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Jason Halpern’s Real Estate Passion and Philanthropic Activities

Jason and Real State Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is both the founder and managing partner of a real estate company, JHM Development. JHM Development is among the leading real estate development companies in New York. The company has also been involved in several projects outside New York, notably in Miami.

Being a third generation of the Halpern family and growing up watching his family in the business, Jason developed a passion for real estate. JHM Development has over 50 years of experience in constructing and managing several commercial and residential properties in New York. The company is also responsible for developing millions of square feet of high-class commercial spaces in Westchester, New York.

Jason Halpern @Aloft

Jason Halpern took complete control of the company in 2010. He has helped to transform the company into one of the most competitive and most accomplished real estate businesses in New York. His passion and leadership skills have helped the company acquire some megaprojects in New York and Miami.

Most people credit his leadership skills and ambition as crucial in recent years of global financial crisis where his business was able to stay on course. He has been associated with innovations and implementing outstanding designs to his work. Among his most impressive work is the 184 Kent development which saw a warehouse turned into 340 luxury apartments.

Jason @Modeling Industry

Leading a team of passionate Realtors, he has managed to help the company invest $500 million in New York projects alone. Jason also helped the company complete the Cobble Hill project, which saw an addition of nine townhouses in Brooklyn.

Jason with Model

When asked in an interview about his great motivator, Jason said his passion for developing and building in historic districts had been his driving force. His ambition to leave a mark in the real estate industry has not cooled down. With an increasing demand in more modernized and innovative constructions, JHM Development has managed to thrive under these new conditions.

Jason Halpern with His Family

Other than being a successful real estate developer, Jason is a philanthropist. He has continued to be involved in Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which is part of Westchester Medical Center. The center has been equipped to handle open-heart surgery and to some extent, complex neurosurgery.

In 2015, Jason helped to enact charitable initiatives through his company. This initiative saw a partnership between JHM Development and Charity: Water, which is a non-profit global water charity, where JHM Development donated $20,000 for every contract signed during the development of Three Hundred Collins. The donations were meant to help Charity: Water to provide safe and clean water to both Ethiopia and Nepal. To this date, more than 650 Ethiopian and Nepalese are benefiting from this charitable project.

As an established businessman, Jason has always emphasized the importance of giving back to the society and helping the less fortunate in the society.

Devco’s Success Stories in its Real Estate Business

After receiving a loan of $20 million in 2005 from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has failed to live up to the obligation of repaying the loan. It is alleged to be in arrears of up to $7 million. The money acquired was used to construct a hotel and conference center called the Heldrich. The property was constructed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation. Some politicians are against the Brunswick on the grounds that it is a manifestation of what happens when privately owned companies are allowed to handle construction projects that require a lot of finances. According to Christopher Paladino who heads Brunswick, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority will be paid the arrears. He also says that there is a possibility of the loan repayment taking more than expected. The Heldrich is reported to be running without enough cash flow. Brunswick is reported to be bank rolling the hotel to cater for its basic expenses.


A Gateway Project in Chelsea City is also being funded by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. In an effort to ensure that the project is successful, Atlantic County Improvement Authority is seeking to issue bonds worth over $120 million. The repayment scheme in place will be through dorm-room revenue and sale of tax credits. Atlantic County Improvement Authority is optimistic that the Gateway Project will not face the same hurdles the Heldrich Hotel is facing. An article looking into DEVCO was published on

New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) is a real estate development company. It was established in the 1970s. The company areas of specialization are building partnerships, creating alliances and coming up with strategic financial structures. The company has been able to revamp New Brunswick and has been recognized for its excellent services. It has managed to win various awards throughout the years. Its clients are mostly higher learning institutions and the government. It continues to be among the best real estate companies in New Brunswick.