You would be hard-pressed to find another character like Ara Chackerian. He is an angel investor, a co-founder of TMS Health solutions — a company that works with transcranial magnetic stimulation to assist those with drug and treatment-resistant depression — and a dedicated environmental specialist with roots in forestry and reforestation. If that portfolio alone doesn’t introduce Ara as a man of means, then his work with the forests directly should at least introduce him as a man who is passionate about forestry.




Ara Chackerian isn’t blind to the necessity of the forest’s resources. In fact, he works adamantly to supply companies with information and the resources to extract those resources in a manageable and efficient manner. Ara understands the complexity and diversity of forest wildlife populations and ecosystems. No two forests are alike. Commercialization of logging isn’t an issue to Ara, he sees it as potential. Ara believes that with guidance and sustainable techniques, forestry can not only collect much-needed resources from nature but help bolster nature’s population.


Ara Chackerian is adamant that forestry needs a public dialog. Modern advancements in practices such as logging give forestry the unique capability of sustaining the forest while also reaping its rewards. Ara uses science to manage the complexities of wildlife. From reducing the spread of infectious diseases among the wildlife population to wildfire reduction efforts, Ara is committed to keeping our forests around for as long as possible. Ara works with private firms and companies as an advisor and forestry expert on the side. Check out to see more.



His main line of work is still health care. Ara Chackerian is responsible for some of the most innovative and progressive healthcare companies in the world. His passion lies in tech-related healthcare solutions, but that doesn’t mean that his investing stops here. As an angel investor, he is usually not only responsible for supplying funds to start-up companies, he often sits on the boards and helps them with money management, growth tactics, and helps them transgression into a functioning fully birthed company. You can visit his page.



Functioning on so many levels, Ara is a man that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His work with companies and med-tech startups help define his professional life. His passion for the forest helps define him as an individual. Wealth can help fund passions. Ara’s passion isn’t collecting cars or houses, it’s helping our forest stay green and filled with wildlife.


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