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Aloha Construction

Everything You Need To Know About The Services Of Aloha Construction

If you’re looking for a home repair company in the northern part of Illinois, you should consider Aloha Construction. The company has an office in Lake Zurich, Illinois and another one in Bloomington, Illinois. Their headquarters are located in Lake Zurich. Aloha Construction is extremely experienced, and their services are affordably priced. They also are very easy to get in touch with. All of their services are protected by a warranty that lasts for a decade.

What Can You Hire Them For?

Aloha Construction offers many different kinds of home repair services, such as these:

Roof Replacement:

Aloha Construction will be able to replace your roof exceptionally fast. In addition, professionals from the company will be able to replace a very steep roof.

Shingle Repalcement:

If you lose shingles for any reason, the company can replace them. Customers are able to choose from many types of shingles, such as asphalt shingles and cedar shakes.

Gutter Repair:

All gutters need to be cleaned regularly. Aloha Construction will ensure that there are no leaves or other forms of debris left in the gutter after a cleaning. Furthermore, the company repairs damaged gutters quickly. They can also replace your gutter system. All of the gutter systems that they offer will ensure that water stays far away from your house. In addition, the company can repair water damage to your roof.

Door And Window Repairs:

The company can ensure that water is not able to get in through a windowsill. In addition, the company can repair or replace any type of door or window. They offer many door and window options to choose from.

Contact Information For Aloha Construction:

You can contact them by calling 847-540-7711. They also are available by email at


What Does Aloha Construction Offer?

Aloha Construction is one of the best construction companies in the Chicago area. They are based out of Bloomington, Illinois, but their services are available throughout the area. They even offer services to residents of Wisconsin. Here are some examples of services that they offer:


Their employees are experts on roof replacement. The company can replace many types of shingles, such as asphalt shingles and cedar shake shingles. If your roof is steep, this won’t stop them from working on it. Furthermore, the company’s employees can accurately determine whether your roof needs to be replaced. They will never tell you to get an expensive repair that you don’t need.

Siding Repair:

If your siding is damaged, Aloha Construction can replace it. They also have a lot of experience with repairing many different kinds of siding.

Gutter And Downspout Replacement:

Professionals from Aloha Construction can repair any type of gutter or downspout. Their gutters effectively ensure that the water gets off of your roof and a distance away from your house.

Door And Window Replacement:

Aloha Construction has worked on windows and doors that are made by every major manufacturer. They also have replaced doors and windows that are made out of both wood and vinyl.

Does The Company Offer Financing?

Not only do they offer financing, but their financing is backed by one of the best financial institutions in the area. Their financing plans are offered by Synchrony Financial, and this company has been offering financing for more than 80 years. People who have gotten financing from the company have given them excellent reviews.

Contact Info For Aloha Construction:

You can give Aloha Construction a call at (847) 540-7711 or (309) 573-5806. You can also send them an email at