NY Books recently said that if you look at the establishment Democrats and the establishment Republicans, you would not be able to see a difference between their views on Donald Trump. And they would be right, especially in light of the fact that George Soros just made campaign contributions to Republican governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich. The 85-year-old hedge fund billionaire has long been a supporter of far left initiatives. His financial support for groups like MoveOn.org and Hillary Clinton make him the left’s answer to the Koch brothers. To learn about how it all got twisted, you have to go way back.
Soros’ Early Life

George Soros was born on the eve of World War II in Budapest, Hungary, to a nonobservant Jewish family. His father saw the dark cloud of hate brewing and preemptively secured false documents that ended up saving the Soros family. They even changed their name. The family survived but a young Soros was not allowed to attend school. Instead, he was forced to register with a Nazi office everyday.

Later, George Soros would attend college in London and succeed as a hedge fund billionaire. He eventually moved to America to amass his wealth and has long been a protector of open borders, democratic ideals and the positive potential of refugees due to his early life experience.

Rise Of Donald Trump And Ted Cruz

Forbes billionaire George Soros believes that there should be consequences for the rhetoric being spun by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Their hateful rhetoric concerning immigrants and Muslims give George Soros an uneasy feeling. Their fascist views echo the sentiments he heard and felt in his early life, and he has pledged to stop them.

Soros of the Open Society Foundation is forming groups in an attempt to increase voter turnout, especially for immigrants and the Hispanic community. His passion for open borders and acceptance shows through his philanthropy and he hopes that this group of people will rise up on voting day and let their voice be heard in opposition to the Republican front runners.

Trump’s Inevitability

Trump is steamrolling through the Republican primary season, exceeding expectations in nearly every state. At this point in the race, there are only two possibilities. The first possibility is that Trump secures the prerequisite delegates and wins the nomination before the convention. The only other way the Republican primary season plays out is if all candidates get to the convention without the prerequisite number of delegates. This would force the brokered convention where the Republicans could deny Trump the nomination, which it seems they plan to do.

Kasich Saves The Day

If Trump wins Ohio, he earns all 66 of Ohio’s delegates. Ohio only awards delegates to the winner even if the victory is small. Mathematically, Trump needs Ohio and Florida to attain the prerequisite number of delegates before the convention. By helping Gov. Kasich defeat trump in Ohio,Latino Fox News reported Soros can guarantee the fall of Donald Trump and the splintering of the Republican Party. This would say loud and clear that Americans reject divisive, hateful speech.