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Canine Health

How Dogs Benefit from Beneful

The Beneful Dog Food brand has been a leader in the pet food industry for many years. They have established a name for themselves through the many products they make. The Beneful Dog Food brand specializes in three different categories of dog food. They make a classic dry dog food but have also developed many wet dog food alternatives depending on a dog’s preference as well as any special needs. Finally, Beneful makes a lot of different treats for dogs to enjoy and owners too!
One of Beneful’s most popular products is the Dry Dog Food Original, which features different variations with real beef, real chicken, and even real salmon. All variations come with nutrients that are rich in antioxidants for a dog’s overall health and nutrition. The product is sold on in bags ranging from 3.5 lb to 44 lb bags to cater to any size need. These Beneful Dry Food Originals get an average user rating of over 90% with around 4.5 starts.

Another type of dry dog food that Beneful manufactures focuses more on the weight of the dog by helping maintain an ideal body weight by keeping an eye on the calories. This Beneful product is called Healthy Weight and is available with real chicken. Like all Beneful Dry Food Products, this comes in a varying size to meet all needs.

In addition to their classic dry dog food products, Beneful also has wet dog food ( alternatives. These products come in two choices: incredibites and chopped blends. Just the same as the dry dog food, the incredibites contain either bits of real beef, chicken or salmon. There are supplemental flavors as well with tomatoes carrots and more. The incredibites options also contain wild rice.

More than just dog food, Beneful is also known for their tasty dog treats. One of their popular dog treats ( is called Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. This treat comes in packages of small, medium and large. These dental ridge treats are designed to penetrate in between a dog’s teeth when being chewed. They are specialized in dental health as another way to increase a dog’s health and longevity.

A growing movement towards health in the dog food industry

Purina is one of the leading innovators in the growing pet food industry. They have been making gourmet style pet foods which combine only the best ingredients such as quality meats and nutrient dense vegetables to give your pet the best possible dietary foundation. This growing segment of the pet food industry has a staggering annual turnover of $23.7 billion dollars which is by no means small. Simple single ingredient foods are really a fad of the past as companies like Freshpet Inc are making foods for any possible scenario. From dental care to weight loss and anything in between. Organic grain free foods are now replacing the old. They use only the best possible ingredients and processing methods to make some of the latest pet foods.

The Beneful line by Purinastore who is one of the top producers in the pet food industry is currently making some of these gourmet foods for your pet. They utilize fresh foods like meat and vegetables to combine in their foods. This gives high vitamin content foods which will allow your pet to thrive. Users often say their pets coat and energy improve greatly when using Beneful pet foods. Beneful provides the market with wet, dry and treat foods which all come in a great number of varieties. These pet foods have different shapes, sizes and flavors to allow the customer to choose the exact food their dog likes.

There are flavors like beef, salmon or chicken which the customer can further combine with a choice of vegetables and rice. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach, barely peas, peas, tomatoes and carrots. All packed with quality vitamins and phytonutrients to give your dog a stable foundation when it comes to dietary needs. There are a total 20 wet varieties, 8 dry varieties and 11 dog treat varieties. Which give the customer an abundance of choice. Dog treats have been a favorite for dog lovers for decades and Beneful do not disappoint with the many different tastes, shapes and sizes they offer.