful dog food.

Jason Hope has Keen Sense of where Things are Heading

Jason Hope is Arizona’s most famous internet entrepreneur. Known for starting premium mobile content provider Jawa, Hope has gone on to found a string of ultra-successful internet companies. Among these are SEO agencies, brand consulting firms, app developers and internet marketing solutions.


This long track record of stellar achievement has made Hope one of the keenest observers of the technology sector. Today, Hope is considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on technological trends and understanding the implications future technologies on individuals and society as a whole.


For this reason, Hope has taken to the internet, writing for various news outlets, blogs and tech websites. One of the things that Hope sees as a potentially radically disruptive technology is the upcoming advent of The Internet of Things. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will have benefits for everyone’s lives. This will represent one of the most radically transformative shifts in daily-use technology that people have seen since the invention of the automobile.


In fact, Hope Jason believes that the automobile itself will be radically transformed by the Internet of Things and related technologies. One way in which Hope sees cars being transformed by modern inventions are the use and widespread implementation of self-driving automobiles. Hope believes that within five to ten years, this technology will be widespread and will hugely increase the productivity and efficiency of everyday Americans.


Hope believes that self-driving cars will virtually eliminate traffic accidents and will dramatically increase the amount of productive time that people are able to enjoy as a result of not being required to drive and learn more about Jason.


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Arthur Becker; Successful Investor and Businessman

Arthur Becker was interviewed by Ideamensch a few months ago. Becker talked about his career and his business strategies. He said that the idea for Madison Partners arose from his time at Zinio and NaviSite. He decided to expand his real estate investments after leaving Zinio. This led him to invest in condos in prime locations around the country including Miami and New York City. Becker said that he was intrigued by the technological advancements that were happening in the biotechnology sector. He stated that the field of cancer treatment looked promising and was an area to watch.

Becker mentioned that the worst job he has ever had was working at the park when he was sixteen. The job was to mow steep roadsides and paid $1.60 per hour. The job made him work hard so that he could find a better job that was more interesting. He stated that being flexible and listening to colleagues was the most valuable advice that he could give entrepreneurs. He also mentioned that he was able to bring ideas to life by working with people that he respected.

Becker earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Bennington College. He later joined the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where earned a Master’s degree in Business. Becker joined NaviSite as the chief executive officer in 2002. He eventually led the company to a successful IPO. It was listed on NASDAQ. The company provided cloud-technology and hosting services to clients in the United Kingdom and the US. The company expanded its operations overseas to Asia and Europe under Becker’s leadership. NaviSite was acquired by Time Warner in 2011. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Becker joined Zinio as the chair of the board in 2012. He served as chairman for three years. Zinio is one of the largest digital newsstands in the world. Becker is credited for the company’s success. As per NY Daily News, he was an advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for several years. Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners. This is an investment firm in New York. The company has invested in biotechnology companies. It owns real estate in strategic locations in the city.

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Why they can’t Eat You.

To make it in the field of business and entrepreneurship, one needs a lot of help. This could be mentally, spiritually and even economically. People who do not receive this help while in the initial process of a startup end up failing. There is a gentleman from Dallas, Texas who has dedicated his life to helping inexperienced people succeed in their endeavors. This gentleman is called Marc Sparks and is well known in the United States as a philanthropist, venture capitalist, and a businessman. As of today, this talented businessman acts as the chief executive officer of a company called Timber Creek Capital. He is also the proud owner of this venture.
However, to receive the funding of Marc Sparks, you must have satisfied one of the following. Marc says that you should show some commitment to your venture. This is the part where he expects you to have committed some of your resources into the project before approaching him. Secondly, he requires you to have faith in your venture. Before you can make other people believe in you, you must believe in yourself. Finally, Marc Sparks insists on the importance of having a strategy in your mind at all times.

Apart from being a businessman and a man who funds other people’s ideas, Marc Sparks is a published author. He has written and published a book called “They Can’t Eat You” .This is an inspirational book that talks about the importance of never giving up in life. He uses his life experience as an example. Having failed to proceed to the university, Marc Sparks embarked on a mission to succeed without education. During his high school days, Marc Sparks was a C student. However, this hasn’t deterred him from becoming the person he is today. In fact, he has established many companies such as Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and Splash Media.

When not involved in business, Marc Sparks is involved with philanthropy. Some of the organizations that he has helped include Samaritan Inn and the Habitat for Humanity. Marc Sparks is a supporter of the American Can Foundation situated in Dallas.