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More People Should Be Making The Switch To FreedomPop

Many have a fear of change, which may keep them from saving money when it comes to their cell phone service. Even if there is another option for someone to save money on their Internet usage, they may not always be ready to make a change, even if it’s the best choice. One of the ways to ease the fear of making a change is by knowing more about the company that the person chooses to join, especially when it’s a company like FreedomPop. One may know a lot about different cell phone carriers, but FreedomPop is slightly different.

The reason why FreedomPop is outside of the norm of a regular cell phone carrier is because of their prices. There are no other carriers that can say that they have an unlimited cell phone service that only costs $20 each month. Many carriers will charge $50, $60, $80, and even $100 per month for the same unlimited cell phone service that FreedomPop offers for only $20. Since FreedomPop clearly is the winner when it comes to low-priced cell phone service, what are they offering with that coverage? Unlimited text messages, phone calls, and data is offered from FreedomPop for a mere $20 monthly.

Although it is true that only 1 GB of 4G LTE data is given with the $20 plan, there’s no need to fear because the 3G data that replaces it is unlimited and still gives very high speeds. Those who need the use of their GPS on a regular basis, as well as the need to surf the net, will have no problem using FreedomPop’s unlimited plan. Anyone who wants additional 4G LTE data can purchase it or choose to get the Wi-Fi plan from FreedomPop, which gives access to hotspots that are available across the USA.

The Wi-Fi hotspots are accessed through an application that is downloaded to an Android, iPhone, or a mobile device, and the Wi-Fi can be used as much as possible throughout the month. The unlimited Wi-Fi is only five dollars every month, so it’s a great way to get constant 4G LTE data access without paying additional costs on the cell phone bill. Those who are interested can also inquire about the other services FreedomPop has as well as cell phones and tablets that they offer on their website. It’s obvious that making the switch to FreedomPop is an excellent choice.
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Smart Shared Office Space For Millennials: Workville NYC


In the past, offices had a structure to ensure people occupied different offices or sections. However, the generation of employees in today’s world is coming up with a completely different theory about working and living. They prefer co-living and co-working. The argument behind the need to work and live together is to provide an environment, which can help balance life and work. It is also a way of treating the isolation many people go through in life especially in the city.


Neglecting Essential Company


People have neglected basic issues to help them develop strong relationships. This is because they have shaky relationships with their family members. For those who are married, they also put less focus on molding their marriages to a center of love and affection. Therefore, co-working acts as a safety net someone will hang on if things do not work well.


Trained to be Interdependent


The generation in this century has no problem relying on others. This has been necessitated by the idea of foregoing to buy a car because Uber is available. Others also feel buying the expensive designer dresses is not necessary because they can instead rent the dresses. In such a case, the millennial expect the work environment to remain such interdependent. Over the years, people have also realized the need to work and stay with other people. This is because if an idea strikes even in the middle of the night, it will be easy to share ideas and generate even smarter solutions.


In a co-working and co-living environment, privacy is also needed. However, the millennial have been used to upholding their privacy even with people around them. This includes private phone booths accompanied with rules on how to respect boundaries. This helps ensure everyone is enjoying their peace and privacy.


Creativity in Workville


Work environment has been made even better with the luxury of friendly and luxurious Manhattan offices for rent at Workville. Companies wishing to move in are provided with ready offices. This includes shared offices where employees can spread out and work freely. They also offer 3 terraces providing ample space to employees to enjoy their time while working.


A culture of success and inspiration has been created through creative solutions. This means providing daily cleaning, fast internet services, fresh coffee, private phones and mail service. The printers plus the terraces make the office setting complete. They have been working with great clients in the past including ebay, zipcar, alleyboost, stabhub plus propsboard and many others.


We All Deserve a Second Chance

Three years and thousands of clients later, Status Labs, an online reputation management and public relations company suffered a major setback and had a going concern of their own to handle.
Status Labs now had to repair their own image in front of the whole country. Starting from Austin, they decided to write an open letter to the residents of the city, apologizing for the actions of their former CEO, pledging to give more to the community and standing by their company President Darius Fisher, who the company believed was unaware of the extreme actions of Jordon. This helped in curbing the anger of the general public. The company then decided to act upon their pledge and started volunteering at local NGOs and charities such Dress for Success, Charitas, Urban Root and Capital Food Bank of Texas.
The negative image of the company in the press and social media took its toll on many of their valued employees, who ended up leaving the company so it was time that Status Labs started taking extra care of its employees. Therefore, the company introduced stock option plans for its workers, organized Friday lunches, allowed its employees to bring their pets to work and planned team outings. All this assisted the company in winning back the confidence of its employees and boosting their morale.
Status Labs now proudly covers over 1500 clients from different walks of life and has offices in over 35 locations. It is one of FORTUNE’s 500 brand and constantly growing in becoming the leading online crisis management, online marketing and image repairing company.
Status Labs identifies the problem of the clients and then acts upon serving them. Their only aim is to assist people or companies in getting out of an online mess, whether it’s giving them a second chance or removing unwanted information posted by someone else, Status Labs only wants people and organizations to live and work peacefully.

Securus Technologies outraged by the wrongs done by GTL to Louisiana

Inmate communications operations company Global Tel Link has been cited for multiple wrongdoings against the state of Louisianna. Securus Technology released information in a press release, published on their website on June 7th of 2016, revealing a series of information mediums that uncover the list of travesties GTL preformed against inmates, their families and the state of Louisiana’s Department of Corrections. Louisiana’s Public Service Commission uncovered a 17 page order citing that GTL added time to calls, increased the per-minute charges, charged higher rates than that which is acceptable rates and double charged individuals among other charges.

Securus Technologies of Dallas, TX released this list of integrity breaches preformed by GTL as though they were recent wrongs; however, these crimes were actually committed in 1998. Securus, who recently purchased JPay Inc mid of last year, stated that these crimes were relevant because of the numerous wrongs uncovered that will be reported in future press releases. JPay INC. held positions in 33 prisons at the time of purchase by Securus that provided services for electronic payments, emails and educational applications. has established information in regards to Securus Technologies that list it as “one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking, and government information”. Crunchbase reports Securus as having over 2,600 different prisons that it services within 45 US states, Mexico, Canada, the District of Colombia and is run at its base in Dallas, TX alongside 4 other metropolitan district offices. Crunchbase list one of these offices as located in Atlanta, GA.

Securus’s news release citing the inproprioties Global Tel Link preformed expresses Securus and its Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith as being outraged at the crimes preformed against their own consumers. This is not only an illigal act but a wrong that defies the type of positive, customer first business that Securus seeks to promote with their customers.

Strong Female Performances in a Masculine Film

Magic Mike XXL is a film that was released to theaters worldwide in 2015 and is the spirited sequel of the 2012 film Magic Mike, which starred Channing Tatum as the lead role of Mike, who, along with his entourage of friends, became male strippers in order to develop fame and fortune. The original film made Tatum’s name famous, this second film takes place after Mike’s career as a stripper has ended and the character is now running his own furniture business. Alongside Tatum is actress Crystal Hunt, who plays the powerful female character Lauren.

Crystal Hunt is primarily known for her role as Stacy Morasco in the syndicated television drama series One Life to Live as well as Lizzie Spaulding in Guiding Light. Her role as Lizzie gained her an Daytime Emmy nomination, labeling her as a talented female performer.

Since she was two years old Hunt has been involved in performance, sprouting her roots through pageant participation and spreading out from this origin point into commercials and eventually into television programming and film.

The film itself is a surprisingly entertaining sequel, one that you would not consider to be as interesting or developed as the original, although shockingly this is not the case. There are some individuals who claim that this film is a pro-feminist movie, and to a degree there are aspects of that present, with strong female performances and characters successfully supporting the masculine caricature that is Tatum’s Mike, who strives to rediscover his excitement for dancing and to escape the hum-drum daily grind of his new career choice. The film is worth your time if you are looking for an exhilarating take on the male stripper industry.

Hunt’s role as Lauren in Magic Mike XXL gives her the opportunity to increase her fan base, and her chance to work alongside such powerful names as Channing Tatum, Jada Pinkett Smith and other Hollywood profiles has given her the star power she needs to break out of her position as a television based actress into a larger entertainment environment.  Check out her official photography website for more on this up and coming actress.

How Does Martin Lustgarten Give Back And Help Investors?

Martin Lustgarten is a brilliant investor, but he is also an animal lover who is trying everything he can to help dogs in his area. Someone who comes to Martin Lustgarten for investment advice can get pointed in the right direction easily, and he will also make sure that a lot of people are hearing about his charity work through GoFundMe. There are a lot of people who have not been able to get dogs in their homes, and that is what Martin Lustgarten does in his free time. He helps the Little Dog Rescue, and he has that GoFundMe page going to make sure that everyone can give.

The best part of this is that people who are working with Martin Lustgarten get to learn a lot about investing at the same time that they are learning about dogs. They can give to the rescue, or they can just adopt a dog. Someone who wants to adopt is going to get a dog that was rescued from a shelter, and then the people in the area can pick up these dogs when they are ready. That is the beauty of the rescue because it moves so fast. Martin Lustgarten has picked up more than one dog from the rescue, and he wants to help to pay for as many workers as possible.

The workers actually are going out to save these dogs, and they bring them back to their facility to be given to the families that have asked to adopt. It is the best thing for the dogs, and it helps people save dogs who would have been put down otherwise. There are a lot of people who are going to make sure that they can get a dog through this, and they can give through Martin Lustgarten if they want.

The commitment of Martin Lustgarten to investing and dogs is something that all people can take an example from. He does a lot of work with people who need investment advice, but he also gives with his heart. He wants to make sure that the world is filled with hope and love after the money is made.

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Marie Claire Talks Fabletics

If you’re a fashion lover, you’ve probably picked up several copies of Marie Claire magazine. Known for their ads of the most current brands in fashion, it’s clear why you would rely on this fashion forward magazine for ideas. Marie Claire recently interviewed on of hollywoods A-List actress’s, Kate Hudson to get some information about her athleisure clothing line known as Fabletics. This company has been around for over a year now and is completely thriving, thank to the rise of athleisure trends in the past couple of years. Athleisure is simply athletic clothing fit to wear outside of physical activity. Fabeltics is widely known for their extensive collection of athleisure that include fun, flirty styles and bold, vibrant colors.

Kate Hudson sits down with Marie Claire to discuss exciting news regarding the Fabletics brand. They have added a collection of athleisure bathing suits!! Not only can you feel comfortable, but these styles are sure to fit and support you wherever you need it, while providing a flirty, fun, trendy look. The styles are certainly current and you won’t want to miss out on these fun swim styles for the beach this summer. Kate is also happy to announce the arrival of athleisure dresses. These comfy, yet classy, flirty dresses are made from your favorite stretchy athleisure material and even hug your curves in the right places! No need for spanx- their is built in support. These are perfect for a day at home OR a date night! You won’t want to miss out on these- they will certainly be a hit and go fast!

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Fabletics is a subscription company that will send you an athleisure outfit once per month at a fixed rate. These rates are known to be much more cost friendlier than that of their competitors. Not only that, but it’s an excellent way to gradually grow your ideal athleisure wardrobe, especially if you’re already a fan of these comfortable clothing. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of Fabletics- they are unique and designed especially for this line, so you won’t be able to purchase them elsewhere. Don’t miss out on these great styles- subscribe yours, and build up your closet!

Great Mission to Change People’s Lives


Since 2007 when Talk Fusion was established, it has been committed to assisting people. We are happy to give back to communities by leading the way to help people build their futures as well as realize their dreams all over the world. Bob Reina who is the founder of this great mission is so much dedicated to change lives of most people as well as get the best out of them. Bob believes that success comes out from great responsibility and it is through his motivation and guidance that this company has managed to make impressive difference within a short period of time. This company is dedicated to find better solutions for individuals for them to lead a more positive life that is worth.

About Bob Reina
Bob Reina has been a great influence to most people around the world. Despite the many bumps in his career life, Bob has managed to remain farsighted and this has been made possible through self-discipline. He went to University of South Florida where he graduated as the first student in his class of the police academy. While doing his course work, Mr. Reina involved himself in several jobs and this made him have an insight to help people. He had an entrepreneurial itch and this made him begin using his sweat, desire and old fashion in direct selling. He was able to make steady paychecks in marketing and passion was his main driving force. Bob knew the real definition of success and it reached a point in his life that his friends and family thought he had gone crazy because of his big expectations.
His impact has been amazing and impressive to the people he has assisted. Bob has had awesome achievements such as donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as well as offering monetary support to the Indonesia Orphanage with an aim to save the lives of animals. Through his actions it is clear that he is dedicated to spearhead his vision.


It is clear that Bob Reina’s goal is to help non-profits organizations and charities in order for him to reach more people and educate them. This is quite encouraging.



Dr. Jennifer Walden Continues To Impress

It is difficult to talk about cosmetic surgery in the Austin area without hearing the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the most well known cosmetic surgeons in the area. She has a thriving practice and even more people are scheduling appointments with her.
At an early age Dr. Jennifer Walden realized that she wanted to be a surgeon. Both of her parents were in the health field so it was easy for her to know exactly what she wanted to do. When she graduated she was salutatorian of her class. So she is definitely a woman on a mission. Not only does she currently have a thriving business but she is a mother to two twin boys.
Many people are learning about Dr. Jennifer due to her media appearances. She has been featured on Fox News, Dr. 90210 and more. She is still steadily getting media requests. Many people also learn about her due to the results her clients receive.
Dr. Jennifer believes in helping people to get their desired results. She always have state of the art technology. She even has equipment that will help people to see what they would look like after the surgery. This helps people to make the best decision.
Dr. Jennifer also has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar. This was a huge success for her and the success just keeps going. When people are looking for an amazing cosmetic surgeon they think of Dr. Jennifer’s practice. Her clientele is steadily rising.


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Olympic Valley incorporation challenged by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings

The majority of local businesses in the Lake Tahoe area rely heavily upon the cooperation of Mother Nature to enhance their success.

The north shores of the lake have not been so lucky in the past few years, as reported in a recent article by the Reno Gazette-Journal. Winters in the area have been suffering immense drought, negatively impacting the economy of the local businesses who depend on heavy snowfall to bring in winter enthusiasts.

The Lake Tahoe area is home to Squaw Valley Resort, found in the picturesque Olympica valley, where many of these winter enthusiasts travel to fine ideal winter sports terrain.

Unfortunately these local areas were not only struggling with the lack of snow; there was also a political struggle around an incorporation battle over the resort. However, there is good news on the horizon for president and CEO Andy Wirth.

The most recent season brought along with it winter precipitation early in the season resulting in the local resorts opening weeks before they have in a decade.
Those in favor of the incorporation effect provided political relief by formally withdrawing their effort to incorporate Olympic Valley. This was positive for Wirth, who considered the incorporation a threat to local businesses and the civic climate. Get the full details here: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

He felt that it would result in higher taxes for residents and businesses. On top of that, it would isolate Olympic Valley from other north shore communities. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their effort to stop the incorporation effect. T

he company intends to improve its real estate with more residential and commercial development. There are also plans to connect Squaw Valley to another local ski resort via gondola.

Once the incorporation effect was officially defeated, Wirth decided to turn his attention to getting the community put more effort into becoming a stable and cohesive unit when it comes to addressing things like improving transportation and issues that extend beyond just the Olympic Valley.

His selling point being that the community should be able to come together on a mutual love for the area.

Andy Wirth has been working tirelessly to make Squaw Valley one of the top tourist destinations in the world. He contributes to environmental as well as community service organizations in the Lake Tahoe area, with an emphasis on improving the area for people of all ages. This information can be found at