New York real estate is some of the best real estate in the country and it is able to be purchased only by people who are very flexible with what they want and have the right amount of money to ensure that they get the most out of their real estate. This statement was true in the past but no longer holds any clout because the market is changing. It is a great market for people who want to purchase real estate in the New York City economy. Prices are at a low while vacancies are sitting higher than they have in many years.

The authority on all things in the city, The New York Times, has published an article that talks about the way that the market is changing. Even the publishers at this popular paper talk about how New York hopefuls can cash in on this market and move into the city without having to worry about skimping on the necessities or paying an exorbitant amount of money. The Times wants everyone to know that now is the time of the century to purchase or rent any type of residential real estate in New York apartments for rent.

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