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Dr. Imran: Internal Medicine with Compassion

Dr. Imran P Haque is a darling to the people of Asheboro area, North Carolina but not without a cause. The internist provides a solution to many medical conditions of the present age. How would a person that can bring back your contours, tighten your facial skin, and remove unnecessary hair from your body not become a favorite?

He graduated with honors in 1998 from the University of Universidad Iberoamericana where he got his medicine degree. He later joined the University of Virginia for the Internal medicine Roanoke Salem Program, and from there he became the internist he is. Dr. Imran Haque was then licensed to do His private practice and is registered in the maintenance of certification programs for the Internal Medicine.

Dr. Imran Haque does all these services in his private practice at Horizontal Internal Medicine. He acts as a primary care doctor. He diagnoses, makes referrals advises on tests and does medical examinations He values human health, life and interactions above money and for him, the facility is not a get –rich-quick scheme. The staffs at the facility are warm and friendly, and this has made their patients quite loyal. He is also an affiliate with Randolph hospital.

The doctor specializes in conditions like Diabetes, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, and pneumonia. Some of the other treatments the facility is known for are:

  • 360 Resurfacing,

A procedure carried out on the skin to tighten it. In addition, enhances the tone or texture.

  • Weight management

A process where the body is subjected to heat to awaken its natural occurring processes of fat removal.

  • Diabetes

Dr. Imran Haque’s more than 15years experiences have given him a deep understanding of this condition.

  • Laser hair removal

This is the process of removing hair from one body part and slowing subsequent hair growth in other areas of the body.

Horizontal Internal medicine hospital operates from 8: am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. It does not operate during the weekend. You can make your appointments, and it is of great importance that you know the questions to ask prior for better services.

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Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta: Leading Neurologist

Evidence has emerged through clinical trials regarding the use of stem cells in multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment. This evidence shows that transplanting the patients’ stem cells can help create a sustained remission for these MS patients, an autoimmune disease that forces the immune system to attack the body’s central nervous system.

Patients received high-dose immunosuppressive therapy to boost their immune systems and transplanted the stem cells after that therapy. The result five years after this stem cell transplant and immunosuppressive therapy were favorable. Almost 70 percent of the trial’s participants had gone through the experience without any progressions of symptoms, new brain lesions, or relapse.

The most amazing part? These participants also did not take any normal MS medications throughout the five-year process. There are other clinical studies that suggest that these normal MS medications have lower success rates than the lack of medication and stem cell transplant.

This study was conducted by the NIAID-funded Immune Tolerance Network (ITN), sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy. The final results of the five-year study were published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology. The study is shining the light on the potential to give neurologists the ability to help MS patients better than ever before.

One such neurologist is Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta, from New Jersey, with more than 40 years under his belt. He graduated from Government Medical College in 1979 and has been a staple in the neurology network ever since. Dr. Gopal Vasishta completed his residency at Boston City Hospital and has built a specialization in Psychiatry.

Dr. Gopal Vasishta has an affiliation with the Kennedy Health System and practices at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates. Between new scientific technologies and neurologists like Dr. Gopal Vasishta, a better future can make possible for MS patients.

Sergio Cortes Offers Important Facts Everyone Should Know About Zika Virus

The Zika virus is believed to have originated from Africa. It was initially discovered in Uganda and Tanzania in East Africa more in the 1940’s. With time, the virus has spread all over the world. It was detected in India and Thailand and finally early last year the virus was discovered in Latin America. According to the information published in, the virus is estimated to have affected more than 3500 babies in Brazil.

Doctors and medical experts now believe that the virus is responsible for microcephaly. Microcephaly is a medical defect where babies are born with a small head and a severe brain damage. Doctors are associating the defects to be more in areas where the virus is high. The virus was identified in Brazil in May. The relationship between microcephaly and the Zika virus is not entirely scientifically proven.

One of the affected people is Marilia Lima. She gave birth to a child with the microcephaly defect. In an exclusive interview with the National Public Radio, Lima describes that the government effort as little to help fight the virus. Despite being from a middle income social class in Natal, the little information about the illness means she has only received little help.

Lima is worried that time is running out for the little babies. She describes the greatest source of support as his family and friends. Lima says that she has searched for doctor’s help to treat her child everywhere but in vain. She is also worried that her child may not even be able to talk. The condition has already caused eyes, legs and arms defects to her child.

Lima notes that the mosquito bit her during her pregnancy. The effects began showing off during her prenatal clinics when she realized her child was developing problems. When the child was born, the effects of the virus were visible. Lima describes the situation as disheartening for a little new born. Besides, she feels the government isn’t doing enough to help eradicate the virus.

According to Doctor Sergio Cortes, the virus is transmitted through a mosquito. The virus was first discovered in Brazil in May, and the number of affected is rising steadily. Cortes argues with the mode of transmission being mosquitoes. Pregnant women are at a higher risk. To counter the risk, they will take extra precautions especially using treated mosquito nets.

Cortes also adds that the disease is not contagious. The virus cannot be transmitted from one person to the other. The mosquito is also responsible for transmitting dengue fever and Chikungunya. The risk increases in that the mosquito that bites an infected person starts an infection chain that’s hard to control. The other disadvantage of fighting the spread is the virus is the mosquitoes prefer lying eggs on clean water. The situation makes every source of water a breeding ground. From information published on his website, the mosquitoes are also known to adapt very fast to every environment. They can lay eggs also in waters containing organic materials.