Many have a fear of change, which may keep them from saving money when it comes to their cell phone service. Even if there is another option for someone to save money on their Internet usage, they may not always be ready to make a change, even if it’s the best choice. One of the ways to ease the fear of making a change is by knowing more about the company that the person chooses to join, especially when it’s a company like FreedomPop. One may know a lot about different cell phone carriers, but FreedomPop is slightly different.

The reason why FreedomPop is outside of the norm of a regular cell phone carrier is because of their prices. There are no other carriers that can say that they have an unlimited cell phone service that only costs $20 each month. Many carriers will charge $50, $60, $80, and even $100 per month for the same unlimited cell phone service that FreedomPop offers for only $20. Since FreedomPop clearly is the winner when it comes to low-priced cell phone service, what are they offering with that coverage? Unlimited text messages, phone calls, and data is offered from FreedomPop for a mere $20 monthly.

Although it is true that only 1 GB of 4G LTE data is given with the $20 plan, there’s no need to fear because the 3G data that replaces it is unlimited and still gives very high speeds. Those who need the use of their GPS on a regular basis, as well as the need to surf the net, will have no problem using FreedomPop’s unlimited plan. Anyone who wants additional 4G LTE data can purchase it or choose to get the Wi-Fi plan from FreedomPop, which gives access to hotspots that are available across the USA.

The Wi-Fi hotspots are accessed through an application that is downloaded to an Android, iPhone, or a mobile device, and the Wi-Fi can be used as much as possible throughout the month. The unlimited Wi-Fi is only five dollars every month, so it’s a great way to get constant 4G LTE data access without paying additional costs on the cell phone bill. Those who are interested can also inquire about the other services FreedomPop has as well as cell phones and tablets that they offer on their website. It’s obvious that making the switch to FreedomPop is an excellent choice.
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