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A New Direction Musically For The Chainsmokers

Almost everyone loves music. Music speaks to something deep inside the soul. When people listen to music, they often feel a range of pleasing emotions. Those who make music today want to please their fans. Yet they also want to help push forward the boundaries of musical innovation and create something that makes them feel good about what they do artistically.

One band that has continued to push such limits and create something truly special are The Chainsmokers. When they first burst unto the scene, it was their ability to capture the mood and embody the zeitgeist that helped bring a large and happy fan base. They had several goals at that time. They wanted to be true to themselves musically. They also wanted to be popular and successful.

In many ways, they are pleased to demonstrate to the world that they’ve been able to accomplish both goals and create something of lasting value to their fans around the world. As a singing duo, they know that they have what it takes to create hits that top the pop charts.

A New Mood

As they look around at the music scene today, the duo may be excused for feeling a certain level of pressure. Their prior success in this field has been quite impressive. Yet, as with so many creative people, neither member of the team is willing to rest. They want to continue to explore new ventures and new ways of musical expression. It is with this idea in mind that both continue to look to the future in order to explore different musical forms. For several months, the two did not put out a single new piece of music. However, in the last few weeks, they have chose again to return to their roots and put out a new song they think their fans will enjoy. The new single explores a darker side and a darker point of view than their previous work. they hope that fans will truly appreciate their attempts at exploring new emotions and new ways of seeing the world around them.

Early Life of Cassio Audi in the Music Industry

Cassio Audi is a business leader in Brazil. He has interests in the financial investment sector. Although today he is known for his experience and knowledge in the investment sector, Cassio Audi was never a business person right from his childhood. Yes, he had a passion for entrepreneurship but that was not his first career. As a young man, he had a passion for music. He was a highly skilled drummer as well as a music composer for a rock music band that he had founded together with four other friends. Cassio Audi and the rest formed this group in 1985 and more information click here.


Cassio Audi was part of the Viper Rock Band. Viper Rock Band was popular in Brazil for their prowess in heavy metal music. They started off in Sao Paulo before gaining prominence in the whole country and beyond. Cassio Audi was particularly talented as a drummer and used to perform during the live performances held by the band to popularize their music. Later he participated in composing music for the group. Cassio Audi was a great admirer of the British heavy metal band called Iron Maiden. The viper rock band was able to spread its wings quite fast into the whole of Brazil and then into the whole of Latin America and Cassio Audi on Facebook.


Viper Rock Band first released their first demo album in 1985. It was entitled “the Killera Sword”. The group later released their first official album called “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Their first official album was comprised of songs from the demo album although there were some changes to some of them to make them sound even better. The Soldiers of Sunrise received huge reception and the group embarked on a world tour aimed at popularizing it as well as performing to their fans. After their world tour. Cassio Audi left the music group in 1989 to join the university and learn  more about Cassio Audi.

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Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

Roc Nation and Desiree Perez are back at it again. Roc Nation’s ten year $150 million dollar mega deal with Live Nation from 2008 will soon be coming to an end, and Jay Z and his top executive, Perez, are looking to make some ground on their next big move. While it is speculated that Live Nation prefers to remain in partnership with Roc Nation for a remunerative touring deal, they will be moving on from the recorded music segment in future deals.   Check  This is where Desiree (Dez) Perez comes into the picture. Perez, who is known for her negotiating prowess and business shark mentality, in accompaniment with Jay, recently met with Universal Music Group’s CEO to discuss what some speculate may be a future deal for UMG to buy stake in Roc Nation on top of their currently outstanding distribution deal. If all goes to plan Dez Perez could be behind yet another huge Roc nation deal. More of this on

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A key partner to Jay Z for nearly 20 years, Dez has had a hand in closing many business deals and contracts, from the Live Nation deal to deals like Rihanna’s Samsung deal. This sponsorship deal in particular is worth $25 million and included plenty of promotion for Rihanna’s latest project, Anti. It is Perez’s fierce negotiating tactics, accounting abilities, and breadth of professional experience that make her such a key cog in the success of Roc Nation. Apart from her superior business acumen, she is also an Emmy nominated producer, showcasing how multi-talented she truly is. It remains to be seen what deals Roc Nation and Desiree Perez will strike in their next phase, but you certainly shouldn’t bet against Perez to set them up for continued success in the future.  For Dez recent timeline activities, click

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