The Lone Sailor statue at the U.S. Navy Memorial has become an icon of the Navy and memorializes all those that have served America in various wars. There is a statue like this at the Navy Memorial in the Nation’s capitol, and at most other areas where Navy members are commemorated. There is a move according to to create a new one to be installed at Pearl Harbor to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

The U.S Money Reserve, a distributor of gold and silver coins based in Austin, Texas, hopes to be part of that by being a major contributor to the project, according to a story on Yahoo news. The company is producing a special coin to go with the event, and says it will donate all the proceeds from the sales of the coin to the effort to create the statue. The U.S. Money reserve is a major distributor of government issued coins that are sold to twitter collectors and investors in coins of various kinds.

The statue once installed at Pearl Harbor, will overlook the memorials to the USS Missouri and USS Arizona, who ships sunk in the attacks in 1941. The statue will include some steel from the USS Arizona, but will primarily be made of bronze. It will be 7 feet tall an will weigh 1,000 pounds. The display will include a sailors bag that weighs 700 pounds. The sculpture is being made by the official sculptor of the Naval Memorial in the nation’s capitol, and will look like statues at other memorials that honor Navy personnel. The memorial in Washington D.C. has the statue, an is located between the White House and the Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. There are similar statues at most Naval memorials around the country.