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Dr. Rod Rohrich – A Busy Inventor and Surgical Leader

Rodney J. Rohrich, M.D., FACS is a renowned surgeon, researcher, and scientist. It is with these skill sets that Dr. Rohrich developed a patent for an innovative breast implant. He believes in researching new forms of advanced technology that will help physicians in the surgical industry, especially in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich specializes in cosmetic surgery, body contouring, lipoplasty, endoscopy, and Rhinoplasty. Rod Rohrich, M.D., is well-respected in the medical industry and is often called upon by his peers and medical conferences worldwide to lecture, to discuss his procedures, and to chair many prestigious medical events.Rodney J. Rohrich attended the North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota, graduating with top honors, including having achieved an undergraduate and post-graduate degree.

Dr. Rohrich received his medical degree from Baylor University College of Medicine. He further attained his general and plastic surgery training as a resident at The University of Michigan Medical Center. It was Dr. Rohrich’s desire to learn more about pediatric surgery, therefore he went to England and studied at the great Oxford University. Dr. Rod is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,’ while also publishing many teaching curriculums. Dr. Rohrich will be moderating and will be a leading lecturer at the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami, Florida. The Baker Gordon Symposium is an educational event consisting of surgeons in varied fields coming together to discuss the latest cosmetic surgery technologies and attendees will be a part of live surgical sessions and demonstrations.

The Symposium will be held from February 8, 2018 to February 10, 2018. The Baker Gordon Educational Symposium is the largest national and international event held in the U.S. Dr. Rodney Rohrich will also be chairing the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine Meeting from February 28, 2018 to March 1, 2018. Respectively, he will also be in attendance at the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting to be held from March 2, 2018 to March 3, 2018. The Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine event will feature lecturers and speakers to discuss many cosmetic surgery techniques, including a topic on social marketing and its principal importance within the industry. The Rhinoplasty Meeting is chaired by Dr. Rohrich and will feature leaders in the Rhinoplasty industry. The amazing event at this meeting will be a fresh cadaver lab set-up to highlight Rhinoplasty artistry.

Ronald Fowlkes: Setting The Standards For Men At War

No job is considered comfortable and lights most especially if the job consists of hard turns and tough sacrifices, most especially if your life is involved in these sacrifices. An example of this kind of situation is the military men fighting for a particular country and protecting it from those people who would like to ruin it. Ronald Fowlkes knows exactly the feeling and the experience of being in the military and serving the country.




He started serving his country, United States in the year 1989 and lasted till 1993. He was part of the Marine Corps in this time span. During his tenure, he was said to be promoted not just once but twice, is told that he must be that good. We were also told to be part of the First Gulf War. He also attended several pieces of training to increase his knowledge during combat times. The preparations he attended include the one sponsored by the Marine Corps School of Infantry. The practice was about how to dwell during times of combat in the Marines. He also attended a primary course of the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company or known as the ANGLICO. In this class, he learned the basics of how to investigate and how to use firearms and other explosive devices for the air force and naval use.




 Ronald Fowlkes also became a mentor on how to use a rifle responsibly and how to strategically use warfare in times of combat. During his stay with the United States Army, he was also in charge of unexpected attacks outside the barricades, investigations on some instances, and if needed, he is the one heading the investigations of gang wars, illegal trafficking of dangerous and illicit substances in neighborhoods where violence is typical in a day to day basis due to lack of supervision by the authorities.

Included in his credentials, Ronald Fowlkes was also employed under the Department of Defense as a contractor who is in partnership with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization or also known as the JIEDDO. During this time, he was sent to Iraq to defend and protect the United States. His main tasks were to be in charge of the operations with regards to tactical and strategic gunfire operations. He is also in charge of the further investigation and questioning of people who are detained and are captured during the combats and attacks.




At present, Ronald Fowlkes is employed as the manager in Eagle Industries Unlimited. He takes care and is responsible for the development of business process and is responsible for the strategic planning for an increase in the numbers of the sales in the said company and or organization.



Making Connections With Builders And Creating Rehabilitation

The secret world of Todd Lubar has been founded on the values he holds regarding relationships. This real estate professional directly relates his personal success to the success he’s had with people and personalities. The end result is a major transformation in the way business is done.

Todd believes that making ties is done with people.

The end result of this philosophy with Todd is grounded in the expansion that his company has undertaken. The process takes into account the understanding individuals can have with each other. These types of connections, if made, enable builders to fully understand the merits of their projects.

Not Just Who You Know But How And Why

The span of work accomplished by Todd Lubar is founded on the process his relationships occur within. It does a great deal for a business career when professionals make larger connections with people. What can do even more for professionals is when the process of their relationships is also based on making a major impact. Check out his website to know more.

Communication and understanding are large concepts to learn.

They enable human beings to connect in a way that allows our highest potentials of understanding. Doing a business deal right requires a lot to first be envisioned. The next step is to hold to that vision. This is best done when professionals have also reached a deep level of understanding regarding their business associates and partners. For more details visit Ideamensch to see more.

The Impact Is Your Biggest Asset

The process of success for Todd Lubar helps us to realize that there’s a huge asset to gain when making a real impact. The implication is that the connections a professional like Todd Lubar can make is clear proof that his network is part of his success in real estate. The difference Mr. Lubar makes is founded in his personal impact.

The developments of this real estate professional are clear examples of how much a personal impact can make. All it takes is a real estate passion that works off of more than one network. The expansion of any network is based on a business concept of compounded returns. The returns of Todd are also clear in the long-term revenue he generates.

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Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings UK provides strategic and lending solutions for individuals or companies to obtain the capital that they need. Since 2002, the global leader has provided stock-based, margin loans, and shareholders the opportunity to obtain capital. It is rated number one, as a global leader, who offer the best financial solutions.


Equities First Holding UK continues to lead the innovative way to obtain equity for those who want to expand their business or are facing an economic crisis. It’s a company that offer loans, if you qualify to obtain the funds you desire. A company where borrowers find the financial solutions they are requesting.

Eric Lefkofsky Visualizes Efficient Cancer Treatments through the Tech Platform of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, is revolutionizing cancer treatments through his tech venture. Under his leadership, Tempus is developing the largest online library in the world that contains both clinical and molecular data of cancer patients. The firm also developed an operating system and making the data available to physicians around the world. Tempus works on a mechanism that uses transcriptomic and genomic sequencing clubbed with the advancement of machine learning to help the physicians to understand the nature of the tumor of a patient better. It should also be noted that the clinical and molecular data are useful for doctors to offer personalized treatment options and read full article.


The firm also provides reporting services that include a detailed report about the patient with highlighted and actionable items included its results for helping the physicians to take decisions on treatment plans. Finally, Tempus also offers validation services that include collaborating with researchers and develop cell-culture technology and automation for enabling screening options for therapies that are administered on animal and synthetic models. The technology solutions that target cancer treatment has become highly popular in the recent years considering it was the first major attempt to map the genome sequencing of cancer patients to drive better results in treatments and learn more about Eric.


Eric Lefkofsky has made the firm collaborating with various research institutes around the world in various aspects of cancer treatment. In the last week of August, Tempus made a partnership with Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center – University of California, to conduct research in precision medicine for advancing in Next Generation Sequencing and clinical care. Lefkofsky is also involved in many philanthropic activities that are focusing community support services. He founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2016 along with his wife Liz, and it offers high-impact programs, research, and initiatives to improve the quality of human life. Its focus areas include education, human rights, medical research, and cultural initiatives.


Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of a number of firms including Echo Global Logistics, Groupon, InnerWorkings, Uptake, Mediaocean, and Lightbank. He completed his graduation from the University of Michigan and earned his J.D. from the University of Michigan, before starting his business ventures.

An Insight into Anthony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello, the renowned chief executive officer of Nabors Industries Ltd, has gained popularity in the United States for his unremarkable achievements and the success of the company. Founded in 1968, the former Anglo Energy firm has cemented its reputation in the world for being one of the largest geothermal and gas drilling service provider. Through the hand of Anthony, the company has extended their footprints to launching new branches for instance in the Africa, Middle and Far East of America. As such, Petrello has paved a record as one of the top paid CEOs in the United States and read full article.


Anthony Petrello Acquires Extra Roles

Having joined the Nabors Industries in 1991, he was then elected as the president of the firm in 1992. Due to his great works, Anthony was promoted to be the Deputy Chairman of the company in 2003 until the year 2012. Besides, he has also held other significant positions in the same business such as the Nabors Industries’ Board Chairman and the Stewart and Stevenson, LLC’s Director and Anthnoy’s lacrosse camp.


Currently, he is the Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital. He possesses a great passion for children with disorders serving as a clinical and research programs advocate addressing all the needs of neurological disorderly kids and Anthony on Facebook.


Anthony Petrello’s Background

Born in Newark, the Italian neighborhood of New Jersey and the strong ethical community, Anthony was able to uphold high integrity and a great interest of success. As a reward to his valuable success dreams, his parents struggled through thick and thin to ensure that he gets educated. Hence, he managed to attain a Bachelors Law degree from the University of Havard and a BS as well as MS Mathematics degrees from the Yale University and learn more about Anthony.


Additionally, Petrello plays a great role in offering philanthropic works. For instance, together with his wife Cynthia, Anthony Petrello donates million dollars to the community for charity works every year. They are recognized for their research in neurological disorders after their daughter’s Carena diagnosis with brain palsy. With this, the couple has dedicated a fraction of their salary to the Jan and Dan Duncan Institute of Neurological Research in Texas.

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Jim Tananbaum Is A Healthcare Entrepreneur

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital. He is serving as the CEO there. He believes that healthcare innovation requires more time along with innovation as well as capital. But he also maintains that it provides long-term value and a strong impact.

Jim Tananbaum had founded Foresite Capital in 2011. This is private equity firm. It is dedicated to healthcare. It identifies the healthcare leaders who are emerging. Now it helps these to become successful. This is by supplying them with resources that include capital, along with networks, as well as proper information.

According to Market Wired, he is not new to this field. Even earlier he had co-founded biopharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare practices. These included GelTex Pharmaceuticals which was acquired for $1.6 billion in 1998. At that time its leading drug was Renagel. Its annual revenue was exceeding $200 million at that time. Today, Renzela provides annual revenue that exceeds $1 billion.

Next came Theravance, Inc. Jim Tananbaum co-founded Prospect Venture Partners II as well as III, along with Sierra Ventures. This is why Foresite Capital is able to combine all these elements of his career in order to create an investment platform that is truly novel and unique.

Jim Tananbaum studied at Yale. He is an electrical engineering and a computer science major. He did his M.D. as well as M.B.A. from Harvard. Then he moved on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to do his M.S. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

From an early age, he was keen to marry the interdisciplinary hard sciences along with computer science as well as healthcare. In order to do so, he has also had several productive collaborations with different academicians. These include George Whitesides from Harvard and Rick Klausner from NCI. Others include Roy Vagelos from Merck and Theravance besides Bob Gunderson from Gunderson Detmer and Rick Levin from Yale. All of them have been his mentors. Jim is quite passionate about this evolution where he can work across varying fields along with leading academicians. He believes that this is the way to enter a period that promises growth and change that is possible by developing insights in science.

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David McDonald: Taking OSI Group To New Heights As The President Of The Company

David McDonald is one of the main people responsible for the growth that OSI Group has seen recently. The company is known for being one of the largest providers of processed meats in the country.

OSI Group is currently a Fortune 500 company and is the primary supplier to McDonald’s when it comes to the meats that they use in their burgers.

Today, OSI Group is not just operational in America but other countries in the world like China. Slowly, the company is learning to expand their international reach even further to be one of the biggest companies of its kind in the entire world. David McDonald is working to make that dream for the company a reality and is working to bring reforms in the way things function at OSI Group.

OSI Group was first founded in 1909 and today has grown beyond what anyone imagined for the company. The company made a big leap in the industry when they attained monopoly over the meat supplying to all the McDonald’s outlets in the country. Today, it is not only America that the company is limited to since their meat travels to restaurants around the world.

One of the first places that David McDonald OSI Group has tried to reform in the company is the manufacturing methods. He is trying his best to implement better technology for the production units so that they can put out a better quality of meat and also be more environmentally friendly. High standards are something that OSI Group has always stood by, and by doing this, David McDonald is keeping up those ideals find.

David McDonald has an incredible amount of experience when it comes to the field of meat processing. He is someone who loves good food, which is why he has been functioning so well as their CEO. David McDonald also has incredible leadership skills, which is something that has enabled him to lead the company efficiently. With development being one of the primary goals that he focuses on, the company is on its path to becoming a significant international giant in the processed meat industry.


Timothy Armour Shares his Professional View on Active Investing

Warren Buffett had made a $1 million better with a number of hedge fund managers that he could beat them all over a long period by putting his $1 million into a passive fund that followed the companies that make up the S&P 500. With the end of the contest in sight, it’s pretty clear that Buffett is going to win his bet and more information click here.


Financial industry expert Timothy Armour fully agrees with Buffett that way too many actively managed funds have too high of fees and mediocre returns. However, he doesn’t agree that well managed active funds can’t do better than a passive one, rather the investor needs to do more research to find the good one. Timothy Armour says that there are active funds that feature low fees and market-beating returns and more information click here.


As to how to find a great active fund to invest in, Timothy Armour advises finding ones that the fund manager is confident enough in to put their own money into it. These funds have managers who can consistently beat their peers in the industry and are well worth seeking out. This is especially the case when markets enter bear territory as a good manager can mitigate losses during these times while a passive S&P 500 fund will collapse in value with the rest of the stock market and learn more about Timothy.


Timothy Armour has over 30 years of financial market experience. He is the Chairman of the Board of Capital Group of Companies, Inc., a financial services firm located in Los Angeles, California. Armour is also an Equity Portfolio Manager and still manages a number of active funds. He first joined Capital Group in 1983 and quickly advanced to a position as an Equity Investment Analyst. During the time he was in this position he specialized in service companies located in the United States as well as in telecommunications companies located around the world.


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The Achievements of Boraie and his Company

Boraie Development LLC refers to a non-governmental firm whose base is in Brunswick NJ. The headquarters of the same are also located within the same coverage. The company has both the erections as well as the warehouses whose establishment was done in the year 1986 and integrated with New Jersey. The company at the moment attracts revenue close to ten million dollars under the support of thirty-five members of staff.

Omar Boraie is prominent for being the personnel behind the setup of the Boraie firm. It is for this reason that the company is named after him. He reason behind success is the fact that he is quite visionary. He has been part of the New Brunswick company leadership for forty years. Recently, he is an investor on The Aspire brand that aspires to be in possession of prestigious residential houses. The expectation is that he is going to attain it soon. This is attributed to the fact that he has been in possession of the vision for quite a while.

According to NY Times, the imagination of establishing such residential households seemed beyond reach. The intention of Omar was to build the New Brunswick in Europe with the similar concept. This was attributed to his earlier observation of the European designs at the period when he was still a researcher at the region. On achieving his dream, he was thankful to his devotees for having stood with him to facilitate the achievement of a new philosophy, auditoria, hotels as well as homes.

He has reconstructed and restructured urban capitals. On arrival home as a scholar from Europe, he made up his mind to rebuild New Brunswick as a lot of persons were exiting the city. Omar came set up high rise place of work as well as condos finalizing the Albany Street Plaza Tower between the 1980s and the 1990s. Upon completion, people came entered with professionals. Employment opportunities emerged as a result of new ventures.

The New Brunswick is transformed and presently well-known courtesy of the individuals residing in the region. The firm created new structures of rental rooms complying to the regional status of living in consideration of the occupants of the area. The finest apartment in the region of New Brunswick is the Aspire. It is made up of impressive studio apartments whose rent rates are within the capability of the pockets of the potential customers.

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