Most leaders in the dog food production companies are increasingly becoming concerned with the quality of their products. This has been necessitated by the increasing levels of competition and the over-speeded innovations in the dog food sector. In the recent past, reputable companies in the dog food industry like Beneful and Purina Inc. have invested on the need to use fresh ingredients in making their products. They have also improved these products to enable their customers to store them in refrigerators. As part of quality assurance, managers in these companies have scheduled impromptu product tasting exercises like the one witnessed recently by Bloomberg news involving Richard Thompson and Michael Hieger of Freshpet Inc. . Beneful is a renowned dog food company whose products are celebrated by customers world over. Their products are largely characterized by a variety of protein rich foods including beef, pork and chicken. Varieties exist ranging from thinly chopped blends to large crunchy blocks of assorted protein foods. The company, however, provides customized products that are produced according to customers specifications. Of late, it has done excellently in blending popular products like hearty roasters from barley, beans, carrots among other accents. Beneful offers both retail and wholesale services to its wide range of consumers. The company prides itself on having over 20 varieties of products designed for wholesale. These varieties include dog foods made solely from protein foods like chicken, those from accents and a blend of the several ingredients used by the company. The company uses terms like ‘good-for-you ingredients’ to capture the uniqueness of production achieved in making its real meats and vitamin based veggies and that are very popular among its customers. The idea of putting emphasis on the nature of ingredients used in dog food production by Beneful and other companies is purely based on the need to showcase how they have employed new innovations. In the past, dog food producers only invested in ‘kibbling’ and blending of lamb and salmon and putting it in the market for sale. These types of dog foods were also described by their organic grain-free nature that became the signature feature for dog foods of the past. However, the dog food manufactures, like many other industries of the world, have been forced to embrace change through innovation, technology and acting on customer attitudes. The types of ingredients used to produce dog food, therefore, have had to change. In addition, marketing strategies have evolved and all companies are adopting changes to ensure they remain relevant in the face of increasing competition in the 21st century dog food space.