Andrew Rolfe in conjunction with Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala held in London managed to contribute over £603,000. The event was organized to help less fortunate children in different regions in Africa. The funds raised were approximately 10 million South African rand. However, the fundraiser had aimed at raising £600,000 to expand the capacity of students at Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth campus. Other funds will be allocated to the improvement of the pediatric clinic that works in association with the campus.


The Ubuntu Education Fund uses its resources and workforce to cater for the needs of 400, 000 disadvantaged Africans. The Port Elizabeth campus offers a program for needy children to ensure that their education and health needs are adequately met. Such disadvantaged children are taken care of from when they join the institution until they are ready to start working.


The Ubuntu Education Fund was established in 1999 as a small organization that only focused on educational availability and tools. The organization grew well until its founders identified that children also faced other problems such as HIV and hunger which hindered them from reaching their potential. After some time, the founders managed to include other provisions such as home stability, nutrition, and health among others to enable children to perform the best they can.


About three hundred notable philanthropists and socialites attended the fundraiser. Andrew Rolfe welcomed the guests to the event after which motivational speeches that inspired people were delivered. Sinesipho gave the most inspiring speech about how Ubuntu Fund changed her life since childhood. Sinesipho’s success story motivated people to give generously.


Andrew Rolfe is the Managing Director of TowerBrook Capital Partners where he started working in 2006. In 2007, he became the chairman of Ubuntu fund that offers social services, education, and health to more than 2000 disadvantaged children in South Africa. He also served as the President of Gap Inc. International from 2004 to 2006. Additionally, he was the Chief Executive and Chairman of Pret A Manger for five years.


Mr. Rolfe is a well learned individual who attended St Andrews college and Eton college. Between 1985 to 1988, Andrew attended the University of Oxford where he graduated with a Bachelor of arts. In 1990, he joined the Harvard School of Business where he received his MBA Managerial/Business Economics.