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Political Fallout

George Soros Thoughts and Actions on the Current State of Politics

As one of the most powerful political figures, George Soros has as many fans as he does critics. George Soros is a vicious left-leaning political advocate who uses his vast wealth to help achieve the movement’s ideals. Expectedly, this has been pitting him directly against right-leaning politicians, political advocates, and their masses in the U.S. and Europe.

This, however, has not stopped George Soros from airing his views and supporting his political organizations. Here is what the billionaire investor had to say about Donald Trump’s presidency, and what he is doing to fight for liberalism.

Lack of Confidence
George Soros was so confident in President Donald J. Trump losing the presidential election that he bet billions of dollars on it. The bet did not bear fruit, but the investor is still adamant that the president will not last long.

Georg Soros’ lack of confidence in Donald Trump’s presidency is based on the President’s perceived lack of focus. He has been a fierce critic of the President for his ‘ill-informed’ orders that Soros says will have a negative impact on the economy and stability of the U.S. For instance, he has been a fierce critic of the President’s orders to ban migrants from some predominantly Muslim nations as well as the mass deportation of illegal immigrants. Soros argues that this will be detrimental to the national and international economy.

George Soros is confident that, should President Donald J. Trump carry on with his radical moves, then he may not win a second term on Investopedia. In the meanwhile, the billionaire investor is donating some of his money to organizations advocating for a more liberal approach to governance.

History and Political Activism
George Soros’ heritage as a Jew is tied to his tragic history. Having been born to a family of non-practicing Jews in Hungary, Soros almost fell in the clutches of the Nazi forces during World War II. He escaped by pretending to be a government official’s grandson, and the harrowing experience motivated him to earn and become rich.

Consequently, it is easy to empathize with George Soros in his advocacy of liberalism and free migration according to In fact, he writes in one of his books that he fancies himself as a political messiah.

Turning the Political Wheels
It is estimated that George Soros has donated over $5 billion to date to political organizations that are in line with his political views on Some of the organizations that he donates toward include the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education fund and the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law. Soros has also donated millions of dollars to media organizations as he is a strong advocate for press freedom. His beneficiaries include Free Press and ABC.

George Soros: A Man Who Knows What He’s Talking About

Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and 22 more countries represent the intermingling of these nations called the European Union. After War World One,it formed to protect and enhance the economic and political interests of these partners. The nations make decisions which help run their country, and benefit the others. The European Council among other institutions help negotiate and decide what’s best for the 28 countries. This may seem tenuous, but it works best when the citizens and other countries agree on decisions which impact them. But, apprehension and uncertainty concern experts when issues come forth.
George Soros is open to Bloomberg debate on several issues confronting the EU, thereby predicting the verge of a collapse. This dual citizen of the United States and Hungary is passionate about what is happening in Europe. Soros is the son of non-observant Jewish parents who grew up in Budapest, Hungary. He and his family escaped extermination from the gas chambers during War World 1 including the Battle of Budapest. Soros received his Bachelor of Science in philosophy and a Master’s degree in philosophy in 1954 from the London School of Economics after migrating to London in 1947.

His business acumen and judgement illustrate his strong experience. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. He started his career at Singer and Friedlander and worked as a trader and analyst for various firms. George Soros donates money to many charities including a large endowment to the Central European University in Budapest. For the past 36 years he’s given over 11 billion to causes.

George Soros’ strong belief in his judgment and experience will not allow him to ignore the warning signs of an impending collapse for his beloved continent. He believes decisions made in the past and impending future will greatly affect Europe. For instance, the influx of Syrians pouring into Germany and other EU countries is of concern to him. He believes the open society which exists in Europe cannot completely adhere to the Syrians refugees because of their past environment. While Soros acknowledges the refugees are victims, he predicts chaos if Europe doesn’t designate areas for them.

Additionally, the Greece financial crisis is a prelude to other financial problems countries may face. This is important because of another issue. Prime Minister David Cameron on June 23rd will announce whether the United Kingdom will stay in the European Union. This referendum will decide whether other nations stay or leave too. This is important because if Poland leaves the European Union this puts Germany at risk because Poland is a barrier against Russia. Both leaders resent each other, but Poland also resents the principle of the EU. Furthermore, segments of Ukraine remain torn between Russia and the European Union. It is a tenuous position still without an agreement since 2013.

Soros believes a collapse of the European Union doesn’t have to happen. Through strong, thoughtful leadership from leaders of Hungary, Germany, France and other nations, Europe can avoid financial and political collapse.