Now that the Spring weather is here, it’s time to learn about the most favored beauty and fashion trends of the season. In a recent article on the Reporter Expert website, the wildly popular cosmetics company Lime Crime provides readers with more than a dozen beauty and fashion tips for Spring 2018.

An interesting and valid point made early in the article is that fashion and beauty inspiration can come from almost anywhere. By being exposed to many different fashion and beauty ideas, it can help you to develop and/or upgrade your own personal sense of style.

One of the things that the beauty experts in the article recommend that you own and use regularly is an everyday eye shadow palette. To complement the eye shadow, the article suggests the use of a good eye liner.

The wide assortment of vegan and cruelty-free Lime Crime beauty products includes many types of eye shadow and eye liners, including liquid eyeliners with superfine tips.

Correctly using a highlighter that accentuates your face is another beauty tip that is recommended in the Reporter Expert article. When explaining how a face highlighter works, the makeup product is compared to a highlighter marker pen.

Just as the highlighter marker encourages readers to look at specific pieces of information, a face highlighter can be used to accentuate and bring attention to your best facial features.

The use of purple makeup and the occasional use of glitter on your face and lips, as well as neon products on your hair, lips and eyes are encouraged by the beauty experts at Lime Crime.

Some of the other beauty tips that are offered in the Reporter Expert article include utilizing a good makeup foundation, regularly defining your eyebrows, using long-wear lipstick and keeping your skin clean and hydrated.