Bruce Levenson was a powerful figure in the Atlanta area for many years. He owned the Hawks for decades and turned the franchise into a jewel that the entire city could be proud of. Recently, Bruce decided to step away from the franchise (, so he could focus on other things. Bruce has mostly moved on from his time as owner of the Hawks, but recently he ended up back in the news.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC used to own the Hawks with Bruce Levenson at the head of the firm. The company is starting to dissolve, but they have some final business matters to handle. The company must pay off Danny Ferry the former general manager. Ferry was fired for misconduct, and his final paycheck was supposed to be covered by the insurance company.

AIG was covering the Atlanta Hawks against a variety of different issues, including employee misconduct. The firm has refused to pay, and recently Bruce Levenson was forced to file a lawsuit against the company. Bruce wants to put the issue behind him, but he needs the insurance company to hold up their end of the bargain. The lawsuit is heating up, but Bruce is confident that he will receive the payout.

Bruce Levenson is no longer an NBA owner, but he plans to continue giving back to his community. According to TIME Magazine, Bruce has given generously to the Holocaust Museum, and he also helps pay for Holocaust education program for young children. Mr.Levenson also works closely with several programs that help educate inner-city youth. He wants to see young people throughout his hometown of Washington, D.C. grow to be successful, and he is committing himself to this project full-time.

The NBA is missing Bruce Levenson, but Bruce is still trying to move on. He hopes that returning to his charitable works will allow him to move forward.