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Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food To Coconut’s Rescue

I own a little white dog who’s name is Coconut. Coconut enjoys to lounge around the house and nap most of the time but she also loves to eat frequently. About once a week I take Coconut to the dog park. Due to Coconut’s love for eating, I decided that she has to be on a dog food that is good for her not only in flavor but ingredients too. Recently Coconut has been switched to eating only Beneful dog food by Purinastore due to the fact that she loves to eat and has gained a little bit of weight due to the other dog food brand she was eating. Coconut is currently on Beneful healthy weight dog food which consists of real chicken, apples, carrots, and green beans. Beneful healthy weight dog food is flavorful and delicious but has fewer calories than other Beneful dog foods on Wal-Mart supermarket which will help Coconut to maintain her weight at a healthy one. Not only does this dog food help Coconut maintain her weight but it also makes her coat nice and shiny. Once I can teach Coconut to eat less food daily I was thinking about switching her to Beneful incredibites dog food so that she can get a little more flavor each meal and a higher amount of calories. I will probably only give Beneful incredibites to Coconut every other day or so to change things up for Coconut. Beneful not only has great dog food that Coconut loves but they also have amazing dog treats [] too. Currently, I give Coconut dog treats made by Beneful that are called dental twists and they even have mini ones for her which are perfect because she is a small dog. Beneful dental twists keep Coconut’s teeth as squeaky clean and white as her coat of fur is. I recently also bought Coconut Beneful hearts dog treats that I plan on giving to her when she behaves and listens to what I say to her as her owner. I’m hoping that rewarding Coconuts good behavior will stop her from doing things like chewing on everyone in the houses shoes.


Fortune 500 Company Working With Slyce And The New Slyce Link Feature

Slyce Improves System And Makes A Friend

The new and innovative company called Slyce is redefining the way people shop, and they continue to make improvements to their system. The company has been making these updates ever since it started. It has done so much for consumers by improving up the world of online shopping that we are all so familiar with, and they take it one step further by including their specialized technology of visual search platforms. The company has an app that consumers use to take pictures of the object that they want the purchase. It uses the user generated photo to search for retailers with the best deals, so the consumer gets a good deal on their purchase, and the retailers do more business. It is an easier and engaging shopping experience that is building momentum. This article will discuss the new features on the app platform, and we will also discuss the new connection that Slyce has made in their market.

Improvements To Slyce’s System

Slyce has come a long way since its inception. It has added several features that are brilliant in assisting the shoppers with their purchases. The company has recently brought on a group of internal employees for the purpose of customer care. The customer care team has the main responsibility of assisting the customers in their shopping, like a personal shopper. Then, they created something called Slyce Link to assist customers in finding items that are not available due to stock issues. Instead of seeing that an item is out of stock, the customer will see that there are similar items available. They will also see related items that are available. This should help the customer in finding their purchase, create more profit for the retailer and stop people from leaving their shopping cart on Slyce.

New Friends For Slyce

The company has been making valuable connections since it first started. They are working with major retailers, such as Home Depot, Tilly’s and Recently, Slyce has started working with a major Fortune 500 Company. The company specializes in toy retail, and they will benefit from the special deals Slyce will promote. Company profits are expected to double from this new relation.