No job is considered comfortable and lights most especially if the job consists of hard turns and tough sacrifices, most especially if your life is involved in these sacrifices. An example of this kind of situation is the military men fighting for a particular country and protecting it from those people who would like to ruin it. Ronald Fowlkes knows exactly the feeling and the experience of being in the military and serving the country.




He started serving his country, United States in the year 1989 and lasted till 1993. He was part of the Marine Corps in this time span. During his tenure, he was said to be promoted not just once but twice, is told that he must be that good. We were also told to be part of the First Gulf War. He also attended several pieces of training to increase his knowledge during combat times. The preparations he attended include the one sponsored by the Marine Corps School of Infantry. The practice was about how to dwell during times of combat in the Marines. He also attended a primary course of the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company or known as the ANGLICO. In this class, he learned the basics of how to investigate and how to use firearms and other explosive devices for the air force and naval use.




 Ronald Fowlkes also became a mentor on how to use a rifle responsibly and how to strategically use warfare in times of combat. During his stay with the United States Army, he was also in charge of unexpected attacks outside the barricades, investigations on some instances, and if needed, he is the one heading the investigations of gang wars, illegal trafficking of dangerous and illicit substances in neighborhoods where violence is typical in a day to day basis due to lack of supervision by the authorities.

Included in his credentials, Ronald Fowlkes was also employed under the Department of Defense as a contractor who is in partnership with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization or also known as the JIEDDO. During this time, he was sent to Iraq to defend and protect the United States. His main tasks were to be in charge of the operations with regards to tactical and strategic gunfire operations. He is also in charge of the further investigation and questioning of people who are detained and are captured during the combats and attacks.




At present, Ronald Fowlkes is employed as the manager in Eagle Industries Unlimited. He takes care and is responsible for the development of business process and is responsible for the strategic planning for an increase in the numbers of the sales in the said company and or organization.