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Hair Care Products

Ladies, Waking Up With Good Hair Is Possible

Are you ready for a unique hair care experience? Let’s throw away the shampoo, and do a favor for our hair and scalp. Introducing WEN by Chaz Dean, a completely different line of hair care ranging from a cleansing conditioner to a nourishing mousse, a styling cream, and even an intensive hair treatment.

This full line of specially formulated hair care is made with all natural ingredients and botanicals that are healthy for your hair and don’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Beginning with the cleansing conditioner (notice they do not make shampoo) this 5-in-1 takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. What is truly amazing about WEN product is that it is designed for everyone, no matter what kind of hair texture you have. The secret is that it washes your hair without lather and harsh sulfates, leaving your hair luxuriously moisturized and shiny.

WEN was developed by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, who has worked with countless celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Lisa Edelstein, Ming-Na, Ben Foster, and Nicollette Sheridan over the years. Chaz Dean has developed a product we can all use at home, giving us all a taste of the celebrity treatment.

Start with the cleansing conditioner and work your way to the WEN Nourishing Mousse which features 2 simple ingredients: moisturizing botanical extracts and sweet almond oil. Next is the WEN Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, use it on your hair and it even gets stronger against heat and styling stress! If you’re looking for the ultimate treatment, use the WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment designed to moisturize, smooth, and soften your hair. Another unique quality to this line is the ingredients are few and include words that you can read with just a high school diploma. Get the celebrity treatment without being a celebrity and use WEN hair by Chaz Dean.

The Best Way To Condition Your Hair For Better Hair Health

Let’s face it, unless you were born with superior genetics then you’re going to have to do more for good hair health on EBay. Yes, even people the who posses great genetics still have to take good care of their lustrous locks or they’ll surely damage them. Case In Point: Conditioners are some of the best products for good hair health. Most are easy to use while leaving your scalp with a fresh clean scent. Don’t let the scent fool though because many of today’s top brands such as L’OrĂ©al, Herbal Essences, Aveda, and Pantene are loaded with chemical additives. These additives on will cause problems sooner or later, but why take the risk when there are much better alternatives? Being so powerful, these products can strip the scalp of it’s natural oils and moisture and when that happens, trouble is sure to follow. Source:

Products that are produced in nature is the way to go. Mother Nature has given us all of the right tools for the trade and there is one haircare product line that’s delivering the goods on a regular basis. WEN Hair by Chaz is the product line and it’s conditioners reign supreme as they:

Give You More Shine
Produce More Moisture
Heal Damaged or Dry Scalp Conditions

The great thing about (WEN) Conditioners is that they never lather up. Lathering may look cool, but it’s actually a chemical reaction of the sulfates and parabens in which WEN Conditioners lack. Fine ingredients on Twitter such as lavender, sweet almond oil, cucumber, rosemary extract, fig, wild cherry bark, and pomegranate extract does just what the doctor ordered. These conditioners are 21st Century in their course of action as you can leave them in while taking a shower, then easily rinse them out for a fresh clean scalp. WEN Hair’s 5-in-1 Conditioner is a fan favorite unlike the other competitors. This conditioner can replace your current deep conditioner and shampoo. The 5-in-1 Conditioner gives you more manageable hair because it moisturizes, deep cleans, and strengthens the hair from the follicles up. How about this, reports show that 100% of users experienced more moisture after use while 97% experienced added shine. WEN Hair Conditioners can be used by all hair types and textures which makes it one of the best universal conditioners on the market today. For overall better hair health, try using one of WEN by Chaz’s Conditioners which have been designed and developed by one of the leading hairstylists (Chaz Dean) in the world.

Let WEN Wash Away Your Bad Hair Days

How’s your relationship with your hair these days? We have all had a hair day so bad that we decided not to even leave the house. Searching high and low for solutions to our monster hair days gets tiring, and with the ever increasing use of technology-and laziness, it’s easier to have things delivered right to your door. While there have been some no-so-great reviews about the popular product,blogger Emily McClure decided to put QVC advertised WEN to the test, giving her readers a front row seat to her experience with the promising hair care system. McClure wanted to test Wen on her own and see what the all natural cleansing system could do for her. Over the course of seven days, McClure set out on the journey so many of us desire to start, the path to beautiful hair.

Starting on day one, after a long busy day of travel and work, McClure began her experiment by washing her tresses and praying for the best results. Although she noticed the instructions required her to use a significantly larger amount of the product than her normal cleansing system called for, she began scrubbing away. Almost immediately she noticed thicker fulling and looking hair, and over the course of her seven day experiment, she noticed the same desirable results. While results may vary for everyone, as we are all unique in our own way, it is safe to say that based on McClure’s detailed account of her journey with WEN, your hair may appreciate the experience.

Founder and mastermind behind the popular all natural hair cleansing system is Chaz Dean, well known celebrity hair stylist and former hair photographer. Dean discovered his passion for hair and hair care when he began his career as a hair photographer. With a desire to know more about the beautiful tresses and how to care for them, he began cosmetology courses and quickly landed a position at an upscale hair salon in California. After a few short years there, Dean began managing the high end salon himself. Though he enjoyed his success, and the opportunity to form relationships with several well known celebrities, he again found himself wanting to do more.

Armed with his knowledge and experience in hair care, Chaz Dean began thinking of a way to change the way hair care is done. Deciding to start at the root of the problem, he began developing an all natural solution to hair cleansing and hair maintenance. Using five key ingredients, Dean developed a revolutionary hair cleansing product, that helps promote healthy hair for any hair type. We all know that the way we view our physica sef heavily influences our self esteem. By creating a system that promotes healthier tresses, and revives damage, brittle hair, Dean has helped improve the self esteem for several customers all over the world. Follow Wen on twitter and like the page,

Wen By Chaz Heads Hair Care Product Development

The growth of the international marketplace for the beauty industry has led to retailers and manufacturers looking to develop individual products suited directly to the hair of each and every woman. One of the areas of interest for beauty industry insiders is the sensory development of beauty products for women who want to make sure their hair has the best possible feeling, and makes each individual feel happier with the well being of their hair.
One of the product lines that has tapped into this sense of customization for the hair of an individual is the impressive Wen hair By Chaz line that has shipped more than 10 million orders to women around the world. Knowing that women are looking more3 than ever before for a feeling of ease and high quality results from their hair care products the Wen By Chaz brand has developed a range of products from the five in one cleansing conditioner, to a nourishing mousse that helps provide volume, shine and a soft feeling for the individual. WEN hair products are available on both Sephora and eBay online.

The development of Wen By Chaz came after years of experience and research from celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean who somehow manages to fit in the development of new products into his busy life as an award-winning hair specialist; working at the Chaz Dean Studio gives the former photographer the chance to develop new products in a secluded and private location.

The beauty industry is now looking at the best way of marketing products to women using their demographics and economic situation, including8 the return of the middle classes that were struggling for survival during the 2008 economic slowdown. Beauty products have always been inspirational in nature, and the latest brands are creating new markets as they target individual women hoping to enjoy their hair care regime. Follow Wen hair: