Arthur Becker was interviewed by Ideamensch a few months ago. Becker talked about his career and his business strategies. He said that the idea for Madison Partners arose from his time at Zinio and NaviSite. He decided to expand his real estate investments after leaving Zinio. This led him to invest in condos in prime locations around the country including Miami and New York City. Becker said that he was intrigued by the technological advancements that were happening in the biotechnology sector. He stated that the field of cancer treatment looked promising and was an area to watch.

Becker mentioned that the worst job he has ever had was working at the park when he was sixteen. The job was to mow steep roadsides and paid $1.60 per hour. The job made him work hard so that he could find a better job that was more interesting. He stated that being flexible and listening to colleagues was the most valuable advice that he could give entrepreneurs. He also mentioned that he was able to bring ideas to life by working with people that he respected.

Becker earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Bennington College. He later joined the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where earned a Master’s degree in Business. Becker joined NaviSite as the chief executive officer in 2002. He eventually led the company to a successful IPO. It was listed on NASDAQ. The company provided cloud-technology and hosting services to clients in the United Kingdom and the US. The company expanded its operations overseas to Asia and Europe under Becker’s leadership. NaviSite was acquired by Time Warner in 2011. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Becker joined Zinio as the chair of the board in 2012. He served as chairman for three years. Zinio is one of the largest digital newsstands in the world. Becker is credited for the company’s success. As per NY Daily News, he was an advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for several years. Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners. This is an investment firm in New York. The company has invested in biotechnology companies. It owns real estate in strategic locations in the city.

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