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Dog Food Innovation

Beneful: Keeping it Real

Beneful, by Purina, stands out in the pet food industry for its dedication to including real meats as the primary ingredient in crafting their cuisines. Jessica, the proud owner of a Collie named Riley, explains how his Beneful Healthy Weight blend is made with real chicken as the main ingredient. It is a great source of protein for Riley, which gives him the energy to act like a puppy. The grains, vegetables, and meat, according to Jessica, make it sound like a meal she would make for herself. “It’s a big bag,” Riley mumbled back between mouthfuls, “just have some of mine”.

Einstein the Corgi is very active, according to his owner, Becky. In his Beneful Originals recipe, beef takes the number one spot on the ingredients list, which sustains his energetic personality. Einstein has a professional side, as well; he remembered to put on his tie before the shoot.

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Saving For Your Pet – The Beneful Way

In this day and age, everyone is looking to save a little bit of money, weather it be by cutting out the unnecessary expenses, shopping at discount stores, or clipping coupons. When it comes to your furry friends food, you should not cut corners on getting them the best food to fit their lifestyle. Purina Beneful, has many different dry dog food and wet dog food that cater to your dogs needs, and luckily for you, there are typically coupons to help you save.

Where might these coupons be found? On Beneful’s website,, you can sign up for their coupon club and coupons will be sent to your email. Walmart and Target have a coupon for $3 off a bag of Beneful food. These stores allow their coupon to be combined with other coupons that you have. There are additional websites that offer coupons for Beneful including:,, and All of these coupons are valid through June, 2017. The trick to getting the best value out of your coupons is to print multiple coupons and combine them with other coupons. Also, purchase smaller bags of wet dog food to use your coupons more frequently.

Another good place to find Beneful coupons, is in pet store’s circulars. Right now, Petco has Beneful on sale up to 10% off and free shipping on Fridays. Pair this deal with a coupon from the websites listed above, and you can save a decent chunk of change.

So next time you are running low on dog food, keep these tips in mind so you do not over spend on your dogs Beneful dog food.

My Dog Only Eats Beneful Premium Dog Food

Until I found this article from the Daily Herald, I never knew the difference between the cheap foods at the pet store and the real foods that are made by premium brands. I thought it was some kind of marketing ploy, but the article really put it in perspective for me. I found a lot of reliable information in that article that pointed to the fact that premium brands of dog food are made in a way that is safer and healthier for dogs, so if you care about the health of your dog, then you should buy the better kinds of food that are out there on the shelves. I feel like I’m doing my dog a service by providing her with the best food I can find on Facebook.
Find A Premium Brand Of Dog Food
That You Trust Part of the job of being a loving and caring pet owner is to provide the best foods for your pet, so I recommend doing your research on what you dog needs in its diet. My dog loves the Beneful Chopped Blends that we decided to buy. We buy them because they are made with high quality ingredients that we trust. Chopped Blends is a hearty recipe of real ingredients, like real pieces of chicken and real vegetables. There are other ones that have real pieces of salmon or beef. It looks great, and it smells like something that you should be feeding your dog. My dog won’t even get near the cheap dog food anymore. I tried to feed it to her again when we ran out of Chopped Blends. She wouldn’t even try that stuff. I had to run out to the store to get her some of Beneful Chopped Blends. It’s what she deserves to eat. Every dog deserves a food that is tasty and made with real ingredients, like the premium food that comes from Purina Beneful. I suggest that you share this information with any other pet owner that you know. Here’s the url for that article that I found from the Daily Herald.