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Public Relations

Darius Fisher and His Tips for Keeping Employees Happy

Employee turnover can be a large problem with businesses because it is expensive. The turnover rate will never be able to be completely avoidable but Darius Fisher has come up with some ways to keep it from happening by keeping employees satisfied. Incentivized goals is one way to keep a team happy. Businesses can figure out their budget to create great incentives for their employees. Another way to keep employees satisfied with their jobs is by continuously acknowledging their accomplishments. Employees enjoy having their work recognized, and by giving them praise they will be more likely to keep working. Another way to keep the turnover rate from being high in a business, is to always let employees know what is going on. Employees don’t like to feel left out or not know what’s going on. The last tip that Fisher has is to give raises when they are due. Employees who have stayed with a company for a long period of time and have done excellent work, deserve to get a raise. Raises can keep the team happy and wanting to stay.

Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert at Status Labs. His career has him giving second chances to executives, public figures, and politicians. He helps to repair his clients’ presence on anything digital such as social media platforms and articles. Fisher helps his clients by changing Google search results for them, as well as fixing their websites and social media profiles. Fisher believes that the first Google page results has now become a first impression. Status Labs helps over 1,500 clients in more than 35 countries.

Fisher uses his skills to help a variety of people that includes the general public. If one of Fisher’s clients goes through something negative that is showed in media, it is his job to make it look better. He does this by putting focus on the clients accomplishments and professional achievements. He showcases the positives through the client’s personal websites and social media profiles. By doing all this work, he is able to give his clients good Google searches. It’s obvious that Darius Fisher has accomplished a lot and has helped many people. There’s no doubt that he will continue to present great work.

Recruiting The Reputation Doctor- Mike Paul

Stratus Labs is one of the fastest growing online reputation management and public relations firms in the world. Mike Paul is a world-renowned reputation, litigation support, and crisis management expert who has worked with such moguls as United Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and even The People’s Republic of China. President and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher says that new partners are added to its board based on their industry experience and their understanding of how technology is rapidly changing that industry. Being a young entrepreneur with a growing firm, Fisher feels quite fortunate to have the opportunity to work with ‘The Reputation Doctor.’ Mike Paul recognizes the potential that Stratus Labs has already demonstrated and is happy to be lending his expertise to one of the foremost online crisis management firms, especially one known for honesty and ethics.

Status Labs is a premier reputation management firm that focuses on a company’s internet presence. They look at what a person sees when he or she googles a company or looks at their website. Fisher feels that one of the biggest mistakes companies make is not investing enough in their internet presence. Status Labs helps to change that by giving companies the power to control what people see when they hit the return key on a search engine. So, instead of getting a phone number, or a random assortment of yelp reviews that might be based as much on a person’s mood as the quality of service, Status Labs puts the companies website front and center. This helps them control what is said rather than leaving it to chance.

Status Labs and its founder have been likened to a real life Olivia Pope from the hit television show Scandal. The big difference is that this company prides itself on ethics and teamwork and has actually turned away clients when they feel that the clients have committed serious wrongdoing. Although their main business is ‘fixing’, they don’t believe in aiding and abetting. Stratus Labs is about prevention and proactivity. They help companies weather the inevitable storms of image management. This can be especially helpful if a client’s online presence has been compromised in some way.