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End Citizens United Noble Plans To Prevent Dangerous Foreign Influence On Elections

It is common knowledge that a Russian company influenced the 2016 presidential election through the purchase of political ads on Facebook. However, that $100,000 campaign is just the tip of the iceberg. The main issues lie in our legal system and the loop holes that allow foreign donors to influence elections through bribes and massive donations.

Effect of Foreign donations

Money corrupts politics. Political campaigns require financial resources and it is not possible to make it past a primary without sufficient financial backing. However, political funding tends to influence politics and how a government rules. This is because donors expect a return on their investments for funding a political campaign.

Whereas there is no problem with receiving donations or funds, the fact that there are no limits to political campaign contributions makes the organizations or individuals with the most money bribe and influence politicians. After winning the elections, these politicians then concentrate on fulfilling the demands of their investors.

This compromises the security, economy, and development of the country and its people. More dangerously, it means that only the few extremely wealthy individuals who may not even be United States’ citizens have a say in the political and governing process. The influence of money also compromises the people’s democracy.


Already it has been established that the 2016 elections were influenced by Russians. Russians conducted an illegal $100,000 digital campaign that targeted Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. These ads ran for about two years. A supposed American by the name Melvin Redick of Pennsylvania posted a link for a website on Facebook and wrote, “These guys show hidden truth about Hillary Clinton, George Soros and other leaders of the US.” He also posted other links to discredit Hillary Clinton. However, the Pennsylvania records were investigated, there was no Melvin Redick and the photo of him happened to be that of an innocent Brazilian.

End Citizens United’s Efforts

End Citizen United is dedicated to establish campaign finance reform. Their ultimate goal is to succeed in passing a constitutional amendment that disqualifies the 2010 court ruling that lead to loop holes in the law, which allow dark money and foreign influence on politics.

ECU purposes to achieve this through getting funds from grass-root donors that will allow them to fight back against billionaires and corporations that try to buy and influence our elections. ECU received $4 million at the first quarter of 2017 and its Executive Director predicts that this group will have acquired $35 million before the midterm elections in 2018. Currently, End Citizens United has endorsed Randy Bryce for Congress. ECU has a great social media presence with many followers on Twitter and Facebook.

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