Jaime Garcia Dias is the most important author in the history of Brazil and his CrunchBase shows that pretty clearly, and he massive output over such a short career speaks to his brilliance. Jaime is an educator who has worked with some of the best young writers in the country, and his school helps to educate a new generation that will join Brazil’s growing middle class. This article explores the educational importance of Jaime Garcia Dias and his YouTube Channel, his school and how his literature has changed Brazil.

#1: His Early Career

The early career of Jaime Garcia Dias features the rise of the next big name in Brazilian literature, and his books come out frequently to great praise. His first book was an award winner, and he immediately shot onto the literary scene as someone to watch. Brazil embraced Jaime as their own, and his books sales even soared in Europe because of his fame in South America.

#2: His Choice To Go Into Education

The Carioca Literature Academy is the school that Jaime runs as a gift that he gives back to the Brazilian people. The academy educates students in the art of writing which has been lost to the ages in much of Brazil. Education is a serious problem in Brazil, but Jaime’s school routinely puts out the best students in South America, and those students go on to become writers in their own right. Jaime’s commitment to education is a hallmark of his generosity, and he will continue to lead the Carioca Literature Academy for as long as he possibly can.

#3: New Books

Jaime may be working at a school during the day, but he has managed to publish several new books since he took his teaching post. Jaime feels a responsibility to the fans he has around the world, and he writes books as often as he can. Jaime tries to publish one book every year, and his output is something that other authors in Brazil should aspire to.

The influence of Jaime Garcia Dias can be felt throughout the literary circles of the nation of Brazil, as well as on international level. Jaime will be placed on a new pedestal when the Olympics come to Brazil, and he will have an entirely new audience that will be able to enjoy his books. Translating his books into other languages is a priority for the nation, and Jaime Garcia Dias can show the rest of the world what a literary education can do.