Oncotarget is a weekly scientific journey that focuses on oncology, which is the study of prevention, analysis and treatment of cancer. The journal is freely published online and is accessible to all. Since its launch in 2010, Oncotarget has been instrumental in extensive research and analysis of different types of cancers and given suggestions on the best treatment options. It scrutinizes new and prevailing cancer therapies and confirms if they are applied in a manner that is acceptable to both the patients and the healthcare providers. Here are a few highlights of the journal:


All research information submitted to Oncotarget is verified by a panel of experts before it is published. All necessary modifications are made to ensure that the information published is correct and has been written in a way that readers can easily understand. The panel comprises qualified professionals, so readers are confident that the content of the journal is authentic and meets the required standards. Additionally, Oncotarget subscribes to the standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics, and this boosts the readers’ confidence in the journal.


Oncotarget is available online, so one can access it on any electronic device such as a computer or a smart phone. If one finds it useful, they can print a copy or share it with their peers. This free accessibility has helped many people gain valuable information at their convenience. Readers can also save the portions they find useful and read later at their comfort.

Up-to-date Information

Due to the continuous extensive research, Oncotarget contains the most current information on the best treatment options for cancer patients. It advises on the alternative therapies to medications that are pain-free and affordable such as living a healthy lifestyle.

Oncotarget has created a platform for many scientists and researchers to publish their work and create awareness on cancer globally. Since the journal is electronic, there are no space limitations thus can hold many articles. Oncotarget has proven to be a crucial tool in creating feasible solutions to cancer patients worldwide.

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