Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me campaign in order to help homeless animals in New York City. This is something that is especially urgent since winter is a dangerous time of year for homeless animals in New York. When temperatures drop below zero, the bitter cold weather can cause stray animals to die. The money that is raised in the Go Fund Me account will go a long way in helping to take care of this problem.

The donated money will be used for a variety of reasons. First, it will be used to help pay for medical care. Many animals that are brought to shelters are sick and need vaccinations. Second, the money will be used to purchase necessary items like food and blankets for the strays. The number of distressed animals is continuing to increase, but funds that are available to take care of them are limited. Also, there is simply not enough space for all of the animals that need help. This campaign that was launched by Ross Abelow will go a long way in relieving the suffering of many vulnerable strays in New York City.
Ross Abelow is trying to work closer with the community. He has made other efforts to help individuals in New York City. For more than 25 years, he has been working as a matrimonial and family lawyer, fighting for his clients to make sure they get the help they need when facing difficult family situations. Some of the other areas where he has worked include working on cases that involve entertainment law and commercial litigation. Many individuals in New York City and in other places have read his legal blogs. He posts legal and financial advice on his own personal blog as well as on other popular blog sites. Many fans follow him on his social media sites. At times, he will offer advice by means of Mashable and Facebook.

The donations that are given to the Go Fund Me campaign will go a long way in relieving the suffering of vulnerable animals. Ross Abelow hopes that he will be able to raise at least $5,000 in order to benefit the animals and shelters in New York City. Each donation made, no matter how small, will be used to prevent animal deaths and help to make more space for needy animals. If someone does not do something about the problem, these animals will be left on their own during the cold winter.