Life in big cities can be very difficult for young people. As a young professional who has just finished college and has started working, all you dream of is a stable career on, a good apartment and maybe some few friends. You forget that as times goes by, these three features become a cliché and you start getting bored. Who wants to go out with the same friends every weekend? Who also want to go to the same club or restaurant every time? Of course, most of us would want a change and in this case, a change that would not have an impact on our spending and our pockets. Relax then; Magnises has got you covered.

Magnises is a Black card that helps you network. This Black card social card was founded by Billy McFarland in 2014. Billy himself was a college dropout at Bucknell where he studied engineering. He saw the need giving young people the benefits of an online social network that includes interactivity, immediacy and even convenience into the physical world. According to Billy, this is a platform that has been adopted by other platforms such as Soho House, Podshare, cliq and even WeLive Branch. Magnises mainly focuses its services on people aged between 21 and 35 years. Currently, the service is only available to people living on the eastern coast especially New York and Washington DC. However, Billy expressed the desire to expand into other cities such as Boston, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois.

You get to enjoy a wide range of benefits by being a member of Magnises. This includes services such as VIP club pass, a virtual assistant in the form of an app as well as other discount related benefits on You can access hotels and clubs as well as co-working spaces at discounted prices. Also, when you are a member of Magnises, you can access secret menus at hidden rooms and even private member spaces. Just like the name itself, the concept behind Magnises is leveling up your life. However, to be able to access this services, you must part with at least $250 annually as subscription fees. As of today, Magnises has a membership of about 12,000 people across the United States of America.

Imagine when you are bored, and you want to experience the best deals in town. Magnises NOW is an app virtual assistant that helps you get the best places, best restaurants, and even the best clubs. The app can even answer general questions about Magnises. Being a member of Magnises helps you experience those experiences reserved for the rich and able.

Magnises also offers members hotspots where they can interact with other professionals after day’s work. They can mingle and even have drinks together. Becoming a member of Magnises is also very simple. All you have to do is visit their website and click the “Join now” button. They will send you an email confirming your application. However, it’s a referral only process where you must be referred. Vetting is also required and is similar to that of joining a fraternity.