EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth entered the lip balm market with big goals. Their goal was to compete with the well established companies like Blistex and Chapstick. The fact is that those lip balm companies ruled the industry and had been around for quite a long time. EOS insiders worked on a plan that would completely saturate the current market with their little orbs of lip balm. Today, the young startup company has achieved their goal. They are the second best-selling lip balm product in the industry.

All About Reaching The Targeted Market

It started with realizing that the company had to reach out to their Target market. The traditional way to reach a market was through newspaper advertisement, magazines, and television. However, the EOS targeted customer was a young Millennial woman that probably spent much more time on social media than reading the newspaper or Costco magazines. EOS decided to market the traditional way, but give maxim attention to reaching the younger women on social media sites and reaching out to online influencers with connections to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Today, their followers on social media are in the millions. In addition, several well-known celebrities became a spokesperson for the EOS lip balm. This skyrocketed the company’s success into orbit.

EOS New Role

Today, EOS is a leader in the lip balm industry. All the former top lip balm companies are following the EOS lip balm model. They are embracing the EOS marketing method and redesigning their product containers. In several years, the little startup has risen to the role of the leader in the lip balm industry with a slew of companies following in their footsteps. EOS success is phenomenal in a market that was saturated with lip balm products. Today, the company is reportedly selling more than a million lip balms a week.

Visit the company’s website at https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/.