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Coriant Under Strong Leadership with Shaygan Kheradpir

A company needs to have strong leadership in order to thrive and survive. This is especially the case when it comes to a new company. Without the assistance of a strong CEO, a new business may find it difficult to emerge in the industry. The tech industry is a robust and yet very full sector, so a CEO who understands the sector and is able to navigate it is a must. Coriant is a new player in terms of going at it alone. It spun off from Siemens, a major tech player out of Munich, Germans. That is why the company turned to Shaygan Kheradpir in order to help lead it into profitability and to be a major player in the industry. The company could not have selected a better CEO as he is one of the most sought after individuals in the industry.

Shaygan Kheradpir has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Cornell University, so he has the educational background to prop him up. After graduating college he went on to work at GTE. He held an executive position in GTE before it merged with another company to form Verizon. While with Verizon, he spearheaded many important projects, including the development of DVR and the creation of the fiber optics Internet connection FiOS. Eventually, he moved on to hold a board of directors position at Barclays. He became the very best individual with an electrical engineering tech background to sit on the board of directors within the financial giant’s inner circle.

With his ability to work in both the tech field and the financial field, he proved to be an extremely viable candidate to run a company. This occurred when he took over Juniper Networks. While with the company, he helped develop several new initiatives while also cut the cost of production. This pushed the business into newly profitable numbers it had never seen before. Now, Shaygan Kheradpir has moved on to take the helm of Coriant.

Coriant saw the capability of Shaygan Kheradpir and decided it wanted to run the business with him as its lead. He now stands as the CEO of the company and is able to do everything in his power to make it in the industry.

Your Piece Of The New York Real Estate Pie

New York real estate is some of the best real estate in the country and it is able to be purchased only by people who are very flexible with what they want and have the right amount of money to ensure that they get the most out of their real estate. This statement was true in the past but no longer holds any clout because the market is changing. It is a great market for people who want to purchase real estate in the New York City economy. Prices are at a low while vacancies are sitting higher than they have in many years.

The authority on all things in the city, The New York Times, has published an article that talks about the way that the market is changing. Even the publishers at this popular paper talk about how New York hopefuls can cash in on this market and move into the city without having to worry about skimping on the necessities or paying an exorbitant amount of money. The Times wants everyone to know that now is the time of the century to purchase or rent any type of residential real estate in New York apartments for rent.

There are many ways that you can go about purchasing real estate in New York but it is suggested that you hire a real estate agency to get you started on the buying process. Since buying in New York is so difficult agencies like Town Residential will be able to walk you through every step of the process. They will make sure that you have what you need to be able to get the most out of your real estate hunt. They will also work to ensure that you get the best property for the money that you are paying to purchase in New York.

Based right in Manhattan, Town Residential has been able to help many people who now live in the city. This real estate agency is a premium one that works with people who are looking for luxury properties but also with people who simply want to buy in New York. No matter where you want to live in the city, they can help you. Make the right choice for your real estate hunt and don’t get left without getting a piece of the Big Apple Pie. Let Town Residential help you find the real estate that is perfect for you.

Dog Food News: Beneful Leading the Way

Most leaders in the dog food production companies are increasingly becoming concerned with the quality of their products. This has been necessitated by the increasing levels of competition and the over-speeded innovations in the dog food sector. In the recent past, reputable companies in the dog food industry like Beneful and Purina Inc. have invested on the need to use fresh ingredients in making their products. They have also improved these products to enable their customers to store them in refrigerators. As part of quality assurance, managers in these companies have scheduled impromptu product tasting exercises like the one witnessed recently by Bloomberg news involving Richard Thompson and Michael Hieger of Freshpet Inc. . Beneful is a renowned dog food company whose products are celebrated by customers world over. Their products are largely characterized by a variety of protein rich foods including beef, pork and chicken. Varieties exist ranging from thinly chopped blends to large crunchy blocks of assorted protein foods. The company, however, provides customized products that are produced according to customers specifications. Of late, it has done excellently in blending popular products like hearty roasters from barley, beans, carrots among other accents. Beneful offers both retail and wholesale services to its wide range of consumers. The company prides itself on having over 20 varieties of products designed for wholesale. These varieties include dog foods made solely from protein foods like chicken, those from accents and a blend of the several ingredients used by the company. The company uses terms like ‘good-for-you ingredients’ to capture the uniqueness of production achieved in making its real meats and vitamin based veggies and that are very popular among its customers. The idea of putting emphasis on the nature of ingredients used in dog food production by Beneful and other companies is purely based on the need to showcase how they have employed new innovations. In the past, dog food producers only invested in ‘kibbling’ and blending of lamb and salmon and putting it in the market for sale. These types of dog foods were also described by their organic grain-free nature that became the signature feature for dog foods of the past. However, the dog food manufactures, like many other industries of the world, have been forced to embrace change through innovation, technology and acting on customer attitudes. The types of ingredients used to produce dog food, therefore, have had to change. In addition, marketing strategies have evolved and all companies are adopting changes to ensure they remain relevant in the face of increasing competition in the 21st century dog food space.

The Sudden Change in New York Real Estate

The purchase of real estate is starting to drop off inside of New York. However, it looks as if it is more of a trend than anything else. Town Residential is one of the top, high-end, real estate providers in the city of New York, so they stay on top of the very latest in housing news. That is exactly why they are always looking for new ways to connect home buyers with the right property. Town Residential also knows it is necessary to point out what is going on with the housing market, as it can help buyers and sellers obtain the best price for their particular needs.

Town Residential works with clients who are looking to both buy a new high-end piece of real estate and also find a piece of property they can rent out. The company works throughout New York City apartments for sale, so whether someone wants to live in downtown Manhattan or they are looking to move outwards a bit more, such as in Queens or something similar, they are able to do exactly that. Whatever it is someone is looking for, they are able to find exactly what they need with the help of professionals at Town Residential.

In recent months, the push for real estate has started to drop off around the world. First, throughout Australia it happened, and then it eventually hit Miami and London. All of these locations are popular with foreign investors looking to purchase new real estate, yet it has drastically slowed. In fact, now that it is in New York, Manhattan apartment vacancies has reached the highest level it has been at in nearly nine years. Before this, owners had the ability to increase the price of rent a more substantial amount. However, now it is possible to do this. The rent might go up slightly, but even then, real estate owners are pushing it a bit.

The luxury real estate market is all but done within Australia and London. The market for these properties just isn’t where it use to be, which means prices are dropping quickly. The same is likely going to happen in New York. Once the market recovered, everyone want to purchase such a property, which, more or less, over inflated the value of the properties. It does look as if these properties are going to start to slow in sales and could potentially drop rather drastically.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s significant come back to Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir, greatly reknown in the telecom technology service industries was recently appointed the new CEO at Coriant. Clearly stated in their original link website;, this is barely a year after his resignation from juniper Networks where he was the CEO.

Shaygan succeeded pat DiPietro who took up the duty of a vice chairman in the company and resumed his position as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. This is the private equity company that brought Coriant into existence by merging Tellabs, part of sycamore networks and the optical Nokia unit.

Having worked in the telecom, technology and financial industries for over 28 years, Shaygan has for sure gained much of executive experience. His leadership skills are so good to the far to fail to trust him in driving Coriant to the next level.

Prior to his new role, Shaygan has an active play role working with the top management officials of Coriant as an operating executive to Marlin Equity Partners. Additionally, his great experience can further be credited to his serving roles at GTE and Verizon Communications. At Verizon’s e-business division, he offered a wide variety of telecommunications and mechanized operations contributing to the great company’s diversification. Shaygan also held the position of technology and chief operations officer at Barclays Bank
As he ushered him in, Mr. DiPietro stated of how privileged the company was to have to their disposal such an experienced individual. The company is highly counting on the guidance and strategic insights that will help in executing endless operations in the company.

Fortune 500 Company Working With Slyce And The New Slyce Link Feature

Slyce Improves System And Makes A Friend

The new and innovative company called Slyce is redefining the way people shop, and they continue to make improvements to their system. The company has been making these updates ever since it started. It has done so much for consumers by improving up the world of online shopping that we are all so familiar with, and they take it one step further by including their specialized technology of visual search platforms. The company has an app that consumers use to take pictures of the object that they want the purchase. It uses the user generated photo to search for retailers with the best deals, so the consumer gets a good deal on their purchase, and the retailers do more business. It is an easier and engaging shopping experience that is building momentum. This article will discuss the new features on the app platform, and we will also discuss the new connection that Slyce has made in their market.

Improvements To Slyce’s System

Slyce has come a long way since its inception. It has added several features that are brilliant in assisting the shoppers with their purchases. The company has recently brought on a group of internal employees for the purpose of customer care. The customer care team has the main responsibility of assisting the customers in their shopping, like a personal shopper. Then, they created something called Slyce Link to assist customers in finding items that are not available due to stock issues. Instead of seeing that an item is out of stock, the customer will see that there are similar items available. They will also see related items that are available. This should help the customer in finding their purchase, create more profit for the retailer and stop people from leaving their shopping cart on Slyce.

New Friends For Slyce

The company has been making valuable connections since it first started. They are working with major retailers, such as Home Depot, Tilly’s and Recently, Slyce has started working with a major Fortune 500 Company. The company specializes in toy retail, and they will benefit from the special deals Slyce will promote. Company profits are expected to double from this new relation.

The Rise of Brad Reifler in Financial Expertise and CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management

In the year 2009, Forefront Capital group was formed. The brain behind this firm was Brad Reifler, described today as an entrepreneur and financial professional. Reifler, though known in the world of business as a financial professional is also a former founding member and chair of the Pali Capital that offers financial help across the continent. He was also a former trader at Refco.

The current position

Brad Reifler has several years of experience in investment, entrepreneurship, and financial consultant. Today, he has founded several companies in the US. The experience he has comes from working and rising to the top of company’s management.

He started his first company in the 80s, the Reifler Trading Company. This firm started by managing millions of dollars and then going into research, execution of services, information dissemination and global derivative advisory. This company grew under the leadership of Brad Reifler, becoming Futures Company. He sold it to Refco in 2000.

Apart from working at the Reifler Trading Company, he established himself in the field of financial services. With his experience, he founded Pali Capital in 1995, a brokerage company dealing in equity markets. The company captured the expansion in hedge funding and came up with different strategies. The company taught investors the best packages and how to execute them. As the CEO of Pali, the company grew steadily for 13 years commanding a $1 billion income commission.

Currently, Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capitals. This company has many subsidiaries such as the LLC, Forefront Partners, and Forefront Advisory. Under this company, Reifler brings together registered investment advisors, investment bankers, and leaders in business. The company’s principles have brought and attracted several top investors.

Brad Reifler is a leading financial professional and financial advisor, having graduated from Bowdin University with a degree in Economics and Political Science. He also holds several regulatory licenses, series 3,7,24 and 63. He is also a trustee at Millbrook School and the Chair of Finance Committee. Being an astute businessman does not mean that he does not have time to serve in the advisory and corporate boards.

Why Is Jaime Garcia Dias Brazil’s Most Important Writer?

Jaime Garcia Dias is the most important author in the history of Brazil and his CrunchBase shows that pretty clearly, and he massive output over such a short career speaks to his brilliance. Jaime is an educator who has worked with some of the best young writers in the country, and his school helps to educate a new generation that will join Brazil’s growing middle class. This article explores the educational importance of Jaime Garcia Dias and his YouTube Channel, his school and how his literature has changed Brazil.

#1: His Early Career

The early career of Jaime Garcia Dias features the rise of the next big name in Brazilian literature, and his books come out frequently to great praise. His first book was an award winner, and he immediately shot onto the literary scene as someone to watch. Brazil embraced Jaime as their own, and his books sales even soared in Europe because of his fame in South America.

#2: His Choice To Go Into Education

The Carioca Literature Academy is the school that Jaime runs as a gift that he gives back to the Brazilian people. The academy educates students in the art of writing which has been lost to the ages in much of Brazil. Education is a serious problem in Brazil, but Jaime’s school routinely puts out the best students in South America, and those students go on to become writers in their own right. Jaime’s commitment to education is a hallmark of his generosity, and he will continue to lead the Carioca Literature Academy for as long as he possibly can.

#3: New Books

Jaime may be working at a school during the day, but he has managed to publish several new books since he took his teaching post. Jaime feels a responsibility to the fans he has around the world, and he writes books as often as he can. Jaime tries to publish one book every year, and his output is something that other authors in Brazil should aspire to.

The influence of Jaime Garcia Dias can be felt throughout the literary circles of the nation of Brazil, as well as on international level. Jaime will be placed on a new pedestal when the Olympics come to Brazil, and he will have an entirely new audience that will be able to enjoy his books. Translating his books into other languages is a priority for the nation, and Jaime Garcia Dias can show the rest of the world what a literary education can do.