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How To Stay On Top Of One’s Own Reputation

There is a lot that a business owner has to do in order to run a business. For one thing, he has to stay on top of what is selling so that he can continue to bring in the products that are profitable. Another thing that the business owner has to do is make sure that he is dealing with the concerns that customers have. This is so that he can keep all of the misunderstandings to a minimum. However, there is one aspect of business that is very important beyond what people realize. This is the management of online reputation.

One of the reasons that online reputation management is important is that it is what people go by when they decide whether or not they want to do business with a company. The only issue is that people are going to have to track every mention of the company in order to be on top of online reputation. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible with successful businesses. They have tons of customers and there will be tons of mentions. However, there are tools that people could use in order to track every mention of the brand. Then people will be able to know every mention and respond accordingly.

One of the most important things for people to do is to influence the customer on whether or not they are going to buy the product. This is especially important for businesses that have a lot of negative reviews. There is going to be some hesitation on the part of the customer. This is why it is important to make sure that all of the negative reviews are addressed and taken care of in an appropriate manner. It is also important to have some good reviews from customers as well so that others will feel comfortable with using the service.


We All Deserve a Second Chance

Three years and thousands of clients later, Status Labs, an online reputation management and public relations company suffered a major setback and had a going concern of their own to handle.
Status Labs now had to repair their own image in front of the whole country. Starting from Austin, they decided to write an open letter to the residents of the city, apologizing for the actions of their former CEO, pledging to give more to the community and standing by their company President Darius Fisher, who the company believed was unaware of the extreme actions of Jordon. This helped in curbing the anger of the general public. The company then decided to act upon their pledge and started volunteering at local NGOs and charities such Dress for Success, Charitas, Urban Root and Capital Food Bank of Texas.
The negative image of the company in the press and social media took its toll on many of their valued employees, who ended up leaving the company so it was time that Status Labs started taking extra care of its employees. Therefore, the company introduced stock option plans for its workers, organized Friday lunches, allowed its employees to bring their pets to work and planned team outings. All this assisted the company in winning back the confidence of its employees and boosting their morale.
Status Labs now proudly covers over 1500 clients from different walks of life and has offices in over 35 locations. It is one of FORTUNE’s 500 brand and constantly growing in becoming the leading online crisis management, online marketing and image repairing company.
Status Labs identifies the problem of the clients and then acts upon serving them. Their only aim is to assist people or companies in getting out of an online mess, whether it’s giving them a second chance or removing unwanted information posted by someone else, Status Labs only wants people and organizations to live and work peacefully.

White Shark Media, Providing Effective Communication is Critically Important

White Shark Media is a search-marketing agency that features offices in Denmark, Central America, and United state. The company specializes in offering Bing Ads and Ad Words management and optimization for small and mid-sized business.

Throughout the years, the company has set a reputation for reliability. According to customer reviews, Weather it is a small business of jewels or T-shirt White Shark Media Complaints will give your business a boost it needs and worth every penny. Working with an experienced team from the company, they will help you revise and update your online marketing campaigns.

In an effort to improve customer services, the company management team appreciates the fact that it takes some time to build up a company from scratch. According to an article, the company has undertaken different processes to deal with some common customers’ complaints.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees
White Shark Media Reviews

There have been complaints that the clients have lost touch with their ad word campaigns, this was mainly due to reporting procedures that were not adequate to let customers White Media Shark Review reports and know what is going on. To resolve the issue, the company has made sure that all clients are aware of their campaigns before it starts by thoroughly explaining the ins and outs of the campaigns. Moreover, clients are shown where to go if they want to see the performance of a particular ad or keyword.

In White Shark Media Review, providing meaningful results and effective communication are the most important tasks. However, in early days, some client felt that the company communication was not good enough because as getting hold of their contact person was difficult and they needed to go through the receptionist. To resolve the problem, the company schedule monthly status call where the client and SEM strategist review results of the campaigns from the last 30 days and review other reports that are sent out in advance of the meeting.

The meeting takes place on GoToMeeting, which is an online conference tool. It allows client and SEM strategist to share the screen as they go through the report. This solution has been proven highly effective and has been praised by many customers who use the platform. In addition, the company has implemented phone system with direct extension. Thus, clients can call contact person directly. Upon signing up, clients get an email with contact information that includes contact person’s supervisor. This has been a significant relief to many clients who know enjoys seamless communication even while their contact person is out of office.

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Talk Fusion – The Reason You Can Embed Video in Emails Today

Many of us have shared a video via email but not many of us have ever thought about who made this possible. In 2007, Bob Reina wanted to insert a video into an email that he was sending to friends. He was unfortunately told by the infamous America Online that it was impossible with the current technology. Bob worked with an IT Savvy friend and perfected the technique and technology behind embedding videos into emails. It was then that Bob founded the company known as Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion knows that videos within email marketing campaigns can provide more significant positive effects than plain text emails. Based on this information Talk Fusion has developed into a video marketing solution that is helping many businesses succeed every day. You can read more here about how Talk Fusion came to be as well as the study that was conducted by the Relevancy Group that provided us with the statistics surrounding video marketing stated above. Talk Fusion is much more than just the company and people behind the ability to embed videos in emails today. Talk Fusion is an all-in-one solution for video marketing needs. They currently offer video email Services, video newsletter services, sign up forms, live meeting platforms as well as video chat services. Their database includes over 1,000 ready-to-use templates for businesses and organizations in a multitude of industries and for a number of different occasions. Talk Fusion also allows their clients to customize their own templates once they are comfortable working on the platform. They are also a proud member of the Direct Selling Association and strictly adheres to the DSA code of ethics. Talk Fusion believes that it is their business to help you grow your business. If you are looking for video marketing solutions for your business or organization, look no further than Talk Fusion.

Darius Fisher and His Tips for Keeping Employees Happy

Employee turnover can be a large problem with businesses because it is expensive. The turnover rate will never be able to be completely avoidable but Darius Fisher has come up with some ways to keep it from happening by keeping employees satisfied. Incentivized goals is one way to keep a team happy. Businesses can figure out their budget to create great incentives for their employees. Another way to keep employees satisfied with their jobs is by continuously acknowledging their accomplishments. Employees enjoy having their work recognized, and by giving them praise they will be more likely to keep working. Another way to keep the turnover rate from being high in a business, is to always let employees know what is going on. Employees don’t like to feel left out or not know what’s going on. The last tip that Fisher has is to give raises when they are due. Employees who have stayed with a company for a long period of time and have done excellent work, deserve to get a raise. Raises can keep the team happy and wanting to stay.

Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert at Status Labs. His career has him giving second chances to executives, public figures, and politicians. He helps to repair his clients’ presence on anything digital such as social media platforms and articles. Fisher helps his clients by changing Google search results for them, as well as fixing their websites and social media profiles. Fisher believes that the first Google page results has now become a first impression. Status Labs helps over 1,500 clients in more than 35 countries.

Fisher uses his skills to help a variety of people that includes the general public. If one of Fisher’s clients goes through something negative that is showed in media, it is his job to make it look better. He does this by putting focus on the clients accomplishments and professional achievements. He showcases the positives through the client’s personal websites and social media profiles. By doing all this work, he is able to give his clients good Google searches. It’s obvious that Darius Fisher has accomplished a lot and has helped many people. There’s no doubt that he will continue to present great work.