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High Profile Lawsuit

Thor Halvorssen Takes His Passion to Create a Better World for All Humans

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights activist that lives in New York City where his company, the Human Rights Foundation, scores an office at the Empire State Building. As well as the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen created the Oslo Freedom Forum and Moving Pictures Institute, all of which focus on human rights activism.

His activism is not surprising as his family has a history of fighting for the freedom of humans. While Halvorssen was in college at the University of Pennsylvania, his father was imprisoned for seventy-four days for accusations of being a terrorist, when in actuality he was investigating the Merdellin Cartel on possible money laundering. His mother, as well, was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest on the recall referendum. Halvorssen was so upset that he wrote an article which was published in the Wall Street Journal.

His company, Human Rights Foundation was created with a two-fold goal, wanting to give humans the freedom of self-determination and freedom from tyranny. They are able to do this by educating people on what is considered a free society and the education expands from general public to leaders and experts in the industry.

The Moving Picture Institute helps give movie makers focusing on human rights the ability to network and get financial support to see their videos come to fruition. The company also makes their own movies in house. They are able to do this through the generous support of others, sine the company is a 501 (c) (3). Since 2005, they have created movies such as 2081 and the upcoming Halo of the Stars, which Halvorssen is the producer.

Another project is the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has been called a “spectacular human rights festival” by the Economist. This event brings people of all different walks of life together to focus on the needs of human rights. Putting his passion into multiple projects, our world is bound to be a place of comfort for people from all walks of life, thanks to Thor Halvorssen.


Former Hawks Ownership Sues Insurance Company Over Ferry Settlement

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertaining team, the former franchise ownership NBA group, has a filed law-suit against the New Hampshire Insurance Firm for contract breach that involved claims settlement made by Danny Ferry. The former (AHBE) Hawks group of ownership had Bruce Levenson included as the former managing partner. The current ownership of Hawks has nothing to do with the lawsuit.

The litigation, filed in the Fulton County Superior Court in September against Hampshire Insurance Company, is a civil litigation for bad insurance faith and contract breach. AHBE claims that they were insured under a coverage policy that allows them to claim for employment practice-related losses. This includes, but not limited to, Workplace Tots and Wrongful Termination. According to the presented documents in Fulton County Superior Court, IAD dots the notice from AHBE in 2014 that Danny Ferry asserted claims were covered.

In a report by, Hawks and Ferry ownership reached a buyout agreement in June that ended their six-year business relationship. They had a contract to cover the company for $18 million since 2012. For just two days later, the agreement for sale was reached. The Ressler-led group agreed to purchase the company. According to the hawk’s current ownership, they are aware of the raised complaint. However, the principal parties including Bruce Levenson have no ties to the organization. Therefore, they have no further comment about the issue.

According to the documents presented in court, the amount settled for the claim is confidential. The litigation states that the liability’s secret limits of the issued policy are sufficient to play the organization’s request. The prosecution states that Hampshire Insurance Company has refused to pay attention to the case. They have rejected the claim because the policy as triggered. They also state that the insurance company failed to accept the coverage. They have also failed to defend the said claims.