Lovaganza recently announced is is planning for the ultimate celebration starting in May of 2020 and running through September of 2020. The Lovaganza celebrations will take place in 8 different locations around the world including America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania all sharing the theme of “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.”

While this extravagant party was originally slated to take place in 2015, the organizers of the event felt it was better to wait in order to take advantage of new technology that was on the horizon. It is believed the party will end with a cutting edge ceremony of Lovaganza called “Hands around the world“.

Lovaganza will start in 2017 with a road show called Traveling Show. This show will include an opportunity for people to experience the glasses free 3D technology that Lovaganza has developed to help showcase cultures around the world. In addition,the roadshow will end with the release of the Lovaganza trilogy. These pictures will be available for viewing in the traveling movie pavilions on Immerscope screens which give viewers an experience like no other they have seen before. The Lovaganza movie has begun filming in the United States and Europe and will begin production again in Africa and India shortly. In addition as part of the roadshow, people will be able to experience a “Walk Around the World” where the audiences will be able to walk around different countries and continents using the world’s most cutting edge entertainment technology.

Lovaganzas mission is to use technology to bring different cultures together to help realize our similarities as will as what makes our cultures differ. The main show is called the “Extravaganza of Love” which includes acrobats, dancers and musicians who have come together to showcase the many cultures around the world. This show on Instagram also feature a wrap around screen which the audience will view some of the world most beautiful scenery. Technology is not the only aspect of the Lovaganza experience, but rather they want you to open your eyes to a way of life. To remind people the importance of learning about new cultures and reminding ourselves we are part of a large world and must work to understand and respect different cultures and ways of life.

The Lovaganza organization operates under two different structures. The first entity is the for profit entity, Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise, which uses entertainment technology to help bring different cultures around the world together. The second entity is the not for profit entity called the Lovaganza Foundation and its mission is to use the entertainment franchise to help promote positive impact programs around the world.

2020 will surely be an exciting year for people all over the world who are ready to try new experiences and celebrate differences in cultures.