Wengie offers several hacks that you can use with rubber bands. It might not seem like the rubber band would have much use in life, but it’s ideal for keeping papers together or any other simple task that you do at home.


When you’re using chopsticks, slip a rubber band around one end so that they stay together while you’re eating. This is an idea to try if you’ve never used them before or if you simply aren’t sure how to use them to begin with. Another way to use rubber bands is with glasses that tend to fall off the face. Add rubber bands to the end of the glasses so that they stay in place behind the ears.


If you’re painting, then attach a rubber band across the can to wipe off the paint from the brush. This will keep the paint from getting everywhere instead of using a roller or the side of the can. When you watch a sad movie, you might find that you cry with the events that take place. Attach and empty tissue holder beside one that is full so that you have a trash can for the tissues that you have used instead of tossing them on the ouch. While you’re drinking, you can wrap a rubber band around the neck of the bottle and a straw. This helps to keep the straw in one place instead of losing it in the bottle like you might do if you’re distracted or don’t want to drink something all the time.