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Image Management

We All Deserve a Second Chance

Three years and thousands of clients later, Status Labs, an online reputation management and public relations company suffered a major setback and had a going concern of their own to handle.
Status Labs now had to repair their own image in front of the whole country. Starting from Austin, they decided to write an open letter to the residents of the city, apologizing for the actions of their former CEO, pledging to give more to the community and standing by their company President Darius Fisher, who the company believed was unaware of the extreme actions of Jordon. This helped in curbing the anger of the general public. The company then decided to act upon their pledge and started volunteering at local NGOs and charities such Dress for Success, Charitas, Urban Root and Capital Food Bank of Texas.
The negative image of the company in the press and social media took its toll on many of their valued employees, who ended up leaving the company so it was time that Status Labs started taking extra care of its employees. Therefore, the company introduced stock option plans for its workers, organized Friday lunches, allowed its employees to bring their pets to work and planned team outings. All this assisted the company in winning back the confidence of its employees and boosting their morale.
Status Labs now proudly covers over 1500 clients from different walks of life and has offices in over 35 locations. It is one of FORTUNE’s 500 brand and constantly growing in becoming the leading online crisis management, online marketing and image repairing company.
Status Labs identifies the problem of the clients and then acts upon serving them. Their only aim is to assist people or companies in getting out of an online mess, whether it’s giving them a second chance or removing unwanted information posted by someone else, Status Labs only wants people and organizations to live and work peacefully.

Recruiting The Reputation Doctor- Mike Paul

Stratus Labs is one of the fastest growing online reputation management and public relations firms in the world. Mike Paul is a world-renowned reputation, litigation support, and crisis management expert who has worked with such moguls as United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and even The People’s Republic of China. President and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher says that new partners are added to its board based on their industry experience and their understanding of how technology is rapidly changing that industry. Being a young entrepreneur with a growing firm, Fisher feels quite fortunate to have the opportunity to work with ‘The Reputation Doctor.’ Mike Paul recognizes the potential that Stratus Labs has already demonstrated and is happy to be lending his expertise to one of the foremost online crisis management firms, especially one known for honesty and ethics.

Status Labs is a premier reputation management firm that focuses on a company’s internet presence. They look at what a person sees when he or she googles a company or looks at their website. Fisher feels that one of the biggest mistakes companies make is not investing enough in their internet presence. Status Labs helps to change that by giving companies the power to control what people see when they hit the return key on a search engine. So, instead of getting a phone number, or a random assortment of yelp reviews that might be based as much on a person’s mood as the quality of service, Status Labs puts the companies website front and center. This helps them control what is said rather than leaving it to chance.

Status Labs and its founder have been likened to a real life Olivia Pope from the hit television show Scandal. The big difference is that this company prides itself on ethics and teamwork and has actually turned away clients when they feel that the clients have committed serious wrongdoing. Although their main business is ‘fixing’, they don’t believe in aiding and abetting. Stratus Labs is about prevention and proactivity. They help companies weather the inevitable storms of image management. This can be especially helpful if a client’s online presence has been compromised in some way.