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The Incredible Brazilian Business Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a famous business lawyer from Brazil. He was born on March 11, 1963. He studied law at Mackenzie University, and then attended a business administration course from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. Leite, Tosto e Barros is a famous law firm of Brazil where Ricardo Tosto is a partner. The firm specializes in business law. Many companies across the country hire this firm for legal issues. The firm is one of ten full-service law firms according to the Brazilian Trade Publication.


When it comes to Brazilian law, Ricardo Tosto is considered a successful entrepreneur. Though he started from a single-room office, today he has an office in the most expensive building of Brazil. He defended numerous people and a wide range of companies in several cases. His clients include multinational groups, local companies, NGOs, politicians, and different governments of Brazil.


Ricardo Tosto is a person who knows where the boundary of his profession ends. Many times during his career, he faced the extremely stressful situation. However, he never let down his clients. As a result, Brazilian legal system had to go through changes and new business laws were created. It was all due to his efforts. Tosto pioneered several legal mechanisms which are directly affecting common people. Many associates join his firm to train under his supervision. He is credited with introducing many business lawyers. His firm also takes cases like administration & judicial litigation, conflict resolution, and arbitration. In all major cities of Brazil, his firm has regional offices.


Ricardo Tosto’s career spans over a period of twenty-two years. During this time, he has mastered legal issues of banking, corporate restructuring, international law, civil & commercial litigation, electoral law, and credit recovery. He is a member of Brazilian Bar Association as well as International Bar Association. He is associated with many law firms and CESA. He is one of the founders of Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research. At relatively young age, he became the President of Sao Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary. During conferences and events, he is invited to speak on law topics. Many of his articles and reviews were published in well-reputed law journals.

Choosing a Competent Lawyer in Brazil

There are several steps involves in locating a good or reliable law firm or lawyer for any issue you may be dealing with. You may start by consulting reliable online resources, like attorney directories or getting in touch with the local Bar Association.


You may also want to find out if your friends, relatives or colleagues have any knowledge of where to get a reliable lawyer for the type of case you are facing.


Meet your potential attorney to learn about his or her qualifications and experience in the filed. A lot of lawyers offer cost-free assessment, giving you the chance to present your inquiries as well as discuss your case in detail. Finding out whether the law firm or lawyer you are considering choosing has the expertise as well as experience is absolutely essential. If the case is for a criminal offense, as an example, this may involve having a good understanding of criminal law in Brazil and also criminal court systems.


During the consultation you could ask your attorney about the number of years he has actually been protecting or representing clients in situations just like yours. Make sure you find out about the attorney’s success rate. Some lawyers will allow you to contact their previous clients for more information regarding their reputation and other issues you’re concerned about. Once you have obtained all the information you need about the lawyer you’re considering, it’s time to make your decision.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is well known in the Brazilian legal community. He focuses his practice on business and corporate litigation and is well versed in all legal issues affecting businesses and corporations. Ricardo Tosto works tirelessly to render top notch legal solutions to his clients, particularly, in times of stress and complex legal matters.


Ricardo Tosto has particularly enjoyed helping clients in litigation matters. He is also skilled in negotiation and strives to ensure the best outcome for his clients. He advises and represents business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and multinational companies. Ricardo Tosto also provides services to the government sectors as well as high-profile individuals.

The contribution of Brenda Wardle on Oscar Pistorious’ Trial

Oscar Pistorious is a world leading South African runner who came into the limelight as a disabled athlete competing at high level competitions that incuded the Paralympics as well as the 2012 summer Olympics. Hiw woes however started after he was charges with the suspected murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steencamp. His trial on the murder and other gun related charges commenced on 3 March, 2014. On September 2014 however, Thokoze Masipa, who was the lead judge in the case gave a verdict that Pistorious was not guilty of murder but of culpable homicide.
Based on the opening statement by procecutor Gerrie Nel, the murder case facing Pistorious was based majorly on circumstantial evidence since there were no notable eye witnesses in the case. The court heard that in contradiction to that statement that had been made during the bail hearing, the athlete was not wearing his prosthetic legs at the time of the incident. In an opening statement that was read by the family lawyer, Pistorious testified that he believed Steenkamp was in bed as he fired at what he believed was an intruder into their home. Basically, he admitted to having shot and killed Steenkamp but denied the murder charge.
The first and the second day of the trial saw witnesses testify that they heard sounds of argument that lasted for about an hour. Five witnesses said that they heard what they believed were a woman’s screams followed by gunshots on the night that Steenkamp died. As a result of these case, there were several legal analysts that were mandated with covering the case.
One of these legal analysts was Brenda Wardle. She is a world-renowned legal analyst and a South African Native. She is the chief operations officer of Wardle College of law. She has achieved great feat in the legal domain that includes several degrees and a master of law degree.
During the trial of Oscar Pistorious, Branda’s TV appearances included channel 5 in the UK, and Fox News in the United States where he was taken to task to explain the South African law as it concerned the trial in question. It would therefore be noted that the helpful insights from Brenda on the prosecutions’ appeal, especially on the controversial verdict by Masipa were particularly crucial for people who understood little about the uniqueness of the South African Law and the judicial system in general.

Brenda Wardle on the Pistorius Trial: