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Nick Vertucci’s Million Dollar Real Estate Secrets

Nick Vertucci didn’t have the easiest childhood in the world. At the age of 10 he lost his father, leaving his mother to work long hours to make ends meet.

He began in business selling computer parts but slowly fell further and further into debt, losing everything except his home.

When a friend suggested he attend a three-day seminar on real estate training, everything changed. As Nick himself admits, “it was the best decision I ever made in my life to attend that workshop.”

From there, Nick Vertucci went on to become a millionaire in real estate business. And now he’s sharing his expert insight with you through the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy—the NVREA.

Since 2013, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy offers solutions to the most common challenges that prevent people from having success in the real estate industry. Nick uses the same proven system he used to become a millionaire in real estate to give you the tactical and strategic advantages you’ll need to make big money in real estate too.

From prospecting for properties on, negotiating the deal, repairing the property and selling the finished product, Nick and his team guide you through the entire process of buying and selling property, making sure you’re never left alone to guess which property might be a potential moneymaker.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, in a nutshell, has a 3-step system for making money in real estate:

1. Find the best real estate deals available—they keyword here is low-cost. Buy low, sell high is the name of the game, so seek out properties with a low price tag that, with a little tender loving care, have the potential to sell for a whole lot more.

2. Once you’ve secured the deal and purchased the property, get to work renovating. Make it the most attractive property you can in preparation for selling it on the market on If the property is already in good condition, find a renter to live in the property—a vacant home doesn’t earn you any money.

3. The last tip is simple: sell that property! Once you’ve done all the legwork of steps 1 and 2 and found a buyer, it’s time to cash out. Flip that property and start all over again from step 1—never stop building your fortune.

Ready to get started making money in real estate? Enroll right now to guarantee your seat at Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy for free by visiting

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Jeffry Schneider: Humanitarian and Health Enthusiast

We live in an age that values global compassion and healthy habits. As an Austin philanthropist, father of 3, and business executive, Jeffry Schneider can motivate and encourage any individual looking to improve themselves or the world. An all-around tenacious human who takes physical fitness and overall wellness seriously while leading a company in Austin, TX. Because of his vast responsibilities, he has a strict and busy schedule, characterized by serial meetings, appointments, and traveling but he doesn’t let this de-motivate him from finding time for physical fitness and personal wellness or from accomplishing his next goal.

Jeffry Schneider’s daily routine begins every morning with him waking up before sunrise (often even before his alarm), so he can hit the gym, exercise, and maintain his healthy lifestyle. If he’s in a place where he is unable to hit up a gym, he takes a jog at a nearby park. In addition to working out every day, Jeff Schneider loves running marathons, eating healthy food at almost every meal, and practicing meditation. It’s amazing and motivating to see how much time he sets aside for his health especially compared to others in his industry. His commitment embodies the idea that no one is too busy to change their life. Instead of wasting time finding an excuse why he can’t do something, Jeff simply goes for it. Since he wants to increase his productivity at work, as well as personal happiness, and longevity, Jeff refuses to make excuses that support why he can’t accomplish a goal, one of his many admirable qualities.

In addition to prioritizing his health, Jeffry Schneider prioritizes leading his employees towards success. The fundamental principle of leadership is to help others reach a desired aspiration, and at the core of any effective leader is the capacity to evoke the best in others while focusing them on their desired result. Leaders are the most influential part of organizations because they are responsible for guiding their team to reach the company’s main initiative. Regardless of the vision, an effective leader always keeps the team’s focus on the business objective, and Jeff is mindful to do the same. Jeff seeks to create a positive work environment that empowers employees to focus on the task at hand while working at peak efficiency. Jeff does this by implementing company wide wellness programs and maintaining a friendly, open office culture.

Business holds a special place in Jeff’s heart, but his ultimate passion is positively influencing kid’s lives. Since he understands that kids hold the key to the world’s future wellbeing, Jeffry devotes himself to enriching kid’s lives everywhere. Whether he’s at local schools reading to kids, participating in wellness events, or volunteering his time at facilities for abused and neglected children, Jeffry is always finding ways to help today’s youth. Jeff stands out as a philanthropist as he believes first and foremost in helping those who help others. Specifically, Jeff sponsors individuals who have a solid commitment to helping the less fortunate in their community and around the world. Even though Jeffry Schneider has been actively giving for years, he shows no sign of tiring. He demonstrates daily what it takes to be an outstanding leader to the individuals around him. Jeff, continuing to focus on selfless giving, is always ready to expand his philanthropy. Visit his website;

The Rise of Brad Reifler in Financial Expertise and CEO of Forefront Capital Markets Management

In the year 2009, Forefront Capital group was formed. The brain behind this firm was Brad Reifler, described today as an entrepreneur and financial professional. Reifler, though known in the world of business as a financial professional is also a former founding member and chair of the Pali Capital that offers financial help across the continent. He was also a former trader at Refco.

The current position

Brad Reifler has several years of experience in investment, entrepreneurship, and financial consultant. Today, he has founded several companies in the US. The experience he has comes from working and rising to the top of company’s management.

He started his first company in the 80s, the Reifler Trading Company. This firm started by managing millions of dollars and then going into research, execution of services, information dissemination and global derivative advisory. This company grew under the leadership of Brad Reifler, becoming Futures Company. He sold it to Refco in 2000.

Apart from working at the Reifler Trading Company, he established himself in the field of financial services. With his experience, he founded Pali Capital in 1995, a brokerage company dealing in equity markets. The company captured the expansion in hedge funding and came up with different strategies. The company taught investors the best packages and how to execute them. As the CEO of Pali, the company grew steadily for 13 years commanding a $1 billion income commission.

Currently, Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capitals. This company has many subsidiaries such as the LLC, Forefront Partners, and Forefront Advisory. Under this company, Reifler brings together registered investment advisors, investment bankers, and leaders in business. The company’s principles have brought and attracted several top investors.

Brad Reifler is a leading financial professional and financial advisor, having graduated from Bowdin University with a degree in Economics and Political Science. He also holds several regulatory licenses, series 3,7,24 and 63. He is also a trustee at Millbrook School and the Chair of Finance Committee. Being an astute businessman does not mean that he does not have time to serve in the advisory and corporate boards.