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Malcom CasSelle Innvates Decentralized Marketplaces with WAX Platform

The rise of Bitcoin may have been surprising to many, but now Malcom CasSelle. CasSelle was an early stage investor in the virtual currency, seeing the writing on the wall early on. It is not the first time CasSelle has done something like this. In a storied career spanning back to ’95. CasSelle has been at the forefront of many digital innovations.

Malcom CasSelle has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer sciences, earned at venerable institutions MIT and Stanford respectively. In ’95 he founded NetNoir, a website that focused on Afrocentric culture. Since then he has been a part of numerous start-ups, each of them pushing boundaries. In 2012 he became CEO of Xfire, a global social network for gamers. In 2013 he became CEO of MediaPass, which facilitates online paywall solutions. Currently he is the CIO for OPSkins, a top seller of in-game digital assets. CasSelle’s expertise has also made OPSkins the top merchant for Bitcoin globally.

CasSelle is also the CEO of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) a decentralized P2P network designed to let gamers trade virtual wares. WAX develops blockchains to provide security within the decentralized market. It is an innovation as no other company is using decentralized markets. They are too high a risk for fraud and fragmentation. Decentralized markets are the next step however, as centralized marketplaces are too limited in what they can do.

An avid follower of cryptocurrency Malcom CasSlle anticipates that WAX will be the first domino in a chain that will bring digital coinage to the mainstream. The gaming industry has been sign digital assets for years with online purchases, and virtual only exclusive content. Giving gamers a return of investment allows digital assets to become a viable trade medium. If this happens cryptocurrency will go mainstream quickly, and Malcom CasSelle will be right there to see it.

So far WAX only operates within a set of OPSkins games, but the ability to go cross-platform is popular idea. Hopefully a successful future will see more games added to the lineup.

Uniquely Innovative Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University’s fashion club, Beyond the Front Row, sent a strong message when they re-launched the club in a powerful way. It was more then a new face to the club name, but also a way to show people a true meaning of what the club represents. The fashion club produced an event called Runway Repurposed where they turned the hallway of the fashion building into a catwalk. Talented Fashion Design 2 students were given a task to create a runway look made from repurposed, and unconventional materials. Typically, students must wait until their senior year to take part in a fashion show, so for many students this was a first showcasing of their designs. Many of the designers found inspiration for their garments through the theme of women empowerment, a purposeful theme for what is happening in current times. The future of the fashion club, Beyond the Front Row, looks very bright after a successful re-launch, giving students the opportunity to create and showcase work outside of the classroom. The groundbreaking fashion club can be found in the fashion building at the Academy of Art University, in the heart of San Francisco, California.

The Academy of Art University is unique in every way, birthed in San Francisco in the year of 1929. They have stayed true to its values of diversity, creativity, innovation, inspiration, and talent from the very beginning. Here are several examples of what makes The Academy of Art University so revolutionary; online arts education since 2002, over 70 student and alumni art shows and gallery expositions, diverse community of students from over 112countries, 17 housing facilities, and NCAA sports program with 16 incredible teams. Many students were able to have successful careers due to the excellent direction of the university. If you have a love for art The Academy of Art University can offer you more then ever imagined.

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There is always the desire among everyone to attain financial freedom. However, most people do not put in place the right measures to achieve that goal. Sometimes it is important to get ahold of professionals who can advise us on financial matters.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced businessman with several professional accreditations. He believes that every person requires a plan to be able to pursue their financial goals. Richard Blair is a financial advisor at Wealth solutions and his objective is to equip the people of Austin, Texas with the right financial skills that will help them lead successful lives.

In order to help his clients, Richard Dwayne Blair employs a three pillars approach. He uses the three pillars to diagnose his clients by looking at their current financial situations and coming up with a holistic financial solution for each one of them.

The first pillar

The purpose of the first pillar is to help Richard Blair come up with a financial roadmap for the client. He does this by simply looking at various things in a client such as their goals, risk tolerance, strengths and existing opportunities for growth. This financial phase is also designed to make it easy for Richard Blair to bond with and build a long-lasting relationship with his clients. This is intended to help he get a personal and deeper understanding of the client’s goals as well as expectations.

The second pillar

The second phase is meant to help Richard create an effective and long-term investment plan that is tailor-made to the client’s distinct goals and liquidity needs. It is at this point that Richard Dwayne Blair meticulously manages the assets of every client to maximize profits when the market is up and reallocates them to minimize losses when the market is not favorable.

The third pillar

Upon determining the client’s financial needs and developing a long-lasting and holistic strategy, Richard Blair moves to the last pillar. This is where he focusses his attention to the retirement and insurance needs of the client. It is also at this stage that Richard Blair implements and monitors his client’s performance.

Robert Ivy honored with Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement

The highly coveted, Noel Polk Lifetime award this year will for the first time in its history be awarded to an architect, Robert. Robert Ivy is the executive vice President and the CEO of American Institute of Architects. The Polk award, by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letter, is a great honor for any artist. The award recognizes those art creators, art performers, and art supporters. It has over the year taking time to recognize various artists in the State. The prestigious list comprises of; Morgan Freeman a Renown actor, Shelby Foote a reputable writer among some other artists in a star-studded roster.

While announcing the honorees of the Polk award for this year, MIAL president Nancy LaForge points out to how deserved the award is for Robert Ivy. His efforts to make architecture more accessible to every person is admirable. The words are echoed by the President of AIA, Mr. Carl Efante. Furthermore, Mr. Carl Efante takes time to congratulate the milestone achieved by Ivy, both on a personal and professional level. Robert Ivy holds Bachelor of Arts in English and masters in Architecture from The University of the South and Tulane University respectively. After which he later joined Mc-Graw Hill as the Editor in Chief for the Architectural Record. The record grew to international status as the most searched for journal worldwide.

Honors and Awards at the highlights of a career. Robert is no alien to awards. He has over the years earned himself honors. Some of the praises previously accorded to him are the Deans medal from the University of Arkansas and the Master Architect by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi.

Under Ivy’s leadership with the AIA, the institute has grown magnificently. To date, AIA has operated for about a century and a half. In all its years in operation, they consistently are focused on giving value for money. The health and sustainability of the buildings designed are of vital importance. AIA has expanded to have its operations in many countries across the globe. The members of the AIA boast of the high professional standards they hold in the delivery of their services.

On an event dated June 2, Robert Ivy will be alongside designer Andrew Cary Young in receiving the lifetime award. A fete Robert Ivy is humbled to achieve. His relentless focus on ensuring Architecture is accessible to everyone can only be fueled further by the Lifetime Achievement.


Bring Out Your Best With Beauty and Fashion Tips From Lime Crime Makeup

Now that the Spring weather is here, it’s time to learn about the most favored beauty and fashion trends of the season. In a recent article on the Reporter Expert website, the wildly popular cosmetics company Lime Crime provides readers with more than a dozen beauty and fashion tips for Spring 2018.

An interesting and valid point made early in the article is that fashion and beauty inspiration can come from almost anywhere. By being exposed to many different fashion and beauty ideas, it can help you to develop and/or upgrade your own personal sense of style.

One of the things that the beauty experts in the article recommend that you own and use regularly is an everyday eye shadow palette. To complement the eye shadow, the article suggests the use of a good eye liner.

The wide assortment of vegan and cruelty-free Lime Crime beauty products includes many types of eye shadow and eye liners, including liquid eyeliners with superfine tips.

Correctly using a highlighter that accentuates your face is another beauty tip that is recommended in the Reporter Expert article. When explaining how a face highlighter works, the makeup product is compared to a highlighter marker pen.

Just as the highlighter marker encourages readers to look at specific pieces of information, a face highlighter can be used to accentuate and bring attention to your best facial features.

The use of purple makeup and the occasional use of glitter on your face and lips, as well as neon products on your hair, lips and eyes are encouraged by the beauty experts at Lime Crime.

Some of the other beauty tips that are offered in the Reporter Expert article include utilizing a good makeup foundation, regularly defining your eyebrows, using long-wear lipstick and keeping your skin clean and hydrated.

The RealReal: A Pioneer in the Consignment and Fashion Industry

Looking at models on the runway, you’d never think that it would be possible for you to own some of the wonderful items that they are wearing. It can be daunting when you look at price tags for such items, and you fantasize about one day owning a perfect piece. Fashion is important, it helps to drive social and cultural interactions. It is a way for people to express themselves and there is a physical degree of excitement when the perfect piece of clothing is found. The RealReal understands what it means to find the perfect piece and what it means to have unfailing brand loyalty. They have built their business model around giving people the items that they need at a price that will allow them to access them without breaking their banks. The RealReal offers a secondhand quality and luxury items at almost a 90% discount from white individuals would pay at a normal retailer. They work like any other brick-and-mortar consignment shop by taking items from sellers and providing them to buyers through an online format. They have recently opened a shop that provides the same service in Soho, but a majority of their items are sold online.


An article featured on discusses the expansion that may be going forward with this brand of business. “The RealReal-The Fashion Site That Sells Secondhand Gucci and Louis Vuitton-Wants to Raise a New $100 Million Investment” follows some of the changes that the CEO has made in order to grow the business. When it first started, Julie Wainwright the founder did not know how big of a need there was for secondhand goods in the luxury market. She was simply trying to find a way to repurpose items and become more sustainable. When goods are reused instead of purchasing a new item, people are able to create a smaller footprint for themselves. As these business models expand, more luxury outlets are coming onto the market but none of them have seen quite as much success as The RealReal. The RealReal is an exceptional pioneer in their field and will continue to do amazing things.

Ara Chackerian: The Savior of the Forests

You would be hard-pressed to find another character like Ara Chackerian. He is an angel investor, a co-founder of TMS Health solutions — a company that works with transcranial magnetic stimulation to assist those with drug and treatment-resistant depression — and a dedicated environmental specialist with roots in forestry and reforestation. If that portfolio alone doesn’t introduce Ara as a man of means, then his work with the forests directly should at least introduce him as a man who is passionate about forestry.




Ara Chackerian isn’t blind to the necessity of the forest’s resources. In fact, he works adamantly to supply companies with information and the resources to extract those resources in a manageable and efficient manner. Ara understands the complexity and diversity of forest wildlife populations and ecosystems. No two forests are alike. Commercialization of logging isn’t an issue to Ara, he sees it as potential. Ara believes that with guidance and sustainable techniques, forestry can not only collect much-needed resources from nature but help bolster nature’s population.


Ara Chackerian is adamant that forestry needs a public dialog. Modern advancements in practices such as logging give forestry the unique capability of sustaining the forest while also reaping its rewards. Ara uses science to manage the complexities of wildlife. From reducing the spread of infectious diseases among the wildlife population to wildfire reduction efforts, Ara is committed to keeping our forests around for as long as possible. Ara works with private firms and companies as an advisor and forestry expert on the side. Check out to see more.



His main line of work is still health care. Ara Chackerian is responsible for some of the most innovative and progressive healthcare companies in the world. His passion lies in tech-related healthcare solutions, but that doesn’t mean that his investing stops here. As an angel investor, he is usually not only responsible for supplying funds to start-up companies, he often sits on the boards and helps them with money management, growth tactics, and helps them transgression into a functioning fully birthed company. You can visit his page.



Functioning on so many levels, Ara is a man that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His work with companies and med-tech startups help define his professional life. His passion for the forest helps define him as an individual. Wealth can help fund passions. Ara’s passion isn’t collecting cars or houses, it’s helping our forest stay green and filled with wildlife.


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Why Waiakea Water Has Made a Great Name for Itself

Water is one of the things your body cannot do without. Scientists say that 75 percent of the human body is water. It is not possible to live a healthy normal life without water in your body. Water is important in the regulation of bodily functions and temperature. Without water, the tissues, organs, and cells in the body would strain to function. Some people don’t know that they lose a lot of water daily through sweating, breathing, and digestion. Drinking about eight glasses a day is important for rehydrating your body. However, most people will take water based on how alkaline it is. This is the reason why most people choose to take Waiakea water.

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012, and it was the first company to produce volcanic water in Hawaii. The kind of water this company produces is unique in many ways. One thing that Waiakea Water is looking forward to achieving is driving the beverage industry with new innovations and initiatives. In fact, the company looks forward to becoming a platform where ethical and healthy attributes can be accessed. Waiakea is a lifestyle brand that has come out to create and inspire positive and meaningful change in the society.


What Waiakea has done will always linger in the minds of many people for a long time. The company has brought great transformation in the world of “bottled water.” One of the features that have kept Waiakea water ahead of its competitors is the mineral infusion. Every bottle of Waiakea water comes loaded with silica clinical portions. Silica is the mineral that makes the feel of the water in the mouth soft and smooth. Some of the other components found in Hawaii volcanic water include calcium, chloride, potassium, sodium, and magnesium.


Some other features of Waiakea water include pH balance and electrolyte levels. The water contains certain electrolytes that enhance the efficiency and efficacy of its hydration process. Some of the customers have revealed that this is the only water brand that their children with autism could take. Most children with autism generally hate water. Now that Waiakea water pH is always properly balanced, the product has made a great name for itself in Hawaii and abroad.

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers Opens up to Interview Magazine

The Chainsmokers are one of the most popular EDM-dance producers of all time. They have even broken through into mainstream territory with songs such as “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Roses,” and “Paris.” The Chainsmokers are made up of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. They have worked together since 2014, but Pall also had a partner previous to Taggart.

In 2016, The Chainsmokers were finally able to work with one of their most wished-for artists: Halsey. Halsey joined Andrew Taggart on the song vocals, where they sang a heartwarming duet about a young couple who have just moved away together.

“If you had asked us over the last year who was an artist that we wanted to work with, Halsey was number one on that list,” Alex Pall said in an interview with Interview Magazine. “She’s a very cool and unique artist,” he added.

With the amount of music The Chainsmokers have released, it is easy to forget that they are a relatively new musical act. Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have only been partners since 2014, but have already cemented themselves as one of EDM’s most legendary production groups.

The two musical sensations were introduced through a mutual friend, Pall’s manager, and instantly knew what contributions that other offered to the partnership. The duo began working long days in the studio, discussing their interests, discussing mainstream artists, and making music.

The song with Halsey, “Closer,” doesn’t only mark the instance where The Chainsmokers worked with one of their favorite artists, it also marks Andrew Taggart’s first effort in front of the microphone. The Chainsmokers used to exclusively write and produce their music, leaving the vocals for guest artists. Andrew Taggart has stepped up as front man and lead singer of The Chainsmokers, and they say many more songs with Taggart performing on vocals are still to come.

The Chainsmokers are consistently changing their live show to accommodate their audience and musical direction. “As our audience expands, we have to keep pushing ourselves,” Pall said.

Discover How Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Bradesco Fill In The Recent Gap Of Brandão

The center of Bradesco, Brazil’s second-largest private bank, is endlessly operating. Spartan-styled low-rise structures encapsulate processors with data from 28 million different clients and 4.5 million businesses. There are important units like computers and human resources. In this step of critical episodes of financial and banking times, an extra change was recorded in history recently.

Lázaro de Mello Brandão, that continued holding the chairing the organ for as long as 1990, amazed his co-workers and bestowed a note of resignation. At 91 years of age, after 75 years in the bank and 27 years in the Council, Brandão, an example of the most influential bankers in Brazil and confidant to numerous presidents of the Republic, inquired for the reservation of his duties according to His period at the bank, he reveals, has grown to a conclusion. He also composed a conventional retirement message, in which he praised customers, stockholders and personnel and, of course, his family.

The development was expected. Trabuco is suspected to fulfill both positions as CEO and chairman very soon. Partner of a substantial amount of assets and about 1% of the bank’s divisions, a lot whose worth is valued at around R $ 200 million, Brandão could conclusively appreciate retirement. However, dropping business is not a hypothesis for him, as he’ll remain and appear at his profession before seven o’clock in the morning, as he has done regularly since 1942.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia novo presidente: Octavio de Lazari Junior vai substituir Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

It will be up to Trabuco to be the director of this development. He should not continue as much as Brandão in the chairmanship of the Council. One of the differences predicted in its program is the founding of an age deadline for the continuity of the managers. He would not eliminate the chance that in the eventuality this will happen, he noted. With 66 years freshly finished, its voyage may have nearly a decade if it is deserving of the notion of confirming a 75-year-old limit. Enough time, nevertheless, for him to lead the developments.

Certified in Philosophy from USP and a post-grad in Socio-Psychology, Trabuco is a sophisticated, traditional man. Thus, it is permissible to excerpt “The Leopard”, a classic of the Italian author Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (1896 – 1957). In the novel, Lampedusa details the legislative execution of a Sicilian noble throughout the Italian union, at the conclusion of Century XIX. The noble, called Leopard, had the responsibility of bartering the reforms. And it is one of the most excerpted quotes in the story: “Things have to change to remain the same.” Never has anything more suitable been able to explain the test to Bradesco. Presently, in this current period, the bank is under the charge of Luiz Carlos Trabuco being the CEO.